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Joan Page Hayes

Charlotte Megill Hix says Reunion was a blast! “It was good to see everyone. The committee did a wonderful job.”

Doris Shilliday Grayson also thoroughly enjoyed our 50th and praised the committee for a fabulous job. It was her first trip back to campus since graduating. She is very proud of how far Skidmore has come.

Ingrid Kolseth Zola enjoyed reconnecting with nursing majors, some of whom she hadn’t seen in 50 years. She thought the events were beautifully planned and was especially happy to reconnect with old friends. “Thanks for the memories!”

Florence Andresen hopes the euphoria experienced at our 50th will sustain all who attended and inspire them to return for our 55th.

Sue Fricke’s e-mail address is

Alice Bemis Wiggin and Dick celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Bermuda. They had a lovely time, although air travel is challenging due to Dick’s health problems.

Joan Page Hayes and Bob celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on a cruise to Bermuda with family.

Irene Greenberg Stern renewed old friendships and forged new ones at Reunion. Skidmore “girls” are unique and extraordinary, she says, and technology makes it easier to keep those relationships active. Irene returned home to face serious drought conditions in California. She stresses the importance of developing an evacuation plan in the event of fire or other disaster.

Nancy Mann Germanetti loved Reunion and is convinced we broke the record for the best time ever had by any class! She appreciated the great lodging in the new Northwoods apartments, complete with a well-stocked hospitality suite. “The campus was beautiful and the food outstanding—a long way from the ‘mystery meat’ of our day.”

Ada Vapnek Ciniglio, recipient of a 2007 Arts & Business Council of New York Encore Award, was inducted into the New York Community Hall of Fame for her work as founder and executive director of High 5 Tickets to the Arts, an organization that provides five-dollar tickets to arts and educational events to 15,000 New Yorkers.

While she only attended Skidmore her freshman year before transferring to Colburn Fashion School, Marie Bonady Napier has fond memories of the college, Saratoga, and classmates. She thanks all who have remained in touch these past 50 years and wishes health and happiness to the teachers and administrators who “helped shape our lives at a most critical time.” She and husband Paul celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this summer.

Louise Libby Clearfield and Harris celebrated their 50th anniversary in June. Daughter Andrea’s choral cantata, commissioned by the Handel Society, premiered at Dartmouth in May. Some of Louise’s paintings, also commissioned by Dartmouth, are being reproduced as posters and prints.