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Spring 2002

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     Pamela White Wagner ’61, P ’87, and husband Bill flank scholarship recipient Melanie Royster ’02 at Skidmore’s annual scholarship celebration. The gathering of donors and recipients, faculty, and trustees featured student performances as well as plenty of opportunity for students and their supporters to get to know each other. Along with receiving the Wagner annual-fund scholarship, Royster is aided by the endowed Anna Hobbs Scholarship.

Is Your Money Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Is your money earning less than 5% in
• stock dividends? • savings accounts?
• certificates of deposit? • treasury notes?

Then it’s time to wake it up!
Right now, Skidmore gift annuities offer higher yields than many other investments.
For example, a single-life gift annuity for a 72-year-old pays 6.9%, guaranteed for life.*

Plus, you also receive
• a charitable income-tax deduction
• possible capital-gains tax savings
• a portion of your annuity payments tax-free

What a deal! And you’ll feel great knowing that your gift will appreciate over time and work even harder to keep Skidmore strong for future generations of students.

To learn more, contact the Office of Planned Giving:
518-580-5655, 800-584-0115,
or plannedgiving@skidmore.edu.

* Rates vary; in general, the older the annuitant, the higher the rate.


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