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Winter 2003

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Barbara Crossman Bell

In September, Linda Holt Stewart held her third exhibit of recent paintings at the Beth Urdang Gallery in Boston. The Boston Globe online lauded her (and fellow painter Bernard Chaet) for “pushing their vision to the magical seam where representation meets abstraction… It’s bracing stuff.”

Margery Mellman also exhibited this summer, at the Drawing Center in NYC.

Jane Roberts Alpert is adjusting to sending her triplets off to Union and Tufts to begin their lives as college freshmen.

My husband and I enjoyed a cruise in August to the Caribbean, a post-surgery gift to me. And I’m back on the golf course again, for which I’m very grateful!


Lise Bang-Jensen

Carol Machcinski Santora is incoming president of the Breast Cancer Alliance, which raises money for research, outreach, and education. She also uses her nursing degree to coordinate cancer care volunteers in a Greenwich, CT, hospital. She feels blessed that her husband, Bob, escaped unharmed from his 60th-floor office at the World Trade Center. Daughters Kimberly and Kristen are working in NYC, while Karyn is a freshman at Georgetown.

A terrific professor never ceases to inspire, as demonstrated by two classmates’ recent career moves. Virginia “Vini” Norris Exton—who says, “Skidmore’s Ralph Ciancio will always be my role model as a college teacher”—is teaching full-time at Utah State University in Vernal, where she just started a doctorate program. “I’m due to finish in 2005,” she writes. “Then, in 2006, I’ll have both kids in college. Crazy!”

Sally Stueber Merrill, who lives in Chesterton, IN, says, “I’m following in Helga Doblin’s footsteps in my new career as German teacher. I love it and have lots of fun.”

Sandy Lipson hosted a Boston reception for Ian Berry, curator of the Tang Museum. “We were all completely taken with Ian and became instant fans and supporters of the museum,” she writes.

After a three-year stint in hospital management, Martha Resnik Kaufman Reiss is back on the night shift in the ER at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. She states simply, “I like direct patient work the best.”

Leaving Maine behind, Sibyl Waterman Haley and Mark have moved to McLean, VA. Sibyl’s getting the inside scoop on the community from Alice Mendell Starr, ex-president of the McLean Chamber of Commerce.


Nancy McNiff


Reunion ’03!

Elizabeth Raff Nace

Susan Garlock Lesser and Anne “Timi” Carter, our 30th-reunion co-chairs, have been busy making some exciting plans for our big event, May 29–June 1. Check out the Class of 1973 Web site (www.skidmore.edu/alumni/classes/1973/1973.html) for information, including a schedule of events, a list of who is planning to attend, and e-mail links to classmates.

Kyle Caparosa is still practicing law and lives in North Palm Beach. She leaves the office early to be a “ballet mom” and “enjoys every minute of it.” Kyle will attend Reunion this year with her husband and daughter Wallis, 9.

Kyle recently hosted Lauri Landau and Barbara Prince Stone at her home and had coffee with Ellen Favino Ahearn, who also lives in North Palm Beach, following a Skidmore club get-together. She frequently gets together with Tamara Psasoglu Hartnett-Eggen, who also plans to attend Reunion. Kyle hopes to see Barbara Prince, Martha Wilson, Zoe Vose Morsette, Katie Blossom, and the rest of the French House gang. She would like to get in touch with Barbara Feuer Rosenbaum.

Joy Tabitha Allen writes, “The arc of these 30 years has taken me from a B.A. in French to an M.S. and M.F.A. from Columbia—and from foreign correspondent to fiction filmmaker.”

Virginia Jenkins Boyle is happy to be “a professional spectator.” She and husband John have three children: Ryan, 15, who is setting records in swimming; Kevin, a junior psychology major at Syracuse University and crew team member who met Queen Elizabeth during last year’s Royal Henley Regatta on the Thames in England; and Erin, an ’01 Syracuse grad enrolled in a Culinary Institute of America course for master chefs. Ginger, who works for a chemical company, recently acquired a third golden retriever puppy, Brandy. “Grandchildren,” she says, “can wait a long time, as far as I’m concerned.”


Beth Chiquoine

Jean Wadhams Geller is tired of paying for a DSL line and a service provider, so over the protests of her kids, she changed her e-mail address to jwg1114@yahoo.com.

Janine Stover Rose has left Japan and returned to the U.S. Her new address is 200 East 71st Street, Apt. 6-J, New York, NY 10021.

Vicki Greene Aldrich had her own series of phys-ed reunions. She attended Nancy Davis’s 80th birthday party and ran into Bev Becker there. Nancy was Vicki’s advisor, and Bev was the department chair. Later that week, on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, Vicki ran into former Synchronettes coach Anne Fairbanks.


Noreen P. Reilly

Judy Tsou was elected to the Council of the American Musicological Society in November.


Ingeborg Hegemann Clark

Deb Mull teaches phys-ed at Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park, NY, and adds, “I’m still trail-riding my 21-year-old horse.” She enjoys spending weekends at her newly built camp in the Adirondacks.


Constance Martin


Reunion ’03!

Barbara Balaguer Blundell

At a Skidmore gathering in August, class president and reunion chair Larry Monahan and volunteers Bob Antonez, Emily Walker Bracchitta, Karen Rigopulos, and Carol Falconer Endahl conferred with Jody Cohen Bayer and Lori Ellen Liss Scherer to firm up details for our milestone 25th reunion this May 29–June 1. Carol was impressed by the now 30-year-old “new campus” as well as the transformation of the city of Saratoga Springs. She was pleased to see that the site of the Golden Grille had been renovated into Baileys, where the group shared some laughs, and confessed relief that the Tin & Lint was “still alive!”

Leighton Jordan, plans to be at our 25th. He and wife, Mary, a school teacher, live in Easton, CT, with their children Leighton Jr. 10, Morgan, 8, and twins Isabel and Spencer, 5. A regional sales manager for Brant-Allen Industries, a newsprint manufacturer, Leighton is also director of the Greenwich, CT, and Bridgehampton, LI, Polo Clubs.


Kim West


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