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Alison Beyea
120 E. 90th St.
New York, NY 10128

Mary Lou Barry Storrs is serving a two-year term as national president of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America Inc.

Carol Eaton McMillan visited Florida and attended an Elderhostel in Georgia with Mabel Justice Soule in March.

Now irrevocably retired, Peggy Kahles Guyder divides the year between Lake Sacandaga, NY, and Boynton Beach, FL.

Ellen Kelsey Dubocq and brother Dave took a three-week tour of England, Wales, and Scotland last summer. They rode four different rail lines and visited the vast railroad museum in York.

Fritz and Janet Mortimer Stocker are still “full-timing” it in their RV. “Home is where we park our rig,” says Janet. They celebrated their 50th anniversary this year.

In March, Nan Tonole Ravage spent three crazy weeks on the road, moving from Savannah, GA, to Cloverdale, CA. Just before the move, Nan broke her hip and had to use a walker!


Betty Wagner French
7577 Tayside Drive
Blacklick, OH 43003

We are looking to our most important reunion, May 31–June 3, 2001. If you are able to help put it together, call class president Pat Bryant Koedding. Pat, who has moved to a retirement community, took a long trek visiting Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France. Real estate sales are good, so a trip was needed. Her oldest son retired from the military and is now a government contractor in Alexandria, VA. Several grandchildren are in college.

Si and Janet Ainsworth MacDonald celebrated their 50th anniversary with friends on the American Queen down the Mississippi River. They keep in shape by walking with their Sheltie dog. Janet also keeps busy with the Episcopal church, for which she holds Monday workshops using laughter as a healthy medium for groups.

Last summer, to celebrate big birthdays in the family, Joyce Andrews Keble, who lives in Kent, England, met up with daughter Linda and her three children in Switzerland. They stayed in a home on Lake Geneva lent to them by friends. Joyce had a great time revisiting familiar places, seeing old friends, and showing the grandchildren where mummy grew up. “They loved the chocolate factory,” she says. Joyce visited the U.S. early this year for a week in Florida. She saw a space shuttle lift off, shopped at Wal-Mart, and enjoyed the sun.

Walter and Ann Bryan Steidl do a lot of traveling, and with all their family living close by, they keep busy.

Last June, Ann Caspar attended her 50th reunion at Westbrook Junior College in Portland, ME, and had lots of fun. Westbrook is now part of the University of New England.

Maggie Clark MacDonald moved to N. Palm Beach and enjoys it immensely. She underwent a hip replacement this spring.

Silvia Edzard Lawson moved from Wales to Sussex, England.

Jo Feron Reese traveled to Florida after graduation to get a job as a stewardess but instead met and married husband Wayne. Jo then became a mother of two and a nurse. She has only one regret—that she retired from nursing too soon, since she now has a hip operation to pay for.

George and Patricia Grummon Clegg have a new winter home at Amelia Island, FL. May and June usually find them in London and Europe, and summer and fall are spent in Princeton, NJ. They’re having lots of fun being retired.

Sally Harrison Dickinson’s four children are married and live out of her area of Fitchburg, MA—in California, upstate New York, and Washington, DC. Sally merged her business promotions firm, so now she just does some selling along with a lot of skiing, golf, and traveling.

Polly Herrick Pujol is surviving widowhood and grateful to have her three daughters and four grandchildren near her in Barcelona. Her son lives in Connecticut with his three children. Polly welcomes visitors. “Barcelona is a beautiful city full of surprising architecture and historic remains,” she says.

Lois Jenkins Tomkins and John spend most of the year in Nokomis, FL, and five summer months in Poughkeepsie, NY, where they have a flower and vegetable garden. Both also volunteer at the local hospital. Sons Jim and John and daughter Dana are well, and the Tomkinses are proud of their nine grandchildren. Lois and John see Irv and Georgene Simon Dreishpoon.

Mae Justice Soule married Robert Beer on April 24. They will live in Ellenton, FL, in winter.

