Scope Quiz: Who, what, when?

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Hmm…this is no regular swim meet. Who are these people? What’s going on here? And when?

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            From last time: Summer Quiz 2001
Lapel pin
“Senior nursing majors always had a pinning ceremony before Commencement,” reports Renee Cadel Marullo ’81. “The pins had the college logo and date of graduation in a blue and gold design on them. We also received a rose after the pinning.”

Doug Kilts, P ’03, says the faculty member in this photo is Joan Walsh, the last director of Skidmore’s nursing program, who later “taught with my wife at Long Island University.” He adds, “Up until ten years ago, nurses wore their school pins as part of their uniforms when on duty.”

The student in the photo is Angela Laidlaw ’82, according to classmate Lisa Fairchild Heist ’82, who reflects, “We nursing majors often feel somewhat displaced, as the decision to close the program came in our graduating year. There have been many nursing shortages since then, and as a practicing nurse I wish Skidmore had the program today. It would provide valuable nurses and give them the wonderful college experience that Skidmore gave me.”