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Faculty and alumni authors

Losing Our Heads: Beheadings in Literature and Culture
by Regina Janes, professor of English
New York University Press, 2005
Delving into a grim topic, Regina Janes explores in both artistic and cultural context the role of the chopped-off head. She asks why the practice of decapitation was once so widespread, why it has diminished, and why humans find it so peculiarly repulsive that we use it as a principal marker to separate ourselves from a more “barbaric” or “primitive” past. Janes argues that the human ability to create meaning from the body motivates the practice of decapitation, its diminution, the impossibility of its extirpation, and its continuing fascination.

• • •

Costs of Economic Liberalization
in Turkey
by Mehmet Odekon, associate
professor of economics
Lehigh University Press, 2005
How policies in Turkey created a system that made the rich richer and the poor poorer

• • •

Crafting Qualitative Research: Working in the Postpositivist Traditions
by Pushkala Prasad, Zankel Professor in Management for Liberal Arts
M. E. Sharpe Inc., 2005
A detailed guide with examples and applications specifically designed for the field of management

• • •

Charlotte’s Garden
by Charlotte Corry Partin ’58
E & E Publishing, 2005
Poetry of the seasons, illustrated with pressed-flower art

• • •

Mainliner Denver:
The Bombing of Flight 629

by Andrew Field ’86
Johnson Books, 2005
The story of the investigation into the first act of sabotage against a US commercial aircraft

Get booked. Alumni authors are urged to send copies of their books, publisher’s notes, or reviews, so that Scope can make note of their work in the “Books” column.