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Physics Department

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The Physics program at Skidmore provides an opportunity to study the most fundamental science in an intimate liberal arts environment that emphasizes individual interactions between faculty and students. 

We have several introductory and advanced classroom laboratories, as well as a machine shop and individual factuly research laboratories.  Many of our facilities reside in a recent addition to the Dana Science Center.

Physics students at Skidmore have a variety of research and independent study opportunities.  All physics majors complete a senior thesis under the guidance of a faculty member.  We also encourage participation in research over the summer, through collaborative research grants at Skidmore or through external programs.  Many students present their results at national and regional conferences, as well as to the department.  Recent titles for independent students and senior thesis include research project include Quantum Mechanics of 6-, 2- and N-Level Systems (Vinnie Newell '10 and Ron Sanchez '09), The Loss of Heavy Elements in Galaxies:  Clues from the Arecibo Legacy Fast Alfa Survey (Paul Russell '11 and Jake Turner '11), Coupling an LC electrical oscillator to a Magnetic Dipole Flywheel (Brian McGowan '09), and  The Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines (Sarah Russell-Smith, '08).

Besides a major or minor in physics, we share dual-degree engineering programs with Dartmouth, Clarkson, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

Skidmore offers Merit Scholarships in Science and Mathematics.