New Musical Express
6 February 1953    
Green, Benny For Whom the Bells Poll [instrumentalists poll] 4
Brent, Tony I Don't Copy Anyone, I Do Sing Like Tony Brent 7
—— MU Band Strike Threat at Vaughn Concert [Sarah Vaughn] 8
—— NME Launches Music Profession Fund 8
Sidney Lipton TV Show Banned by MU [musicians union] 9
Sharon, Ralph Sarha holds a crowded Royal Albert Hall Spellbond [Sarah Vaughn] 10
Hall, Tony Portrait of a Pianist [John Malach] 10
Butcher, Mike Supersonic Mary Lou [Mary Lou Williams] 11
Hall, Tony Suggestion to the Young Jazzman 11
—— Eight Glouster Bands Help the MU [musicians union] 12
—— Box Biographies [ Sylvia Lee] 12
2 February 1953  
—— Syd Semon's Band Jubilee 4
—— He Fiddled in the Chinese Cafe [ Joe Loss] 5
—— Geraldo Back From US 6
—— Hustle for Templeman [Beryl Templeman] 6
—— No British Musicians for US TV Films Here [Musicians Union] 7
—— Hit Parade Ball [Winifred Atwell] 7
—— Johnnie Ray for Provinces 7
—— Lita Compliment by Mary Small 7
20 February 1953  
Butcher, Mike The Return of Claude Thornhill 3
Hall, Tony The 'After Hours' Man Remembers [Joe Bushkin] 5
—— MU Ratcliffe will face probing London Branch Members at Sunday's Special Hearing [Musicians Union] 6
—— Roy Edmonds off to Canada [Roy Edmonds] 7
—— Geraldo Brings back Duke, Kenton, Les Brown Scores from the US 7
Bentley, Jack No Gloomy Sunday at the BBC [radio] 8
—— Scores at Geraldos Festival Hall Concert [Mary Lou Williams] 9
—— Review of New LP by Pianist Jack Sharon 9
Asman, James Bushkin on Record [Joe Bushkin] 10
27 February 1953  
—— NME Poll Results 3
—— Meet Mary Small 5
—— Jazz Battle, New Kenton Scores, Baker and Scott In [Ronnie Scott] 6
—— Dankworth's first date After Germany [Johnny Dankworth] 6
—— Leon Cortez in BBC series 6
Bentley, Jack Smooth Humph is surpries for Jekyll and Hyde Bentley [Humphrey Lyttleton, review, radio] 8
Butcher, Mike Rehearsal with an Audience [Ronnie Scott] 9
Perrin, Les The Keen Interest of Fans and Semi-Pros [Ronnie Scott] 9
Hall, Tony That 'No Name' Jazz Means Business [no name jazz musicians] 10
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