Gove Effinger - Personal Notes

Enjoying retirement, when I

·         Love to spend time with my family - my spouse (and best friend) Alice Dean and our 31 (!) year old twins Laura and Sean (though less time with the kids since they are in New York City). Click here for a family photo.

·         Enjoy doing lots of sports (golfing, cycling, hiking, etc.), listening to various kinds of music, going to the movies, drinking good beer, cheering for the Red Sox (“Just wait’ll next year!”), and skipping most of each Northeast winter by migrating to Naples, FL.

·         Love to run – though each year it gets more challenging for my tired knees.

o    Marathons...

§  Last one (I’m pretty sure): Philadelphia Marathon, Nov 24, 2002, 3:44:09 (qualified for Boston with 51 seconds to spare!)

§  23 marathons started and 17 finished. 8 starts at Boston, 5 finishes (tough race – sooooo crowded).

§  Best marathon lifetime: 2:46:30 Ottawa, May 1979 – 23 years and almost an hour finishing time between my best and my last.

·         Finally have given up worrying about the lawn and moved to a townhouse where someone else can worry about it!

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