1960s British Rock and Pop Chronology

The Birth of a Nation: 1943

8 Jan Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Keith (Lee) Jackson. Nice
9 Jan Liverpool: Freddie Starr [b. Frederick Leslie Fowell]. Howie Casey and the Seniors; Freddie Starr and the Midnighters
11 Jan Britain and the US relinquish extraterritorial rights in China
14 Jan Casablanca: Churchill and Roosevelt meet
19 Jan Wokingham, Berkshire: Les Hurdle. Bass: sessions
20 Jan Aintree?, Liverpool: Eric London. Bass: The Hi-Hats, The Ravens, Group One, Faron's Flamingos
28 Jan Dartford, Kent: Richard ("Dick") Clifford Taylor. Guitar. The Pretty Things.
2 Feb Marylebone, London: Peter MacBeth. Bass: The Foundations
3 Feb Stockport: Eric Haydock. Hollies
7 Feb US: shoe rationing limits citizens to three pairs per person for the remainder of the year
9 Feb 11 Balmoral Road, Aintree, Liverpool: Nicholas ("Nicky") Crouch. Guitarist, singer: Ravens, Faron's Flamingos, Mojos
14 Feb Hoxton, North London: Neil Christian [b. Christopher Tidmarsh]. Singer: Neil Christian and the Crusaders
15 Feb Hull: Elaine (Lal) Waterson [d. Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, 4 September 1988]. Singer: The Watersons
25 Feb Wavertree, Liverpool: George Harold Harrison [d. Los Angeles, 29 November 2001]
7 Mar Barnet: Christopher (Chris) Taylor White. Bass: Zombies
Dagenham, Essex: Ricky West [b. Richard Charles Westwood]. Tremeloes
8 Mar Burbank, Scotland: Shel MacRae [b. Andrew Semple]. Guitarist, vocalist: The Fortunes
16 Mar Hendon: b. Roger Dean; d. 3 August 2008. Guitarist: John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Ronnie Jones and the Bluejays
17 Mar Southampton: Richard Anthony ("Tony") Newman. Drummer: The Jeff Beck Group, May Blitz, Boxer, T-Rex, Sounds Incorporated
21 Mar Baxenden, Accrington, Lanashsire: John Wilkinson. Teenbeats
Radcliffe Maternity Home, Shillingford, Oxfordshire: Viv Stanshall [b. Vivian Anthony Stanshill; d. 5 March 1995, Hill Field Park, near Alexander Palace, Muswell Hill, North London]. Singer: Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band
22 Mar Richmond, Surrey: Keith William Relf [d. Whitton, Middlesex. 4 May 1976]. Singer, harmonica: Yardbirds.
Birmingham: Terry Bond. Rockin Berries
Redlands House, Humberstone, Lincolnshire: Anthony (T.S.) Charles McPhee. Singer: Groundhogs
23 Mar New End Hospital, London: Daniel Joseph Anthony (Tony) Meehan [d. St Mary's Hospital, South Wharf Road, Paddington, London 28 Nov 2005]. Drummer: Shadows. Producer.
29 Mar US: meat, butter and cheese rationing
2 Apr Deal, Kent: Glen Dale born Richard Garforth. Guitarist, singer: Robby Hood and his Merrymen, The Cliftones, The Fortunes Rhythm Group, The Fortunes
7 Apr Brierfield, Lancashire: Alan Buck. Four Pennies
Luton, Bedfordshire: Mick Abrahams [b. Michael Timothy Abrahams]. Guitarist, vocalist: The Jesters, The Hustlers, Neil Christian and the Crusaders, The Goodtimers, Neil Christian and the Crusaders, The Toggery Five, McGregor's Engine, Jethro Tull, Blodwyn Pig
10 Apr Durham: Peter (Pnut) Langford [Barron Knights]
14 Apr Exeter: Anthony ("Tony") Burrows. Singer: Flowerpot Men
16 Apr Dulwich, South-east London: David ("Lonesome Dave") Peverett [d. 7 February 2000]. Singer, guitar: The Cross Ties Blues Band, Lonesome Jax Blues Band, Les Questions, Savoy Brown, Foghat
19 Apr Basel, Switzerland: Albert Hofman at Sandoz seld-administers a dose of LSD. [aka "Bicycle Day"]
