Rest in Pink

Rest in Pink 

Alumni from around the globe are sharing memories as Skidmore's last downtown building, affectionately known as the "Pink Palace," is being demolished. 

September 14, 2016

Moore Hall demolition  
Moore Hall, Skidmore's last downtown building, is no more. (Photo by Eric Jenks '08)

Demolition has begun on Skidmore's former six-story residence hall on Union Ave. in Saratoga Springs. Constructed in 1957 to house and feed 160 students, Moore Hall remained a downtown outpost long after the campus moved to its present location; Moore was closed and put for sale in 2006, and now its owners are redeveloping the site.

The Pink Palace "was never intended to be pink; the stone was supposed to fade over time into a subdued beige," according to some sources. But the brighter color matches the warm, and sometimes wild, memories of alumni who lived there.

Listen to alumni interviews courtesy of the Skidmore Saratoga Memory Project: 

See their reactions to the news that Moore is no more: 




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