Dolores Lasco Wundt is a widow and lives in Granby, CT. She traveled to California last year to visit her first great-grandson. While there, Dolores visited San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and several wineries in the Napa Valley. She had plans to visit Dot Danniger Ericsson, Bernice Mitchell Ball, and Kay Borzani Burns this summer in Essex, CT.

Dorothy McKevitt Leason lives at the same address in London, England, but summers in Formentera, Spain.

Charles and Anthea Merrihue Turner have been too busy remodeling their house to take any trips, but Anthea looked forward to collapsing in her hammock at their Lake George home this summer.

For their 50th anniversary, Charlie and Anne Schaaff Wadhams took all 22 family members to Maui, HI. They have 11 grandchildren.

Winnie Todd Dolliver and Harvey are moving to a retirement village near Needham, MA. They sold their house but are keeping the farm for fun and family weekends.

Audrey Wetzel Palmer enjoyed brunch with Roger and Joan Kreuser Noone and Ed and Marylyn Taylor Mooney in Venice, FL. The following day, she brunched with Paul and Merry Lou Greeley VanGelder. “Joan is a super hostess and cook!” says Audrey.

Condolences to Maureen Hanway Foulke, whose husband, Roy, died in 1999. Then her mother died in January at age 98.

With all this news, I would like to mention that we are missing addresses for 26 of our classmates. For example, does anyone have addresses for Barbara Brigham Krey, Inge Hansen Hunter, Sarah Hawn Arnold, Suzanne Macwatty Morris, or Stephanie Poore Rentchler?


Dori Harbach Patten
77 Robert Treat Dr.
Milford, CT 06460

In May, Margery Blacker Griffith and Dotty Wakeman Mattoon ’57 were two of nine female artists who exhibited in Woman’s Work at the Goff Gallery of the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda, FL. Margery likes working with her hands and found the ideal medium in pastels. Her portraits and other works reflect her love of color and the medium.

Sandra Buhai Barz traveled a lot last year—China, Jerusalem, Petra, Paris, and London. Her professional library, Inuit Art and Culture, has been taken by the national Gallery of Canada in Ottawa and to the Goldwater Library at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. Sance is well known around the world for her study and interest in the Inuit people, as well as her collection of their works. She has great stories to tell of her experiences in Alaska and Canada.

Pat Case Young Gatewood is recovering from a triple bypass and replaced mitral valve. She is coming along well. You can reach her at

Bud and Ann Brown Abdalla moved back home to Burnt Hills, NY, to get away from Florida hurricanes and to enjoy the four seasons, hills, and mountains. “We can enjoy Sunday drives into the country again,” says Ann.

Bob and Dot Brown Aguais plan lots of travel now that he has retired from over 50 years in the defense business.

Woodbridge, CT, residents Bob and Arden Clark Gordon have six children, who are married and living in the eastern part of the country, and 18 grandchildren, whom they see quite often. Bob still practices internal medicine in New Haven. Arden keeps busy with grandchildren and community affairs.

Arline Fisch was honored with a major retrospective exhibit of her work, from Feb. 11 to July 30 at the San Diego Historical Society Museum. The show, Elegant Fantasy —The Jewelry of Arline Fisch, was inaugurated with a gala reception. The show featured shadow boxes, which hold the work away from the wall so it can be seen as it would when worn. The large pieces are mounted on abstract full dress forms. The pieces consist of woven collars and gloves, pins, and necklaces. After the gala, she went home to a reception prepared by her family.

Laura Howie’s interest in the Worcester Women’s History Project is very intense now, as the 150th anniversary of the first National Women’s Rights Convention will take place in October. In 1850, 1,000 women and men came to Worcester, MA, from 11 states. She hopes to see many of you there to celebrate. If you need information see

Betty Johnson Boothe says that the highlight of last winter was five days of skiing with eight grandchildren at Killington, VT. She also had a great visit with Marcia Hilfrank Forest in Northampton, NH. Marcia is a part-time physical therapist at the local VNA. Husband George is manager of the Northampton airport. Their three daughters have two sons each and all are well.

