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Spring 2003

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Lisa Pedicini and Paulette Adkins Rainie

Randy Kaplan, who lives near Copley Place in Boston, recently became the youngest female Supreme Court Judge in the State of Massachusetts. On a sad note, Randy’s husband died last spring, just two months after they were married.


Elizabeth Deckenbach Felder


Angela Foss

Anne Hohenstein Wilkinson started a new position in human resources and benefits consulting with USI Consulting Group in Glastonbury, CT. She, husband Donald, and their two children live in Noank, CT.

Jane Sandbo is working from home as a medical transcriptionist in Saratoga Springs, which allows time with children Wyatt and Abigail. Jane also volunteers doing Skidmore admission interviews on Saturday mornings, which she describes as “a lot of fun!”


Reunion ’03!
Lilly Jaray Ostrove

The events of September 11, 2001, forced Nancy Barbarino to reexamine her life and change it in a big way. The Twin Towers were visible from her Queens co-op. After corresponding online with DC resident and NASA employee Stuart Pendleton, she agreed to meet him in person in Washington, DC, and then again a month later in Virginia. The couple married January 2, 2002. Nancy then quit her NYC job and sold her co-op. She and Stuart welcomed their first child, Jackson, in January 2003. “I have everything I could have dreamed of,” concludes Nancy.

While settling family business in NYC in 2001, Parkinson Pino established an independent volunteer outreach program, linking Ground Zero workers with support and counseling as well as with those seeking to document their experiences for posterity. He also participated in committees exploring designs for both the WTC Memorial and the rebuilding of Lower Manhattan.

Ann Mahoney Pereira-Ogan lives in Wayne, PA, with husband George and children Janey, 7, and Luke, 3. She has been working as VP of marketing for ReMed (a system of rehabilitation programs) for over ten years, making her life “hectic and happy.”

Three years ago Dag Anderson founded his own company, Code Lab Technology Group, and reports that despite the sluggish economy, “it is doing great.” Dag considers wife Eve and children Samantha, 12, Ethan, 9, and Ben, 2, his “biggest source of happiness” and hopes to see everyone at Reunion.

After living overseas for seven years, Laura Mackenzie Steins and husband Ed have settled in Harrison, NY, with children Harrison, 5, Katie, 4, and Christian, 2. Laura has taken leave from her career in electronic commerce to be a stay-at-home mom.

Jeff Moore joined Deloitte & Touche after 12 years with Arthur Andersen. He is the property-tax practice leader for the Gulf Coast office in Houston, TX. He and wife Lisa have three sons: Brett, 10, Grant, 7, and Blake, 5.

Colin MacLeod and wife Karen live in North Carolina with son James, 5. Colin works for outdoor clothing and gear manufacturer REI and enjoys rock climbing and kayaking. Last August, he joined Madison, CT, resident Peter Holzinger ’84 for a four-day cruise to Block Island on his newly purchased Bristol 30.

Andrea Davis Belmessieri returned to the East Coast after five years in Oregon. She’s looking forward to getting in touch with old friends.

Diane Bassett Zable has captained her Sea Ray boat dealership to the 10th largest in the world! Recently honored as 27th among the top 100 businesswomen in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she is also the proud mother of Norell, 13, JP, 11, and Ryan, 10.

Patrice McEvoy Clapacs has been living in Hong Kong for two years with husband Brent and children Caitlin, 8, and Alex, 7. They previously lived in Sydney, Australia.

Holly Stobbie Ortega, husband Joe, and children Hunter, Joey, and Heather love living in Landstuhl, Germany, where Joe is a flight surgeon and Holly is a reservist and lieutenant colonel, both with the U.S. Air Force.

Mary Fay has relocated to West Hartford, CT, to become senior VP of annuities at GE Financial Services. Since coming back home, she’s been spending time with family and old friends. Sisters Margie Fay Craig ’84 and Kathleen Fay Zilahy ’89 live nearby in Glastonbury.

Susan Magrino enjoyed a relaxing New Year’s holiday in San Juan, Puerto Rico, playing golf. She toured Asia in January, making stops in Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Manila.

Clifton Park, NY, residents Nancy Wagner Schaffer and husband David Schaffer ’82 announce the October birth of Lily Jane, who joins sister Helena Grace. Nancy and David are looking forward to showing off their girls at Reunion.

Sarah Woods Bates, husband Damon, and their three boys spent the holiday with family and friends in Wellesley, MA, where Damon is a VP in life insurance marketing for Metlife. In his spare time, he bicycles for cancer research fundraisers and plays guitar in a homegrown band to “keep his talent fresh.” Sarah’s time is occupied raising the boys and consulting start-ups in strategic planning and marketing. Participating in a monthly book group “keeps me sharp,” she says. She’s looking forward to Reunion.

