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Latin American & Latinx Studies

Fall 2004 Courses

Latin American Credit
  • LA 377 LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES COLLOQUIUM (W 7PM-9PM bi-weekly) An interdisciplinary examination of Haiti's political history, literature, culture, arts, and economics in the 200th anniversary of its independence from France and in the wake of the political crisis of early 2004. Intended for students in the minor, but open to students with interest in Latin America. Includes presentations and discussions by students, faculty and guest lecturers, instruction on library research and writing skills, and oral presentation. Offered as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only. (1 cr) V Rangil
  • LA 371 INDEPENDENT STUDY Permission of instructor & LAS Coordinator.
  • LA 399A INTERNSHIP Permission of LAS Coordinator
  • HI 109 CONTEMPORARY LATIN AMERICA (WF 10:10AM-11:30AM) Introduces the economic, political, social, and intellectual history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Latin America. The course material is organized both thematically and chronologically, focusing on a series of topics key to understanding the emergence of the former colonies of Spain, Portugal, France, and England into a group of distinct nation-states. Topics include legacies of empire, political participation, and national identity in multi-cultural contexts, as well as dictatorship and democratization. (3 cr) J Dym (CD)
  • AM 235 CARIBBEAN AMERICAN IDENTITIES (WF 10:10AM-11:30AM) An interdisciplinary perspective on the development of Caribbean American identities during the 20th century. Using art, films, videos, documentaries and novels, this course will contextualize the social, cultural and political processes that have shaped Caribbean American peoples. (3 cr) J Philogene
  • MU 205 LATIN AMERICAN MUSIC (TUTH 11:10AM-12:30PM) Introductory survey of the art, popular, and traditional music from the region from colonial times to the present, including an examination of their cultural, historical, and social contexts.(3 cr) L Lopes
  • FS 212: SPANISH AMERICAN LITERATURE (MW 02:30PM-03:50PM) A study of the main currents of Spanish American literature from Colonial times to the present.  Such authors as Sor Juana, Gallegos, Darío, Carpentier, Mistral, Neruda, Paz and Cortázar will be studied.  Prerequisite: FS 208 or permission of instructor. (4 cr) J Lertora (Humanities)
  • FF 220: LANGUAGES ACROSS THE CURRICULUM, FRENCH (W 10:10-11:05) (1cr) J. Anzalone
  • FS 220: LANGUAGES ACROSS THE CURRICULUM, SPANISH (W 02:30PM-03:25PM) (1 cr) P. Rubio
  • AH 309 THE ARTS OF MESOAMERICA AND SOUTH AMERICA (MW 02:30PM-03:50PM) Architecture, sculpture, apinting and texties from selected cultures in Mesoamerica and the Andean fregion, from the 13th c BC to the time of European intervention in the 16th AD. Prerequisite: AH 101 or 102 or 103 or 111 or permission of instructor) (3 cr) TBA (HU, NW)
  • FS 330 SPANISH AMERICAN ESSAY (TUTH 03:40PM-05:00PM) Study of the development of Spanish American thought from Independence to the present. Special attention will be given to the intellectual trends contributing to independence, to the foundations of the new republics and their relationships to Europe, and to the definition of Spanish-American identity and culture. Particular consideration will be afforded to the writings of Bolívar, Sarmiento, Bello, Lastarria, Rodó, Mariátegui, Martí, Zea, and Paz, among others. (3 cr) P. Rubio
  • GO 309: LATIN AMERICA & THE US (TUTH 09:40AM-11:00AM) An examination of the relations between Latin America & the United States, including political, strategic, & economic aspects. The course reviews some of the major theoretical interpretations of these relations and analyzes some crucial historical events & developments before focusing on crucial contemporary topics including collective security, revolutionary change, imperialism and nationalism, economic issues, human rights and democracy, drug traffic, and migration. Prerequisite: GO 103/ permission of instructor. (3 cr) A. Vacs
  • HI 330E THE CARIBBEAN (TU/TH 02:10PM - 03:30PM)  Considers important aspects of Caribbean politics, economy, society and culture from colonial times to the present, in three units that focus on French-, English- and Spanish-speaking countries. Topics may include: Colonial & Plantation Society; Slavery & Abolition; Independence; Sugar, Tourism & Economic Development; Race & Nation; US Influence & Interventions; Religious Traditions; Labor, Reform and Revolution; Environment; Music & Culture. (4 cr) J Dym

Partial Latin American Credit for Minor

  • *GO 366 001 TOPICS IN INTERNAT'L RELATIONS (TUTH 12:40PM-02:00PM) A Vacs
  • *SO 351B 001 GLOBALIZATION & MIGRATION (TUTH 03:40PM-05:00PM) G. Aquino

* Pending approval by Latin American Studies Coordinating Committee. Check with Coordinator Prof. V. Rangil, for confirmation.