Last summer, Bud and Elsie Lievens Weiser visited Alaska. “A really great experience,” says Elsie. They have chaperoned the Vermont student delegates to the National Student Council conferences for the past three years. This June, they spent a week in Silicon Valley, CA.

Ann Ridge Adams and husband Mac had Skidmore visitors to their Mercer Island, WA, home in early February—Walter and Dossie Weshner Goldsmith and Barbara Bower. They had a wonderful time, including a few days at Whistler-Blackcomb ski resort and a drive south to see the remains of Mt. St. Helens, which erupted in 1980. Their youngest son was sent to Australia in January by his company, Concur, so they look forward to traveling “down under” later this year.

Sallie Walstrum Herman and husband Chuck bought a little home in northern Arizona, near one of their daughters, and look forward to escaping there when the Tucson heat is too much. Son Chuck has a scuba diving school and takes trips to exotic places all over the world. Sallie does a lot of volunteering and takes quilting courses whenever possible. She and Chuck play duplicate bridge, and Sallie plays mah jongg. They have season tickets to the opera in Tucson.

Condolences to Aggie Stanton Tullis and Betty Tullis Hagen on the death of husband and brother Bob. Betty and husband Arthur joined Andrea Griffin Kepler and husband Keith for a week in Kona, HI. They relaxed, drank Kona coffee, and ate Macadamia nuts. They traveled just about every paved road and encountered many a fascinating view.


Elizabeth Hauser
241 Lotte Rd.
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Congratulations, classmates. At Leadership Council in April, the Class of 1953 earned the 1998-99 alumni association award for highest participation in the Annual Fund by a pre-50th-reunion class. Our participation was 65.3 percent and the contribution was $64,066. Thanks to all who made this possible. Let’s see if we can do it again this year.

In March, Cliff and Gracie Ackerknecht Harrigan visited Mary Lyman Heist in her lovely home on Orchid Island in Vero Beach, FL. Bob and Judy McEndy Lynch were also there.

Don and Jacquie Bailey Martin, Jack and Dianne Snow Brennan, and Gene and Betsy Singer Gluck met in Boston for dinner at Tiger Lily and then a Pops concert with the Boston alumni club. “A fun affair!” says Jacquie.

Dick and Jean Cranse Larsen spent March in Naples, FL, and had lunch with Tom and Joan Manchee Jeffries, who looked super. The Larsens are spending the summer in Bay Head, NJ.

Janet Danziger Weinstein has a private psychotherapy practice. Daughter Bonnie Sarah will move to NYC to work in a law firm after her September wedding.

Pat Glass Palmer visited Greece this spring. “I just love the islands!” she says.

While in Naples this winter, Betty Howe Shannon had lunch with Char Lamson Clarke, Bette Head Weatherby, and Sallie Neuweiler Henrie ’54. They had a wonderful time catching up on everybody’s news and could not believe that theirs was a friendship of over 50 years. Bette, even to this day, wears her Skidmore ring, which took them all back to good times shared in Toga Town.

In January, Mary Lyman Heist spent a week in Vero Beach, FL, with Rusty Lyon Holton and drove to Merritt Island, where they visited Edie Baldwin Wonnell for a few days. In March, Mary enjoyed a few days with Bob and Judy McEndy Lynch and Cliff and Gracie Ackerknecht Harrigan in Vero.

Mel and MaryJo Marcy Rines and Paul and Mary Caskey Avery took a trip together to London, Paris, and Munich.

In March, Phyllis Miller Green took her three children and four grandchildren to Aspen for a skiing family reunion. Phyllis attended a conference at the London corporate office of Green Advertising, the Florida agency of which she is president.

Congratulations to Carol Morgan Knapp on being honored at the New England Wild Flower Society annual meeting. She received the Massachusetts State Award for her remarkable research and dedicated re-introduction of native plants to the sand plain grasslands on Martha’s Vineyard.

Irving and Phyllis Slobodien Sigal spend winters at Singer Island, FL, but still have their big house in Rhode Island, where they spend summer with their children and 11 grandchildren.