In Biloxi, MI, Jennifer Orvis Cline and husband Martin share their home with daughters Kaila, 11, and Karin Elise, 4, and two Australian shepherd/black lab puppies. Jen is taking a leave of absence from teaching pre-K with KinderCare Learning Center and enjoying her new role as “commander in chief” at home. Marty is an Air Force officer and registered nurse in the intensive care unit at the Keesler Medical Center.

Michael Klimowicz and wife Jeanne sold their home in Winchendon, MA, and moved to Fitchburg, where they live with sons Kyle, 3, and James, 2. Michael is clinical director at Valley Psychiatric Service Inc.; Jeanne is a special-ed teacher for Worchester public schools.


Jacqueline Haberfeld

Attorney Mike Burke and wife Kathleen welcomed twins Matthew and Nolan last December. Mike was eager to get the boys home in time to see “their favorite football team, the Jets, beat the Patriots on Superbowl Sunday.”

Nancy Cohen Kotz is member services coordinator with the Association of Partners for Public Lands in Maryland. She lives in Kensington with husband Mike and daughter Hannah, 3. Nancy says, “I love to wear my Skidmore ring.”

Deborah Stein Miller “gave up the suburban soccer-mom thing” and returned to Manhattan with husband Larry and their four boys. She works part-time as co-director of a charitable foundation and says life is “very good,” if hectic.


Anne Gunnarson Hampton

Susan Mroczynski Valentino lives in Warren, NJ, with husband Carl and their “three little munchkins”: Carl Jr., Olivia, and recent addition Sophia. Susan is taking time off from her position as development officer for the YMCA of White Plains and Central Westchester to be a stay-at-home mom.


Anne Chorske Stuzin

Betsey Taylor Zackeo and husband Dominick welcomed daughter Madeleine in August. The family lives in Weatoque, CT.

Eric Schmidt and wife Andrea Boaz Schmidt live in Raleigh, NC, with daughters Rebecca, 4, and Katherine, 1. Eric is owner and president of Whitfield & Associates advertising agency.

Jan Halper Scaglia’s eldest child is 10; the youngest is 7. Jan stays in touch with Coline Paimblanc Riviere, who lives in Nia, France, and has three children.

Holly Cressy Davis and husband Rob’s two boys are “clones of their parents.” Linda Perry Thorne is the mom of Wylie, 1.

Rhonda Jenkins Gardinier’s son Reed is 2.

Sandra Rogers is education coordinator for the Connecticut Grand Opera and Orchestra Company. In addition to giving private piano lessons, she teaches general music at St. John the Baptist in Yonkers, NY.


Jennifer Weisberg Millner

Tina Angelides Zola and husband Brad Zola welcomed Elijah last July; he joins brother Austin and sister Isabelle. Brad considers the entire crew “strong candidates for becoming Skidmore Thoroughbreds.”


Reunion ’03!
Tracy Richards Dingmon

David Scarselli lives in Prague, Czech Republic, with wife Heather and sons Matteo, 3, and Fabio, 2. He lived in Brazil for three years before his employer, Sanpaolo IMI Bank, gave him and his family the opportunity to relocate to Prague.

After 14 years in the Baltimore-Washington suburbs, Christine Palkhiwala Glass, husband Michael, and son Cameron, 3, moved to Lansing, MI, where Mike is regional vice president for AIMCO, a property-management company. Christine now has the pleasure of being a full-time mommy. She invites anyone familiar with the Lansing area to offer tips on housing, schools, and life in general.

In January JAG officer Major Rob Resnick was posted to “Camp New York in Kuwait,” where shared a tent with 14 other soldiers in the desert, which he describes as “pitch black, with no points of reference. I thought back to Exodus and contemplated wandering around for the next 40 years.” Happily, Rob hopes to return much sooner—for Reunion (May 29 to June 1). “Saratoga will never look so good after months in the sand,” he quips. Rob can be contacted at robert.resnick@us.army.mil.

Eric Bergman and Andrea Harren-Dechenne Bergman ’90 welcomed first child Nina in August. Eric works in software in NYC, and Andrea is an assistant federal public defender in Newark, NJ.

Henrik Colliander has been living and working in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, since graduation from Skidmore. His wife, Harriet, gave birth to their first child, a son, in 2001.

