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Winter 2002

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Athletics under review

     A major review of Skidmore’s athletics program is under way. Formed in October, a committee of thirteen faculty and staff members is studying not only intercollegiate athletics, but also intramurals, activity classes, club sports, and community fitness and wellness programs. This athletics review (the first since 1989) dovetails with Skidmore’s collegewide strategic planning effort as well as the current national conversation about the appropriate role and influence of intercollegiate sports.

     The Athletic Review Committee is charged with revising or reaffirming the mission of athletics at Skidmore (presently stated in the college catalog and at www.skidmore.edu/catalog on pp. 27–28). The ARC is to produce recommendations by April 15 of this year.

     A number of questions have been posed to assist ARC in its deliberations—for example: What educational/fitness values are served by the components of the existing athletic program? What capacities and knowledge do the various athletic programs instill in students? Are there tensions that need to be ad-dressed between athletic programs and academic programs? Do the athletic programs enhance the college as an educational institution by attracting and retaining students? Do the athletic programs foster a sense of community within the college?

     ARC members plan to consult with members of the athletics staff and the exercise science and dance programs, students, faculty, parents, alumni, admissions and advancement staff, and student affairs and academic affairs staffs. In addition, anyone with questions or comments is invited to send e-mail to athletics-review@skimore.edu or to ARC, Dean of the Faculty’s Office, Skidmore College, 815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. —PM


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