1960s British Rock and Pop Chronology
The Birth of a Nation 5: 1942
4 Jan South Elmsall, Yorkshire: John McLaughlin. Guitar: Graham Bond Organization, Blues Incorporated, Brian Auger Trinity, session musician
6 Jan Wavertree, Liverpool: Len Garry [b. Leonard Charles Garry]. The Quarrymen
8 Jan Walton, Liverpool: William Faron Ruffley ("Faron"). Singer, bassist: Faron's Flamingos, Big Three
21 Jan US: Count Basie records "One O'Clock Jump"
24 Jan Amlwich, Wales: William (Billy) George Butler. Singer: Merseybeats, Billy Butler and the Tuxedos
27 Jan Birmingham: Michael ("Mick") James Adkins. Guitar, vocals: The Sundowners, The Chads
29 Jan BBC: Roy Plomleys "Desert Island Discs" premieres
2 Feb Blackpool, Lancashire: Graham William Nash. Vocals, guitar; Hollies.
Ripon, Yorkshire: Margo Quantrell. Singer: Breakaways, Vernon's Girls, sessions
8 Feb Washington, D.C.: A congressional committee advises Roosevelt to incarcerate Americans of Japanese descent.
  Bridgwater, Somerset: Sam Spoons [b. Martin Stafford Ash]. Percussionist: The Bonzo Dog Dada Band, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
15 Feb Epson, Surrey: Glyn Johns. Engineer, producer.
  Singapore: The British colony surrenders to the Japanese
16 Feb Birmingham: Clive Lea. Rockin Berries
18 Feb Belgaum: Frank Farley [b. Frank William Farley]. Drummer: Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
24 Feb Portsmouth: Paul Jones [b. Paul Pond]. Manfred Mann
26 Feb Berlin: Werner Heisenberger describes his uranium project, "Wunderwaffen" to the German government.
28 Feb Park Nursing Home, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: Brian Jones [b. Lewis Brian Hopkin-Jones; d. Catchford Farm, Hartfield, Sussex 3 July 1969]. Guitar, harmonica, sitar, etc.; Rolling Stones.
  Detroit: race riots
1 Mar Java Sea: Japan defeats a US naval fleet.
  Winton, Bournemouth, Dorset: Michael Rex Giles. Drums, singer: Johnny King and the Raiders, The Dowlands Brothers, The Trendsetters Ltd, Brains, Giles Giles and Fripp, King Crimson
2 Mar Hampstead, London: Daniel Joseph Anthony (Tony) Meehan [d. London, 28 November 2005]. Drummer: Shadows; producer.
3 Mar Liverpool: Mike Pender [b. Michael John Pendergast]. Searchers.
5 Mar Manchester: Hugh Flint. Drummer: The Blues Syndicate, Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Manfred Mann
6 May Bearsted Memorial Hospital, Hampton Court: Colin Earl. Piano (Memphis Leather, 1967; The Good Earth (Rock 'n' Roll Band), 1968 - 1969, Mungo Gerry, The King Earl Boogie Band)
8 Mar Rangoon, Burma: Japanese forces capture British forces
  Liverpool: Ralph Ellis. Swinging Blue Jeans
25 Mar Memphis, Tennessee: Aretha Franklin
Apr West Derby, Liverpool: John Lowe [b. John Duff Lowe]. Piano, The Quarrymen.
1 Apr Dagenham, Essex: Alan Blakely. Tremeloes.
5 Apr Salford: Harold (Allan) Clarke. Singer: Hollies.
8 Apr Leicester, Leicestershire: Roger Maxwell Chapman. Singer: Family
15 Apr London: Sir Kingsley Wood, Chancellor of the Exchequer, levees a tupence-per-pint tax on beer
16 Apr Liverpool: Colin Manley [d. Lancashire, 9 April 1999]. Remo Four.
19 Apr Fatfield, County Durham: Alan Price. Organ, keyboards: Animals, Alan Price Set
3 May Andover: Peter (Pete) Lawrence Staples. Troggs
4 May US: Sugar rationing
5 May Kettering, Northamptonshire: James King. Sax, flute: Family, Ring of Truth
12 May Weald Rise, Harrow Weald, Harrow, Middlesex: Ian Robins Dury [d. 27 March 2000, Hampstead, North-west London]. Singer: The Black Cat Combo, Kilburn and the High Roads