After a two-year stay in London, Kristin Grant Erickson returned to a “new old home” in Scituate, MA, with husband Jon and children Grant, 6, and Karly, 2. Jon works at Fidelity Investments in Boston while Kristin stays home with the children. Last October the Ericksons visited Saratoga Springs with Charlie and Tracy Richards Dingmon to help Jay Ellor (husband of Laura Brodie Ellor) celebrate a significant birthday. “It was just like old times.” Kristin is looking forward to Reunion.

Andrew Snyder HaLevi is still teaching high-school English in Charleston, SC. Daughter Noa is 5. Andrew is delighted that ten of his students have attended Skidmore’s Pre-College Program over the last few years, and one is now a Skidmore freshman.

William Bauer, wife Julie, and their daughter Lauren moved from Louisville, KY, to the Capital District last year; for now they’re in Queensbury but hope to move to the Spa City. Moving to New York allows William to see 9-year-old son Ethan (who lives with his mom, Maureen Johnston Gomez ’87, in Rye, NY) more frequently. William, who recently joined Gastroenterology Associates of Northern New York, is looking forward to Reunion.

Gail Boorstein Grossman has two children: Alix, 10, and Daniel, 7. She decided to “quit the commuting grind” about three years ago. After staying home with her children for a while, she opened a yoga studio in October 2001. She is certified to teach yoga through YogaKids, Yoga for the Special Child, and BeYoga. She also mentors nine people in the organization’s training program. Gail celebrated New Year’s with Rebecca McFarland Cerutti ’88, Jeffrey Cerutti ’90, and Cliff Kahan ’90, who is married to her sister, Leslie. Gail plans to attend Reunion.

Josh Dorman is painting and teaching in New York. You can see his art online at www.blackmustache.com/joshdorman.

Jeffrey Hill and wife Deirdre Ritter Hill welcomed son Ethan in November; he joins sister Avery, 4.

Sheena Dee Withers is still at Morgan Stanley in Baltimore, MD. Her husband works for a company that supplies betting machines to racetracks, so they are perennial guests at most major equine venues—including Saratoga, where she has a box and enjoys seeing fellow Skiddies.

In Cincinnati, OH, Julie Dean Meyers and husband Gregory are raising children Joanie, 4, and Benjamin, 2.

John Gilbert works for Menupolis, a menu directory, and travels to India and Russia frequently. He is also publisher of Robert Indiana’s 1960s Love icon. He stays in touch with Floridian Randy Levinson; Massachusetts residents Michael Kagan and Tom O’Neil; and Howard Nowes, who lives in NYC.

Lauren Goodell married Mo Haghshenas on the beach in Los Angeles last May. A self-proclaimed “adventuress,” she enjoys traveling, scuba diving, hang gliding, and skydiving. When not in the air or under water, Lauren is working at her new private physical therapy facility.

Jacqueline Greenberg is special counsel with Duane Morris LLP, a national law firm headquartered in Philadelphia. Her fiancé, Bobby, is a carpenter who specializes in remodeling and custom finish work. The couple lives in West Orange, NJ.


Cynthia Urick Stickles

Jocelyn Barber Bates and husband Thomas welcomed daughter Sydney, their first child. An RN, Jocelyn divides her working time between a cardiology unit and a step-down unit from intensive care. Greta Salathe Mills attended her baby shower last October.

Stacey Wessel Jimenez and husband Richard Jimenez live in southern Germany, where Richard is a counselor, Spanish teacher, and dean of discipline at a middle/high school on a U.S. military base. The couple’s three children especially love Christmas in Bavaria.

After an 11-year courtship, Jill Bycholski married Kurt Potter in a small ceremony on the beach in Nantucket last summer. In October the newlyweds had a honeymoon in Sonoma, CA, and Hawaii. Jill works at Cigna in NYC, and Kurt is with ReMax.

Rachel Freeman married Slawek Sustynski on October 12 in NYC. Guests included Melissa Kendall Deutsch, Andy Bilbao, Sabrina Place, Jenifer Ross Schumacher, Nicole Otis Hupin, Yeraz Tomassians Gharibian, and Alexandra Alix Hart. Yeraz flew in from Milan, and Alix, who came from San Diego, designed and made the couple’s wedding rings. The newlyweds live in NYC.

Deborah Hunter Colella and husband John welcomed daughter Charlotte on July 17, the actual due date! Charlotte joins Benson, 5, and Samuel, 4. Deborah loves being a stay-at-home mom.

Last June Susan Anrig Lichten and husband Rob welcomed daughter Analise, who joins sisters Alexandria, 5, and Kaila, 3. Susan enjoys staying home to raise her daughters.

Maria Barnett Gray and husband Tim announce the birth of son Alexander in October 2001.

In June 2001 Margie Engelman Grodsky gave birth to Alyson, who joins sister Samantha, 8, and brother Ben, 5.


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