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Coming Back
Returning Abroad

There are many other ways to go abroad after you have graduated from Skidmore. You could  volunteer, find a job or internship, teach English, or pursue your post-graduate studies abroad!

Work/Intern Abroad

Many work options will be short-term work abroad where you can earn enough to cover your food, lodging, and day-to-day living expenses. This type of job probably will not pay enough to cover air transportation; but, if you are lucky, it may help to provide some extra money for travel after you leave your job. Short-term work experiences include positions such as “au pairs” (nannies), farm workers, typists, wait persons, and youth camp leaders.


If you are a full-time student or a recent graduate (within the past six months), an organization called BUNAC can help you obtain a permit in Britain, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. 

Through BUNAC, you can obtain documentation that allows you to work from four to seven months in another country. BUNAC does not find employment for you, but if you’re resourceful and willing to be flexible in the type of job that you do, you should be able to find a position within a week or two.

Lead an International Trip!

Here are three examples of organizations that take high school students on educational and/or community service summer tours abroad. They offer summer positions as trip leaders in an area where you have experience and language skills. Visit their website for recruiting information:

Internships available through Study Abroad Providers

Teach Abroad

While teaching abroad is different in many ways from other overseas experiences, it too can be a tremendous learning experience. First and foremost, it is important to approach the experience with teaching, not travel, as your primary focus. 

There are several kinds of teach abroad programs to consider. You can choose to work through a private, for-profit business or a non-profit organization. Here are a few programs to consider:

Volunteering Abroad

There is a range of opportunities to volunteer abroad. Restoration projects, literacy campaigns, and teaching are just a few examples. Some programs charge a fee and provide services such as insurance coverage, meals, and even housing. Some do not charge a fee but provide no service; some provide free room and board in exchange for your work; some even pay a small stipend.

Additional Resources

For more information on short or long term work, volunteer, and study abroad opportunities check out these resources:

Disclaimer: While we are familiar with many of the resources listed, Skidmore College and the office of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges do not endorse or recommend any organization or website in particular.