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Registration Step by Step
Use Internet Explorer to register for your classes.

Registration for the Spring 2014 semester begins on November 12th.


STEP 1: Review the Guide

Be sure to walk through the Student Self Service Guide located on the Registrar's Office/Current Students web page. Your registration will go much more smoothly if you have reviewed this information before trying to register.

STEP 2: Check the Master Schedule

Check the Master Schedule for course listings, term specific course descriptions, and courses which meet all college requirements.

STEP 3: Plan your Schedule

Use the day/time grid worksheet. to plot out days and times for courses. Note the CRN numbers, as that will help for faster processing when it comes time to register.

STEP 4: Check for prerequisites and permissions, or special required forms.

Check the online Catalog for prerequisites. Check the Spec.Perm. column on the Master Schedule for special permission. Complete any special forms required for registration. All forms must be handed in at the time you register. Forms are available online or in the Registrar's Office unless otherwise noted.

STEP 5: Check with your advisor

STEP 6: Review your registration status in the Student System - Student > Registration > Registration Status - Holds

Clear any financial holds before registration. Direct questions to the Office of Student Accounts. You won't be able to register with a hold.

Step 7: Register for classes using the self-service system.

Self Instructional Language Program
Enrollment for all Self Instructional Language Program should be completed during the normal registration period. All enrollees and late registrants need to come to PMH 417 for special instructions and information on course times and places.  FINAL EXAM TIMES ARE DETERMINED BY AN OUTSIDE EXAMINER AND YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED OF THE TIME AND PLACE BY EMAIL.

Step 8: Aways verify your completed schedule!