Ann Trainer Williams entertained a group of Skidmore alumni and the Bandersnatchers at her home in Sarasota, FL, in the spring. Among the alumni who attended were Pat Seymour Forstrom, Judy Axford McCoy, and Ann Houston Conover. All enjoyed the evening of conversation and singing.

All is well down on the farm in S. Paris, ME, with Anne Whitehouse Gass. Anne and family are adjusting after the death of husband-father-grandfather Allen in April 1999. “I am pleased to say that some of my 15 grandchildren think acting is wonderful,” says Anne, who was a theater major.


Joanna Davenport
25 Harbor Ave.
Marblehead, MA 01945

Dave and Lee Barron Bickelhaupt enjoyed the winter months in Longwood, FL, where they entertained friends and family. Bob and Nancy Cook Luce, who live in Winston-Salem, NC, visited.

Architect Rocky Brown Warren initiated a project to convert NYC’s 42nd Street to an automobile-free, light-rail boulevard. She is working with transportation officials and hopes to secure grants for the proposal.

Kit Green spent March and April at her condo in Scottsdale, AZ.

Mary Grindley Shepard has another grandson, Christopher.

Margaret Heckman Foster lives in Ballston Spa, NY, in the home she and late husband John had built. Peg has six children and many grandchildren.

Pat Kennedy Snyderman and Diane Webb Mackey have heard from Jill Shelling Remy, who has been living and teaching school in China since 1998. Jill taught oral English to middle and senior high school students in Xindu and Haikou, and will teach at Hainan University this fall. Jill has traveled throughout Sichuan Province and on Hainan Island, which boasts beautiful beaches and clear, clean water. “She’d love to hear from people,” says Pat. Her e-mail is

Bill and Gail Lawrence Lerch planned a three-month trip to Alaska on their 37-foot trawler with two other boats. Their three children and two grandchildren will join them, but not all at once.

Lee Peter and Pearl McKenney Silvernale celebrated their 40th anniversary on the Delta Queen.

“If anyone needs a summer break,” says Dorothy O’Keefe Dube, “come to Asheville, NC.”

Judy Rice Vandegriff keeps busy with her family—husband John, three children, and four grandchildren. Judy plays tennis three times a week and plans to play even more since she retired in June.

Joan Stevenson Brennan’s 10th grandchild arrived in October in Anchorage, AK, where Joan visited in December. “Alaska in winter is spectacular,” says Joan. “I’m taking tennis lessons, thus defying the PE department’s prognostications that I’d grow up to be a wimp. Remember the posture pictures?” Trips this year include Southeast Asia, Israel, Turkey, and Italy.

In Millbrook, NY, Sylvia Sutton is a flagger for the trucks and crews who replace utility poles and trim trees. She is constantly on guard against sunburn, ticks, careless drivers, and the distractions of animals, architecture, and scenery.

John and Marcia Weeks Clayton had dinner with Charlie and Barb Cox Schanz while vacationing in Florida in April. “The Schanzes are fine and have a daughter building a home near theirs in Cooperstown, NY,” says Marcia.

I was in Florida in March and had a wonderful visit with Jane Haller McCabe, who was visiting two of her sons in Jacksonville. She has five grandchildren, all of whom live near her in Columbus, OH. In April, I met Nancy Burley Chase in Boston, and we went to the symphony to see André Previn conduct. Nancy has been busy planning the 50th reunion of her class at Milton Academy.


Marilyn Smith Ingholt
180 E. Campina Dr.
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340

Art and Adele Albrecht Wakefield-Gren’s son, Philip, an attorney, was married last July in Seattle. After Reunion, the Wakefields planned to visit him on their way to Alaska.

Now retired, Suzanne Alling Pulling travels, visiting five grandchildren, and keeps busy with quilting.

Diane Davis Noble is happily retired in South Carolina. Her oldest grandchild will soon graduate from college.

Barbara Greene Wild is CEO and co-chair of Play for TIME (Technology, Immediate diagnosis, Mamography, Effective treatment), an organization which merged with Lauders Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Bloomberg Nat.

Nancy Mathis Engen continues to minister in a Washington, DC, jail and Maryland state prisons. She and husband Harry traveled to Rome over spring break with granddaughter Kristina. Harry takes volunteers to Guatemala each year to work in daughter Kari’s school.

