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campus scene

Sovereignty after the Soviets
Prof. Kate Graney on Russian federalism
Expert opinion: Home audio with Jill  Linz
Faculty farewells Linke, Mensing, Partha, Miller
Art, work, and chance Raffle-ticket creativity
Plugging into "Unplugged" Dorms compete to save energy
Teammates from abroad Sports as universal language
Kids of Survival on view Vandals or Van Goghs?
Faculty honored with endowed chairs Anzalone, Brueggemann, Leavitt, O'Brien, Pfitzer, Sattler
Scholarly smorgasbord Talking ecophobia, Crackberries, and Eros
Sportswrap Winter sports highlights

Scholarly smorgasbord

Public lectures on campus in recent months have included:

Global Climate Change Meets Ecophobia
by David Sobel, Anitoch University New England

Peace in Tatters: Vision and Reality in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Yoram Meital, Ben-Gurion Uni­­versity (Skidmore’s Greenberg Middle East Scholar-in-Residence)

Is College Welfare?
by Mitchell Stevens, New York University

Georgia on My Mind: Russia, the Near Abroad, and the Next US President
by Alan Cafruny, Hamilton College

Confessions of a Crackberry Pusher: Inside the Boardroom of the Company
that Launched the Blackberry

by Don McMurtry, Research in Motion (Skidmore’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lecturer)

“Love is Fierce as Death”: Gravestones as the Landscape of Eros in 16th-Century Mysticism
by Zohar Raviv, Oberlin College