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Letters Wheelock on Tibet; Detourbet '59 from France
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Tibet isn't China
I very much enjoyed the summer Scope Quarterly. But I was surprised and, I confess, distressed to find in your otherwise excellent “Here From Afar” article that Tibet was re­ferred to as “Tibet, western China.” Maybe in Beijing that goes, but in few other places, least of all America. Tibet is west of China, but it is not “western China.” Even the Chinese acknowledge as much, calling it the “Tibetan Autonomous Region.” I didn’t spend time in China and Tibet to return with a tourist’s understanding.

Prof. Emeritus Alan Wheelock
Cambridge, N.Y.

Study abroad, ’50s style
I was a French international student at Skidmore in 1956–57. I had a grant from Skidmore, including tuition, books, and boarding, and a Fulbright grant for travel expenses. It was an invaluable gift, for which I remain thankful.

At the time, flights were scarce and expensive, so I crossed the Atlantic on the Ile de
. My luggage was a huge trunk and a vintage suitcase I could not carry (my
father had ideas of journeying that didn’t apply to a student).

I had English in high school and three years of intensive business English at college, but Skidmore surprised me with its small classes, friendly teachers, student participation, multiple-choice tests… I took advertising, labor relations, government, English literature, and American arts.

It took me a while to understand the social codes and dating systems, and I later realized I had been much too critical in comparing the USA and France.

But I had marvelous dorm friends at Pea­body House. In fact, my husband and I had dinner in Paris recently with the daughter of one of them, and last year we had a visit by the son of another one. So friendships and welcome are long-lasting.

Anne-Marie Detourbet ’59
Paris, France