Wink and Faire Millham Hart spent Easter in Paris.

Carolyn Ruscoe Burt had two surgeries this year and took several trips.

Julie and Audrey Schmierer Deren have two sons, a daughter, and six grandchildren ranging from 3 to 12. Julie practices gastroenterology at the University of Pennsylvania, and Audrey takes care of her dad, 97.

Nancy Wind Ross is pleased with her son and daughter’s Stonebridge Inn & Restaurant , a cozy three-room inn near Scranton, PA. Please look it up when you’re in the vicinity. Nancy sees neighbor Ellie Boughner Axford often.

The class extends its condolences to the family of Kit Belknap Miller, whose death was reported in March of this year.


Gayle Stein Bishop
3101 Old Pecos Trail, #636
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Martha Buck retired and now concentrates on ministering as a deacon assigned to St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Berkeley, CA.

Rosemary Gilman is still decorating in NYC and San Francisco. She was here in Santa Fe on a job and we had a wonderful visit. She lives in Ketcham, ID, home of Sun Valley ski resort, and loves it there with her two dogs and four cats. During her first winter, the snow started in October and kept up through April. At one point, she had an elk on her roof! She says summers are awesome, and the people are wonderful. Rosemary is involved with the animal shelter and many other charities.

Harriet Johnson Toadvine enjoyed seeing Sue Kelley Miller and Nancy Clay Larrabee in Naples, FL. Harriet attended an alumni club event with Charlotte Lamson Clarke ’53 and Ann Mawhinney Hodgkins ’53.

Bobbie Jones Hawks remembers sitting in math class subtracting 1934 from 2000 to see how old we would be. We are here! Bobbie writes that Doris Kleissler Whitehead has done an outstanding job at the Frederick Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, NY. She donated fruit spoons for the tea room and will lecture on the influence of Eva Remington on the legacy of Frederick.

Jean Landby Peffers has two new grandsons, born last year, brining her total to four. Her children live in Seattle; Gainesville, VA; and Raleigh and Clinton, NC, so she does a lot of flying. “Visit me if you’re in San Antonio,” she says.

In April, Barbara Levine Friedland and Ann Moses Douglas attended Skidmore Leadership Council. “We’re getting in gear for our big 45th reunion,” says Ann.

Sue Paley Colker had a pre-Christmas lunch and mini-reunion in NYC with Marge Feakes McCornack and did a bit of window shopping.

Gracia Parkhill Dayton had a show last spring at the Depot Square Gallery in Lexington, MA, which focused on Provence, where Gracia had taught a workshop.

Linda Walleen Will spent a winter month in the sunny and sometimes chilly South. She took a one-week cruise to the western Caribbean on the Costa Romantica to celebrate this year’s submarine centennial. “It was a great reunion of old and some new friends!” says Linda. Her four children, their spouses, and seven grandchildren are all well.


Ann Talbot Brown
PO Box 1384
E. Orleans, MA 02643

Pamela Battey Mitchell lives in Dallas, TX, but spends quite a bit of time on Cape Cod. Husband Jere still works, but they often travel to Europe and to California to visit a daughter. Another daughter lives in Dallas, and the third is in the Washington, DC, area. The Mitchells often see Dick and Ginny Carter Lombardi, who also live in Dallas.

In June, Barbara Beckwith Ballentine semi-retired from her position at the American Association of Museums in Washington, DC, to spend more time with grandson Henry, who lives in Baltimore.

Judy Dey enjoyed a trip to Southeast Asia in November 1999, especially the ride on an elephant.

Paul and Sarah Finkelstein Harris spent their first winter at their home on Amelia Island, FL. They loved it and look forward to future winters there. They plan to spend September on Cape Cod. They have six grandchildren.

Mark and Irene Greenberg Stern spent an afternoon with Harris and Louise Libby Clearfield in LA. The Clearfields traveled west from Bala Cynwyd, PA, for the world premiere of an oratorio, Women of Valor, composed by daughter Andrea, which was performed at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

Ken and Trudy Hankinson Briggs are summering in Poughkeepsie and Pawling, NY, but plan to return to Florida for the the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival in October.

