Low-level alert

Update: Operations resumed

Law enforcement reports that the subject of today's alert is in custody. The campus has resumed normal operations.

Wait Hall (North Quad)

Wait Hall is one of four North Quad areas.


Wait Hall is named for three members of the Wait family who collectively served as trustees from 1922 through 1981 (Luther, 1922-1932; Newman, 1932-1964; and Newman Jr., 1964-1981).  Neweman Wait was the president of the Adirondack Trust Company, and passed away in 1981.


Room Furnishings

Rooms are furnished with the following items upon move in:

Room Style

All rooms in Wait Hall are suite style.  Each suite contains two single rooms, one double/triple room, and a bathroom.

Room Sizes

Double/Triple Room (34 Rooms): 13'-2"   X   ___

Single Room (61 Rooms): 10'-1"   X   12'-6"


Wait Hall