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Summer 2001

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Reunion giving finishes strong

     Reunion-class gifts once again helped push the annual fund to a new record, in both number of donors and dollars raised. More than 9,400 alumni, or 44 percent of the alumni body, contributed some $3.9 million to the annual fund.

President Jamienne S. Studley and alumni board VP Jeanne Shipp Waldinger ’68 collect bags of flower bulbs representing record-breaking gifts from reunion classes.

     Reunion-goers’ pivotal roles were recognized at the class-gift presentations during Reunion, where nine classes broke their previous records and a few even made reunion history.

     Leading the charts was the class of ’61, whose fortieth-reunion campaign focused on naming the Tang Museum’s central staircase in memory of classmate Frances “Frankie” Young Tang. Fund chairs Jacqueline Jung and Valerie Blumenthal Gordon not only surpassed their own goal but shattered Skidmore’s all-time record for giving by a single class when they delivered more than $316,000 (represented by armfuls of bank bags stuffed with daffodil bulbs to be planted around campus) at the morning gift event. In the evening they kicked off their class dinner with a warm and poignant dedication of the staircase, attended by an appreciative Oscar Tang, Frankie’s widower and the museum’s major benefactor.

     The fiftieth-reunion class of ’51 also drew oohs and ahhs with their record-breaking 72 percent participation rate and $1.2 million gift to the college. The class also snagged the coveted Spittoon Award for the highest rate of reunion attendance. Other notable successes include the class of ’71, whose 60.5 percent participation and $105,000 in annual giving set new thirtieth-reunion records; and the ’96ers, who had the largest cohort at Reunion and who set a new fifth-reunion mark with 43 percent participation.

     By morning’s end, total reunion giving topped $2.8 million, more than double last year’s figure. Ooh, ahh, and huzzah! —SR


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