John and Cindy Nichols Mutterperl work with the Navajo Indians in Arizona and New Mexico. John, a physician, volunteers in Navajo hospitals, while Cindy works in a museum or library, depending on the location.

Hope Thompson Kerr has been in her Cedar Grove, NJ, townhouse for two years now and claims that she is “one of the owners of Home Depot,” knowing as she does quite a bit about flooring, electrical work, plumbing, audio systems, and setting up a computer. Daughter Linda and family live in nearby Montclair. Daughter Karen lives in NYC. Hope’s parents are in a retirement home near Princeton. In February, Hope took a tour of New Zealand, Tasmania, Australia, and Fiji.

Elsa vonKokeritz Herrmann teaches in N. Plainfield, NJ, paints, and exhibits. She was honored to be elected to the New Jersey Watercolor Society.

Jo Leach Lewis felt honored to introduce President Studley at the San Francisco event of her inauguration tour in March.

In May, Dotty Wakeman Mattoon and Margery Blacker Griffith ’52 were two of nine female artists who exhibited in Woman’s Work at the Goff Gallery of the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda, FL. Dotty’s work was inspired by the French Impressionists and the northern landscape painters of Holland.

Bill and I look forward to a different lifestyle since he sold his business on Cape Cod. We’ll visit with daughter Hilary Brown Morse ’84, son David, their spouses, and our five lovely granddaughters and look forward to travel adventures. We had a wonderful family party for my mother to celebrate her 90th birthday.


Jane Goodman Hunter
17 Caversham Woods
Pittsford, NY 14534

George and Joan Bowles Averette spent two weeks on the big island of Hawaii. While the Averettes were there, Martha Turner Peterson flew over from Oahu for a mini-reunion.

Phoebe Evans Dey’s youngest son, Tom, was director of the feature film Shanghai Noon, starring Jackie Chan and Lucy Liu. The family attended the premiere at Mann’s Chinese Theatre in mid-May.

Julie Greene spent last winter in W. Palm Beach, working at the Palm Beach Polo Club golf shop. The trade-off was free access to extensive practice areas and two great golf courses. “It was a fun winter,” says Julie, “but I do miss the snow skiing up north!”

Mary Anne Groves Carley is involved in an e-commerce business that is rapidly expanding. “I am seriously looking for someone else to take on as an associate,” says Mary Anne. “This is an exciting, home-based, tax-advantage, lucrative, low-keyed, additional income opportunity with residuals for retirement and is willable.”

Since husband Edward’s death last year, Susanne Hecht Goldstein has learned that “life as a totally independent woman is a learning experience!”

Now retired, Vallie Hill Beckwith moved into her “forever” home in Mendham, NJ, and keeps her hand in the educational field by tutoring. This gives her time to devote to her hobby of raising and showing Norfolk terriers and to do volunteer work at her church.

Karen James Avery retired in 1997 and moved to Old Saybrook , CT. She would love to see classmates in the area or in nearby Rhode Island and Massachusetts. The past few years have been spent traveling and doing volunteer work with the Association of Retarded Citizens on local, state, and national levels.

Last November, Sally Kear Braun and Susie Goldstein met for dinner in Flagstaff, AZ, where Susie was visiting her brother. After more than 40 years, they had lots to talk about.

Minnetonka, MN, residents Peter and Anne Mintener Heegaard traveled to Chile, “a country of great diversity,” says Anne, “and we had a variety of experiences—a boat trip through the Magellan Strait among glaciers, hiking in the mountains, and several days with a Chilean family at their fly fishing lodge.” The Heegaards have six grandchildren. They frequently see Tom and Anne Davis Carrier, who live in Shorewood.

Esther-Ann Solotaroff Asch was given the Benjamin Lowenstein Award for the Outstanding Jewish Professional in Community Services, given by the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services.

Annarae Tong Hunter retired in November and moved to Martha’s Vineyard. She would love to welcome visitors. Contact her at PO Box 3347, Oak Bluffs, MA 02557.

