Schick Art Gallery

Joanne Vella 

Pictured: The Umbrellas (Project for Japan and Western USA), Christo, signed lithograph.
Owned by Joanne Vella, Associate Professor of Art, Drawing / Painting

This piece is a documentation of a site proposal, and how something is meant to function technically and aesthetically. And some people might think Christo, as the showman that he’s been accused of being so often, might not have a spiritual side, but I really feel it.  I mean, what would propel someone to devote so much energy to dreams and causes that he’s told initially are impossible?  So what is possible seems to be what he presents, and it’s very much about the persistence and the perseverance and the unrelenting, dogged way that he goes after an idea. Very heroic, really.  
Joanne Vella, 2012