New Musical Express
June 1954
4 June
Butcher, Mike Welcome to Lena Horne! 3
—— Modern Mood [Paul Quinichette, tenor sax] 4
—— Parks and Garrett, Martino, Whitfield, Atwell, Baker, Calvert, Ray Martin for New BBC [BBC programming] 6
Taylor, Laurie Billy Daniels to record here  
—— Harry Gold makes changes 9
Salmieri, Andy Joni is the girl for me [Joni James interview] 10
11 June
—— Lena Horne -- the artist supreme at Glasgow 6
Collins, Frank Police rush Dankworth from the wrong town [mix-up with saxophonist Johnny Dankworthy] 7
Kretzmer, Herbert South African jazz is crazy! [Johnny Dankworthy] 9
18 June
Butcher, Mike The great comeback of Frank Sinatra [Sinatra] 3
—— Lena Horne offered big part in Jelly-Roll Morton film life story 7
Salmieri, Andy Genius of the piano -- Dave Brubeck 8
Marshall, Jack The magic of Martin's music [Ray Martin] 10
25 June
Butcher, Mike Happy Anniversary to Nat King Cole 4
—— Ronnie Scott withdrawn from Sarah Vaughn European tour 7
Benson, Ivy Ivy Benson Tells Her Own Story [Middle Eastern tour] 3
—— David Hughes plans U.S. trip for indefinite period 6
—— Jimmy, Marion McPartland here till September 6
—— Preager introduces Nu-Di music [new directions in jazz] 8
Morgan, Rex He blew his way to the top [success story, Carl Barriteau] 9
Butcher, Mike The incomparable Bing! [Bing Crosby] 10
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