Terry Wehmann Sullivan sold her Cambridge, NY, country estate (two Colonials and 545 acres), so her visits back to the Saratoga Springs area will decrease. She has a new home on a beach of Lake Michigan, just north of Milwaukee. Terry is still active in real estate and leadership courses around the country.

“My computer skills are on a par with golf,” says Joby Whitman Gray, “—both need major help.” Joby does decorating and enjoys her family; she has six grandchildren


Carol Brown Straker
500 East 83rd St.
New York, NY 10028

As many of you know, my best friend at Skidmore, Joyce Burstein Witmondt, died a little over 10 years ago. I did not have many close Skidmore friends, so I jumped at the chance to be class secretary when Bev Sanders Payne informed us of the sad news of Nancy Popplewell Robinson’s fatal auto accident.

Our 40th reunion in 1999 was very special for me. I left the weekend filled with pride and warm feelings for a class of women who possess an abundance of style, grace, sensitivity, and intelligence along with decent values and concern for others. I drove up with Marge Goreff Neuwirth and Rita Maduro Frenkel. Marge invited me to stay overnight at her charming Washington, CT, home surrounded by gardens she so lov¦ngly cares for.

I bummed a ride home with Evy Zoda Shippee and, best of all, renewed a friendship with Joan Cangelosi Kicska, who has a summer place a short distance from me on Long Island.We discovered a common interest—we like to shop at outlet stores—and we share in common five unmarried children and each of us has a son in medical school and a daughter working in New York City and living in the East Village. Evy took a trip to Brussels, Belgium, to participate in a bridal shower for Janet Lucas Whitman’s daughter Sally Whitman ’87. While in Florida with husband Bob, Evy visited Sylvia Smalley Chapman and John at their home near Tampa. Evy and Bob welcomed grandson Andrew, born to son Scott.

After retiring from teaching last June, Sue Clark Jorgensen rented her house, loaded up the car, and has been traveling since September. “Mostly I’ve been in the U.S. but recently returned from a fabulous six-week trip to New Zealand and Australia. I’ve visited many friends and relatives along the way. My one piece of wisdom for anyone considering undertaking a seemingly wild idea: go for it!”

Carolee Brecher Thea is a contributing editor at Sculpture magazine. Carolee has been a writer, artist, curator, and critic and has taught at Pratt Institute, Parsons School of Design, and the College of New Rochelle’s School of New Resources. Her visual work includes site sculptures, constructed paintings, film, and photographs.

Ginger Clark Keare spent two weeks in Mexico—one at the Spanish Language Institute in Cuernavaca, where she and Doug lived with a Mexican family and participated in a total immersion program of learning Spanish, and one on a train trip to and through Mexico’s Copper Canyon with Glen and Carolyn Miller French ’61.

Family, boating, and Northwest friends called Robert and Jane Haddad Evans back to Bellevue, WA. Their son, daughter, and grandson live nearby. Since moving, Jane has attended functions of the Seattle alumni club and would love classmates visiting the area to call. She enjoyed a February mini-reunion in Florida with Joan Kicska, Gail Lichtenstein Edelman, and Sheila DeNadal Salvo and had lunch with Sue Jorgensen.

Anne Henszey Pyle’s latest essay, “A Christian Faith in the Tradition of Japanese Folk Art: The Art of Watanabe Sadao (1913–1996),” appeared in the April issue of Arts magazine.

Evie Schawbel Rosenkrantz is a real-estate broker in the Swampscott and Marblehead, MA, areas. She has four grandchildren—two live nearby and the other two live in Jordan.

As for my own family, I am blessed with two great kids. Son David, 28, graduated from medical school in May and will enter a four-year residency program in psychiatry at Long Island Jewish Hospital. My other pride and joy is daughter Wendy, 25, a creative writing major at the University of Wisconsin. She is an editorial assistant at a new magazine called Maximum Golf.

Bev Payne and I would like to arrange for some mini-reunions of our class, so if you have any suggestions, please let us know.


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