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Spring 2003

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Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632

At 95, Katherine Dawson Gianferante-Lymer is still active in Winfield, PA, where she lives close to her three children and their families. The former dietician and golfer would enjoy hearing from classmates.


Helen Cole Netter


Reunion ’03!

Marjorie Yetter Walls

Janet MacFarlane Cooley lives in an assisted-living facility in Mesa, AZ.


Lucy Hernady Arnoti

Miriam Temkin Kuskin and husband Harry sold their home and moved to a retirement community in Atlanta, near daughter Susan and her family. The Kuskins enjoy lectures, concerts, and frequent visits from great-grandchild Jamie, who “is loving, caring, and dedicated to us.” The only negative in an otherwise “magic life” occurred several months ago, when Harry fell and broke a hip. Happily, he is recovering nicely.

In Saratoga Springs Eleanor Corey Qua celebrated her 90th birthday. Although she now requires her daughter’s care to battle edema and arthritis, Eleanor still entertains those around her by singing Skidmore’s alma mater. One of her sons owns Sperry’s restaurant, a Saratoga institution favored by locals and summer guests. Eleanor welcomes correspondence from classmates.


Elizabeth Norlander Newell


Enid Kay Schiff


Alumni Affairs Office
Skidmore College
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866-1632

Jean-Ellen Burns Ash is happy to stay put in Connecticut during the winter. In November she moved five minutes down the road to a cottage at Salisbury’s retirement community, Noble Horizons, where “all our snow and other problems are beautifully taken care of.”


Reunion ’03!

Betty Hale Hale

Agnes Compton Stierwald sent news that Elizabeth Bonney Stratton is back in good health after suffering a setback last year. Compie is in the throes of relocating to a smaller place and facing the difficulties of “downsizing a home full of collectibles.” She is still painting watercolors, exhibiting her work at art shows, and participating in efforts to resolve the shortage of affordable housing in the Cape Cod area.

Mary Farmer Woolley is recovering from a bout of shingles and hopes to be playing bridge and golf this summer.

Ginger Daniels Wall has moved to a retirement community close to her former residence in Williamstown, MA.

After spending three months under a nurse’s care with a fractured femur last fall, Betty Brown Vigour returned home to her apartment the day before Thanksgiving. Soon after Christmas, she was back swimming laps at a community pool.

I’m eager to see you all at our 65th reunion, May 29–June 1. Please make plans to attend!


Betty Jones Stern

Last summer Katharine Averill Foley and Don took a trip by rail and bus to Yosemite National Park and spent several days there.

Agnes Gregson and sister Betty, who attended Skidmore for a year, still live at the family homestead. A special staircase was installed to assist Betty, who uses a walker, in getting to her upstairs bedroom. Aggie continues to take long walks with her dogs.

Jane Meagher Donovan spent part of the holidays with son Peter and family near Albany, NY, where a Christmas Day blizzard dumped over 30 inches of snow. She was delighted to get acquainted with her first great-grandchild, two-month-old Bill, named after her late husband.

Last summer Al and I flew east for a family reunion near Boston, then continued on to Vermont to visit our youngest daughter during an especially hot and humid week. We cooled off in our grandson’s large wading pool. Edie Cosgrove, who was visiting Mirror Lake, NH, at about the same time, was somewhat luckier: “The lake was only a few feet from the door,” she says, “so we just plopped in to keep cool.”


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