Hiking in the Adirondacks

If it is the weekend, not raining, above 45 degrees, and there is no soccer game, I am likely somewhere in the Adirondacks with family and friends. Here are some pictures from some of our favorite hikes.

Cascade and Porter Mountains, Fall 2007 Our first High Peaks! Only 44 more to go.

Sacandaga Waterfalls, Summer 2007.

Goodnow Mountain, Summer 2007

Tongue Mountain, Fall 2006, on the western side of Lake George, home to the only rattlesnakes in NY

Buck Mountain, Fall 2006, a good climb on eastern side of Lake George

Shelving Rock Falls, Fall 2006, a great short hike near the eastern side of Lake George.

Crane Mountain, Fall 2006 Our first big hike of 2006. It is a beautiful mountain.

Emily and Will at the foot of the Blue Ledges on the Hudson River. The Blue Ledges are massive 350-foot cliffs near the Hamilton-Essex County border where the Hudson River pours through a gorge. It is a nice 5 mile round trip hike. See here and here for what it is like.

The family at the foot of Shelving Rock Falls near Lake George, Summer 2003.

Will and me with Taylor and Gray Morrison atop of Chimney Mountain . It is a nice climb with all sorts of fun caves to climb in and around.

Turner critters with their “Safari Buddies” the Morrisons on top of Buck Mountain, Lake George in the background. I highly recommend the 5 mile roundtrip hike to anyone, but it is a serious climb—not that it deterred us or the Morrison’s from making our respective sets of 3 year old twins climb the mountain.

Tess and I atop Kane Mountain

My sister, Will, and I at the Indian Ladder Trail.