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Paddle sports?

Who are these canoeists, and where? Did you ever engage in similar water sports in your student days? If you have an answer, tell us the story at 518-580-5747,, or Scope c/o Skidmore College. We’ll report answers, and run a new quiz, in the upcoming Scope.


Cycling club? Nancy Wiedenman Lester ’58 says the person leading the bike lesson looks “dimly familiar, probably a PE teacher.” And she thinks she recognizes the dark-haired rider in the center as B.A. Kalteux Callahan ’55.

Ruth Schleicher Kroon ’47 has other ideas. She says, “At least two in that group of cyclists are in the class of ’47: first on the left is Sallie Wirt Garrasi, and the third girl in is Mariel Talbot. I think the professor leading the group is Miss Field, who taught biology and, as I recall, was the resident faculty member at Wilmarth House.” Kroon estimates the photo’s vintage to be “either the fall of 1943 or spring of 1944.”

Virginia Herzog Hein ‘47 agrees the cyclists are from her class. She says the leader is “a phys-ed teacher whose name I’ve forgotten,” but she readily names her classmates, from the left, as “Sallie ‘Squirt’ Wirt, a class officer; ‘Trus’ Truslow Welch, our May Queen; ‘Queeny’ Talbot; Lonnie Powel Cotter; perhaps Rita Smart Mayo; perhaps Sepp Watkins; and a familiar-looking person I can't name.” She adds, “I would guess it was a fall 1944 phys-ed class, and it was on Union Ave. or Circular St., with the park on the right.”

Cotter herself confirms the class of ’47 identifications and adds, “The lovely Mariel ‘Queenie’ Talbot died in the crash of a private plane right after graduation.” Cotter’s guess is that the group in the photo is “on Union Ave. or just off it, and on the way to a class discussion under the trees at Yaddo or farther out.”

Georgene Mulliner Klim ’47 also recognizes Sallie Wirt Hume and Mariel Talbot, and Jane Geibel Morton ’47 adds that the sixth student from the left (in the plaid skirt) is Joan Houghton Wynne ’47.