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Spring 2000

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Your alumni board: Technology connects alumni

by Jeanne Shipp Waldinger ‘68, Alumni Association Vice President

     D o you have your own Web page? Or do you think Web pages are for high school students with too much time on their hands?

Whether you’re on the leading edge of high technology or you can barely turn on a computer, Skidmore’s Web site is worth exploring—especially since it now offers several services tailored for alumni. Of course the “alumni” section of has always outlined the many avenues for becoming active in the alumni association and keeping in touch with the College and your classmates. But as more alumni are exploring the Web site, the College is also expanding it with more offerings, developing an online community.

Skidmore’s online alumni community now offers “e-mail for life” — that is, an easy-to-remember e-mail address that you can keep even if you change Internet providers (messages sent to your “e-mail for life” address are simply forwarded to your new e-mail account whenever it changes). The online community also features class pages and club pages, to help keep alumni informed about class and club events around the world. The events calendar lists all scheduled alumni activities. Photo albums let alumni share a glimpse of significant events in their lives. The online directory helps you track down old friends by mail, phone, or e-mail (depending on how much information the listed alumni choose to provide). A convenient link takes you to the online Scope magazine, including an archive of back issues. You can also link to the alumni board and the Student Alumni Society, to read profiles of members and news of recent and upcoming activities.

The alumni board and the Alumni Affairs Office are working to capitalize on the interactivity of the Web to promote alumni involvement. Plans for future Web services include bulletin boards, where alumni can post messages to voice opinions, share ideas, catch up with classmates, or initiate a discussion about a particular interest. E-mail discussion groups, known as listservs, are another great resource. Other ideas for future development range from online “yellow pages” to scheduled “chat” sessions.

Whenever you connect with Skidmore’s online alumni community, don’t forget that many other interesting and useful Skidmore sites are just a click or two away:

  • take a virtual tour of the new Tang Museum
  • see what’s happening in summer programs
  • take advantage of the job-hunting aids offered by Career Services
  • donate to the annual fund
  • order books and Skidmore memorabilia from the Skidmore Shop

With options and services growing all the time, it’s easy and fun to use technology to remain an active member of the Skidmore community.


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