Hopefully more pictures to follow. I spin and fly fish for bass, pike, walleye, trout, and striped bass. I am always looking for people to go fishing with.

The 2007 Season

May 28 1pm, Fish Creek, Tess and Emily are very proud of my fish.

Tess with her 2 lb largemouth. Not shown is the 17 inch Smallmouth she pulled in 3 minutes earlier. Emily is trying to give the bass some of her magic potion.


May 23rd, 7:30 pm, Will and I strapped the trusty canoe on the minivan and went hunting Northern Pike on Fish Creek with Johnson's weedless Silver Minnows and purple Yamamotos. No luck with the Pike- but I caught 6 pickerill and 2 bass and Will landed 5 largemouths and 2 rock bass. All released.

A skittish shad - the only upside in getting skunked fishing for Stripers on the Hudson. May 23rd, 10am. You never know what you are going to pull up in the Hudson- caught a 3 foot sturgeon earlier in the year. At least my friend Greg Griskowitz caught a small one.

A 12lb striper- great fighter, Hudson River near the prisoner bridge.

Photos from 2004-2006 Seasons Here