New Musical Express
5 March 1954
Butcher, Mike He made them into record stars [Mitch Miller, producer] 3
Bently, Jack Is this a New Era for the BBC? [radio] 4
—— More bands, more jazz on the air 7
—— Dutch, "Ronnie Ronalde" imposter gets four years [courtcase] 8
Butcher, Mike January Garber is here [American bandleader] 9
12 March 1954
Mitchell, Martino Ray Laine to air with show band [American/British combinationband] 6
19 March 1954
Calvert, Eddie Eddie Calvert back from the States. [US tour] 3
—— Watch Out for Some Madeira Music from Winifred Atwell 4
—— BBC Annouce Their New Dance Music Plans 6
26 March 1954
Butcher, Mike 7000 fans roar at NME Concert [Royal Albert show review] 3
—— Big British tour offer to Dick James 6
—— Nazis threaten British songwriter [Nazi underground movement threaten Jack Fishman] 8
—— It's the top of the tree for Tito [Tito Burns review] 9
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