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Faculty and alumni authors


Faculty and alumni authors

The Galileo Syndrome
by Daniel H. Gottlieb
’76 Canopy Publishing, 2004

“I am not a crusader—I am an author—but the planet, and our children, demand our attention,” says environmental philosopher Daniel Gottlieb. Set in New York in 2019, on the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day, his novel is “an attempt to move people forward in their awareness of climate change. Once we have [so much] C02 in the atmosphere that no one can ignore the problem, it will be too late.”
The Galileo Syndrome depicts a civilization constrained by the Greenhouse Laws, which severely restrict automobile travel, communications, and energy consumption. “This is the 1984 of environmental thrillers,” according to the publisher—“a realistic depiction of the social and political upheaval brought about by dwindling energy resources, a shattered infrastructure, and greenhouse-effect super-storms that threaten to overwhelm mankind.”
Gottlieb formerly worked in Silicon Valley for two decades.

The Novel and the American Left: Critical Essays on Depression-
Era Fiction

edited by Janet Galligani Casey,
visiting assistant professor of English
University of Iowa Press, 2004
Illuminates the marriage of fiction and sociopolitical movements

• • •

From the Inside Out:
A Poetic Journey

by Barbara Drucker Smith ’58
Xlibris Corporation, 2004
Poetic stories of life’s ups and downs

• • •

Around Sea
by Brenda Uchman Iijima ’86
O Books, 2004
A first collection of experimental poetry

• • •

Down the Banister: Tales of Fairies and Elves
by Jennie Kent ’93 and María Villegas; illustrations by Natalia Correal
Villegas Editores, 2003
Young adult tales of childhood fantasy and creativity

• • •

Morning Wood
by Ian Sattler ’99
Gingko Press, 2003
Alternative art by 50 of the world’s top creators.