20 Apr Stratford, East London: Jimmy Winston [b. James Edward Winston Longworth]. Organ: Small Faces
25 Apr Conisbrough: Tony Christie [b Anthony Fitzgerald]. Singer
26 Apr Dublin: Anthony ("Tony") Murray. Plastic Penny
5 May Solihull: Gerald Ernest Freeman. Applejacks
7 May Dagenham, Essex: Richard Charles Westwood (Rick West). Tremeloes
8 May London: Paul Samwell-Smith. Bass, producer: Yardbirds
11 May Liverpool: John Leslie Chadwick. Piano: Gerry and the Pacemakers
14 May Glasgow: John (Jack) Symon Asher Bruce. Bass: Blues Incorporated, Graham Bond Organization, Cream
17 May Gosport: Anthony John Ransley. Simon Dupree and the Big Sound
19 May Washington, DC: Winston Churchill pledges his country's full support in the war against Japan
20 May West Norwood, South-east London: Terence ("Terry") Smith. Guitar: The Mike Carr Trio, The J J Jackson Soul Band, If
22 May North Shields, Northumberland: Hilton Stuart Patterson Valentine. Guitar: Animals
25 May Evesham, Worcester: Poli Palmer [b John Michael Palmer]. Drummer, flute, vibes, harmonica: Deep Feeling, Blossom Toes, Eclection, Family
27 May Liverpool: Cilla Black [b. Priscilla Maria Veronica White]. Singer
2 June London?: Graham Bonney. Singer: Expresso Five, 1960-62
14 Jun Birmingham: Mervyn (Muff) Winwood. Bass: Spencer Davis Group
15 Jun Camberwell, London: Art Wood [b. Colin Arthur Wood]. Organist, pianist, flutist: Bill Nile's Delta Jazzmen, Whistling Jack Smith, Monty Sunshine, The Climax Chicago Blues Band, Monty Sunshine, Bill Nile's Goodtime Jazz Band
20 Jun Detroit: Race-related rioting leaves 30 dead
22 Jun Wythenshaw, Manchester: Frank Renshaw. Guitarist, singer: The Swallows, Lee Shondell and the Premiers of Beat, The Toggery Five, Wayne Fontana and the Boys, Wayne Fontana and the Opposition, The Young Brothers, Herman's Hermits, The Mindbenders
26 Jun Lancashire: Georgie Fame [b. Clive Powell]. Organist, singer.
Sefton, Liverpool: Jason Eddy [b. Albert (Albie) Edward Wycherley]. Singer, songwriter.
28 Jun East Ham: Bobby Harrison. Drums; Procol Harum.
29 Jun Hammersmith, West London: Roger Ruskin Spear. Saxophone: The Bonzo Dog Dada Band, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, The Big Grunt, The Kinetic Wardrobe, The Bonzo Dog Band, The Kinetic Wardrobe
4 Jul London: The American Forces Network begins broadcasting
7 Jul Liverpool: Tommy Quickly (b. Thomas Quigley). Singer; Remo Four.
10 Jul Sicily: British and American forces land
20 Jul Birmingham: John Charles Lodge. Bass; Moody Blues.
21 Jul Portstewart, Derry, Northern Ireland: Henry McCulloch. Guitarist: The Sky Rockets, Gene and the Gents, The People, Eire Apparent, Sweeney's Men, The Joe Cocker Band
25 Jul Liverpool: Jim McCarty. Drums: Yardbirds
  Rome: Italian police arrest Mussolini
26 Jul Livingstone Hospital, East Hill, Dartford: Mick (Michael Phillip) Jagger
28 Jul Hatch End, Middlesex: Richard William Wright. Organ: Pink Floyd
  US: The end of coffee rationing
1 Aug Lewisham, South-east London: Geoffrey Britton. Drums: The Tigers, The Hi-Fi Combo, Gun, East of Eden, Wild Angles, Wings, Manfred Mann's Earth Band
4 Aug Leyton, East London: David Carr. Organist: The Cliftones, The Fortunes Rhythm Group, The Fortunes
11 Aug Walthamstow, East London: b. Denis West Payton; d. Bournemouth, Dorset, 17 December 2006. Saxophone: The Renegades, The Les Heath Combo, The Blue Dukes, The Mike Jones Combo, The Dave Clark Five.
