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Italian program students

The Italian Program

Why learn Italian? Here are some interesting facts about Italy:

Skidmore College offers students a variety of options to explore the Italian language, literature, and culture. Courses in beginning, intermediate, and advanced Italian are complemented by courses on Italian film, literature, and culture, and the study of fascism and the Holocaust. A business Italian class will prepare you to apply for a job in Italian.

Fluency in Italian can enhance your study of art history, studio art, government, international affairs, management and business, philosophy, history, music, or the natural sciences. Solid language and cross-cultural skills provide an important edge in today's global market. If you want to study in Italy, consider the benefit of choosing Italian as a foreign language, minor, major (self-determined), or as part of an interdepartmental major connecting Italian with art history, business, or government. Skidmore supports exciting and affordable study-abroad programs in Florence, Bologna, Siena, Milan, and Rome. These programs allow you to transfer credit easily and enjoy firsthand the history and culture of these great European cities.



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