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Doris Harbach Patten

Ann Burchards Botjer brought her blue gymsuit to Reunion; it almost fit her (she tried it on for us). Now on display at Colton Alumni House, the suit is a true relic of history.

“Sance” Buhai Barz, Joyce Levine Eppler, Lenny Perskie Holland, and Madeline Scheuer Selden got together at Joyce’s the weekend of our reunion. In early July, Sance hosted Cindy Hartwig Gyorgy at her home in Amagansett, NY. Later that month, Sance invited Barbara Bower, Betsy Clark McIsaac, and Ann Ridge Adams for a visit.

We send our heartfelt condolences to Mary Canfield Falk, who lost husband Richard in February in Venice, FL.

Ruth Friedman Hoberman’s eldest grandson graduated from NYU and is a music teacher at a high school in Queens, NY. His younger brother is a sophomore at NYU. Ruth and her husband visit their daughter and her family outside San Francisco, CA, for Thanksgiving every other year. Ruth gets to cook the turkey.

Peg Frisbie Chamberlain received a visit from Jane Davis McGourty this summer. They had a grand chat and delicious dinner. Peg traveled to Italy to stay with daughter Elizabeth and husband Ed at their new home in Arnasca for two weeks. They visited many of the old churches in the area, beached and swam in the Mediterranean, and spent a night in Nice, France. Peg is ready to go back!

Marion Bolton Northrup is still hoping to go to the Galápagos Islands this spring in spite of setbacks including a broken right wrist, seizure, hospital stay, and surgery. She is now looking forward to the miracles of physical therapy and two grandsons graduating from college.

Jane McGourty was saddened to learn of Lois Arnold William’s passing last October. Jane is well and traveling a lot with her friend, Carl—most recently around the Horn of South America. The pair also took a two-week boat trip in the San Juan Islands and Canadian Gulf Islands.