16 Aug London: Shel Shapiro [b. Norman David Shapiro]. Singer, guitar: Rob Storm and the Whispers, The Shel Carson Combo, Tony Hicks, The Rokes
18 Aug Moseley, Birmingham: Carl Wayne [b. Colin David Tooley; d. 31 Aug 2004]. Singer
19 Aug Bootle, Liverpool: Billy J. Kramer [b. William Howard Ashton]. Singer
27 Aug Liverpool: Brian Griffiths. Saxophone; Derry and the Seniors, Howie Casey and the Seniors, Big Three
28 Aug Hayes, Middlesex: Anne Margot ("Honey") Lantree. Drummer: Honeycombs
3 Spt Italy: The British Eighth Army invades; the Italians sign a secret armistice with the Allies
8 Spt Italy: Eisenhower announces an armistice with Italy. German forces immediately occupy Rome.
12 Spt Sardinia: Germans rescue Mussolini from imprisonment
13 Spt Belfast, Northern Ireland: Raymond ("Ray") Elliott. Organist, saxophone, flutist: The Broadways, Them
23 Spt Liverpool: John Banks. Merseybeats
29 Spt Malta: General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Italian Marshal Pietro Badoglio sign an armistice aboard HMS Nelson
Oct Castlerea, County Roscommon, Eire: John Carroll. The Premier Aces, Murphy and the Swallows, Magic, The Magic Band
3 Oct Liverpool: Ian Edwards. Guitar, singer: Ian and the Zodiacs
6 Oct Hayes, Middlesex: Robin Shaw [b. Robin Scrimshaw]. Flowerpot Men
10 Oct Whitechapel: Denis James Dalziel. Honeycombs
Mullinger, Co Meath, Eire: Joseph Francis Robert ("Joe") Dolan. Singer: Joe Dolan and the Drifters, Sweeney's Men
13 Oct Italy: Declaration of war on one-time Axis partner, Germany
  Liverpool: Ian Edwards. Ian Edwards and the Zodiacs; Fourmost
16 Oct Aintree?, Liverpool: Trevor Gladstone Emanuel Morais. Drums: Ravens, Faron's Flamingos, Peddlers
20 Oct Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland: James ("Jimmy") Henshaw. Guitarist: The Ramrods, The VIP's
25 Oct Redhill: Roy Alan Lynes. Status Quo
3 Nov Glasgow: Herbert ("Bert") Jansch. Guitarist, singer: Pentangle
5 Nov Britain: Patti Lynn. Singer
11 Nov Birmingham: Bryan Charles (Chuck) Botfield. Rockin Berries
24 Nov Edinburgh: Robin Williamson. Incredible String Band
27 Nov Kilkenny, Eire: Noel Murphy. Folk singer
28 Nov Tehran: Winston Churchill meets with Roosevelt and Stalin
30 Nov Stanbridge, Bedfordshire: Leo Lyons [b. David William Lyons]. Bass: Ten Years After
6 Dec Edmonton, London: Michael Smith. Vocals, organ; Dave Clark Five
12 Dec Dagenham, Essex: David Charles Munden. Tremeloes
Cuffley, Hertfordshire: Peter Andrew Oakman. Bass: The Spacemen Skiffle Group, Joe Brown and the Bruvvers, Lonnie Donegan, Country Feaver, Home Brew, The Bruvvers
14 Dec Hayes, Middlesex: Frank Allen (b. Frances Renauld McNaice). Vocals, bass; the Searchers
16 Dec Nelson, Lancashire : Anthony (Tony) Charles Hicks. Guitar; Hollies.
18 Dec Livingstone Hospital, East Hill, Dartford: Keith Richards
25 Dec Catford, London: Jacqueline ("Jacque") McShee. Singer: Pentangle
26 Dec Norris Green, Liverpool: George Robinson. Bumbles
27 Dec Birmingham: Roy Austin. Rockin Berries
Fulham Place Road, Fulham, South-west London: Peter Sinfield. Lyricist: King Crimson
28 Dec Edmonton, North London: Charles (Chas) Nicholas Hodges. Mike Berry & the Outlaws; Chas & Dave
31 Dec Tavistock, Devon: Peter Alexander Greenlaw Quaife. Bass. The Kinks.
  Other 1943 Artifacts
  Calcutta: John Cruickshank (John Lee) [guitar; Groundhogs]
Hayes, Middlesex: Richard ("Ricky") Winter. Drums; Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers.
Britain: Nicky James [b. Michael Clifford Nicholls]. Singer, guitarist: The Nicky James Movement, Danny Laine and the Diplomates, The Wild Cherries
Stamford Hill, North London: Rhet Stoller [b. Barry Stuart Stoller]. Guitarist: Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes
Lismore, Co Waterford, Eire: Patrick Campbell-Lyons. Nirvana
Bernard ("Bernie") Martin. Drummer: Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes
Roy Taft [b. Raymond Taft]. Guitar, singer: Russ Sainty and the Nu-Notes

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