Campaign Strategy Paper Assignment
Who Governs Saratoga Springs

The purpose of this assignment is to describe and analyze your candidate’s campaign strategy.

Length 4-5 page
Due Date October 29

Context of the Race – the things that can’t be changed
1. expectations of office
2. Level of public interest in campaign
3. incumbent running

• what is the candidate’s campaign message; what issues are they campaigning on?
• review webpage; op-eds in newspaper; campaign mailings.
• how specific or broad is it?
• is it consistent with other party members’ messages
• how was it developed?
(to be able to ask that question, need background information)

Analysis – how good is it
• how does it try to frame the issues in the campaign in ways favorable to the candidate?
• how does it attempt shape reality/socioeconomic conditions/opponents’ record? How well does it fit the record? How successful is it?
• How successful is it?
• Why was this message selected and not another?

Delivering the Message

Descriptive- How is your candidate attempting to get their message out to the public?
1. Television or Radio commercials
2. Web
3. Free Media-
• newspaper/television coverage
• campaign events
• press conferences
• letters to the editor
• debates
4. Political Advertising
• yard signs
• mailings
• leafleting
• going door to door
• email
--how many, how often, to whom, designed by whom, who provides input, who helps with the campaign strategy, who do they talk to, how much does it cost, are they being helped by the party, who helps work on their campaign.

Analysis- how successful is the candidate in getting their message out? Why or why not?
• Why have they selected their strategy for delivering their message
• How well do they think it is going? What are the biggest barriers in getting their message out to people?
• How do they target their efforts? How do they know which doors to knock on? Who to mail to? Why don’t they do more?
• How do their campaign efforts (images, slogan) resonate with their message?

Background Research
1. Read the candidates’ web page
2. See what the blogs are saying about their campaigns, especially the independent and newspaper blogs-

3. Review the debates

attend the Oct 25 Conservation Debate

4. Google the candidate’s name and Saratoga Springs- will turn up miscellaneous articles.