13 May Aston-in-Makefield, near Wigan, Merseyside: Robert ("Bob") McKinlay, Guitarist: The Long and the Short, The Mojos
15 May US: Gasoline rationing in 17 states limits sales to 3 gallons a week for non-essential vehicles
24 May Manchester, Lancashire: Derek Quinn. Guitar: The Jets, The Two Tones, The Four Tones, Freddie and the Dreamers
25 May Leicester: Brian Davison. Drums, Nice.
26 May Liverpool: Ray Ennis. Swinging Blue Jeans
29 May US: Bing Crosby: records "White Christmas"
30 May Enfield, Middlesex: b. Leonard ("Lenny") Arthur Davidson. Vocals, guitar: Dave Clark Five.
4 June US: Capitol Records founded
6 June London: Bob Taylor [b Robert Taylor]. Guitar, Chris Farlowe and the Thunderbirds
13 June Peenemunde, Germany: V-2 rocket test launch
14 June London: Andy Irvine [b. Andrew Irvine]. Bass, mandolin; Sweeney's Men, Planxy
London: Peter Lemer [b. Peter Naphtali]. Organ; The Peter Lemer Quartet
16 Jun Birmingham: John Henry Rostill [d. 26 November 1973]. Bass: Shadows
17 Jun Liverpool: Norman Kuhlke [Swinging Blue Jeans]
18 Jun Liverpool: James Paul McCartney
20 Jun Hawthorne, California: Brian Wilson
23 Jun Liverpool: Aaron Williams. Merseybeats
24 Jun Whitby, Yorkshire: Arthur Brown [b. Arthur Winton]
25 Jun Bremen, Germany: British RAF stages a 1,000-bomb raid
2 Jul Eastbourne, Sussex: Leapy Lee (b. Lee Graham)
17 Jul Boscombe Hospital, Bournemouth, Dorset: Zoot Money [b. George Bruno Money]. Organist: The Zoot Money Quartet, De Big Roll Band, Zoot Money's Big Roll Band, Dantalian's Chariot, Eric Burdon and the New Animals, The Kevin Coyne Band, The Kevin Ayres Band
22 Jul US: gasoline rationing (coupons) on the east coast
24 Jul Hargen, Germany: Heinz Henry George Burt [d. Weston, Southampton, 7 April 2000]. Bass, singer: Tornados
1 Aug San Francisco: Jerome John Garcia
8 Aug Liverpool: Johnny Gustafson Bass: Cass and the Casanovas, Big Three, Merseybeats [alternate birthdate: 8 September 1942]
11 Aug Andover: Mike Hugg. Drums: Manfred Mann
14 Aug Blackburn: Lionel Walmsley. Four Pennies
15 Aug London: George Bernard Shaw protests limitations on the importation of musical instrument supplies, observing that these are "among the first necessities of life."
  Redcar, Yorkshire: Peter York. Drums: The Spencer Davis Group
19 Aug Dieppe, France: 5,000 Canadian soldiers, 1000 British Commandos, and a small American force launch a disastrous raid against German positions (only about 3000 return)
27 Aug Glasgow: Philip Arthur Shulman. Simon Dupree and the Big Sound
2 Sep Stalingrad: German troops enter city
8 Spt Liverpool: Johnny Gustafson Bass: Cass and the Casanovas, Big Three, Merseybeats [alternate birthdate: 8 August 1942]
22 Spt Port Glasgow, Scotland: Brian Keith [b. Brian O'Shea]. Plastic Penny
24 Spt 8 Menzies Street, The Dingle, Liverpool 8, Liverpool: Gerald (Gerry) Marsden. Singer, guitarist: Gerry and the Pacemakers
Northampton: Mike Berry [b. Michael Hubert Bourne]. Singer: Mike Berry and the Outlaws
30 Spt Carlisle, Cumbria: Michael Harrison. Pianist, vocalist: Dino and the Danubes, The Dakotas, The Ramrods, The VIP's, Art, Spooky Tooth
2 Oct Chicago: Enrico Fermi conducts first sustained atomic chain reaction.
4 Oct Belfast, Northern Ireland: William ("Billy") Harrison. Guitarist: The Gamblers, Them
6 Oct Ashford: Neil Korner. New Vaudeville Band
4 Nov El Alamein, North Africa: British forces commanded by Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery force Axis forces to retreat
6 Nov Bath, Somerset: Peter Sayers. Guitar, banjo, dobro, autoharp, mandolin, ukulele: Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys, The British Blue Grass Boys
8 Nov French North Africa: British and American forces land
13 Nov US: The minimum draft age was lowered from 21 to 18
27 Nov Seattle, Washington: Jimi (Johnny Allen) Hendrix
3 Dec Small Heath, Birmingham: Ken Lewis [b. Kenneth Hawker]. Singer, songwriter: Carter Lewis and the Southerners, Ivy League, Flowerpot Men
8 Dec 13 Chiltern Avenue, Bolton, Lancashire: Bobby Elliott [b. Robert Hartley Elliott]. Drums: Hollies
12 Dec Dublin: Declan Cluskey: The Bachelors
Glasgow: Mike Heron: Incredible Sting Band
15 Dec PR birthdate for David ("Dave") Clark. See 15 December 1939.
  Other 1942 Events
  Melvyn ("Mel") Miller. Bass, singer: Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes
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