New Musical Express | 1955

  7 January 1955  
Shearing, George Shearing Speaks [British pianist talks about his upcoming tour of Europe and the past six years, ambition, evolution in U.S. jazz, experimentation, accordion, includes blurb about his life history] 3
n.a. BBC Dance Band Conscious at Last [Pressure of public opinion, Kenneth Adam, Jim Davidson, growing appreciation of dance music] 6
n.a. Stapleton Signs for Two Big Band Films [Cyril Stapleton interviewed, dance music will be on screen] 6
n.a. BBC Promoting Festival of Dance Music [Three concerts to be given, lists soloists, bands, and vocalists to perform] 7
n.a. Star Attractions Fixed for Great Poll-Winners' Concert [Details concert to be given at the Royal Albert Hall] 7
n.a. U.S. Record Price Changes Mean 78's Are On Way Out [78 records cost more and slower-speed records are cheaper in U.S., not yet in Britain] 7
n.a. Terrific U.S. Reaction to Ted Heath Airings [U.S. recognizes British jazz] 7
n.a. NME Poll Results [Lists the following top ten who received most votes: large band, small band, male vocalist, female vocalist, musician of the year, vibraphone, piano, trumpet, vocal group,alto sax, bass, clarinet, baritone sax, trombone, arranger, tenor sax, guitar, drums] 8-9
  14 January 1955  
n.a. Musician of the Year [Rise to fame of Eric Delaney, Big Band Orchestra, bio] 3
n.a. Tributes to Eric [Mrs. Delaney, Geraldo, Albert Hall, & Max Abrams salute Delaney] 3
Butcher, Mike Unknown Blues Singer Triumphs at Festival Hall [Debut of Ottilie Patterson] 5
n.a. Stapleton Acclaimed to Win Nat'l Radio Award [Interview with Cyril Stapleton about Show Band success on BBC 6
n.a. Ted Heath Refuses BBC Festival Concert [Stars and musicians protest BBC's failure to settle terms before announcing Festival of Dance Music line-up] 6-7
n.a. Ella Fitzgerald Sues for "Racial Discrimination" [$270,000 law suit against Pan American World Airways, Fitzgerald, Granz, Lewis, Henry in Honolulu] 9
Curtis, Andrew The Classical Violinist Who Became the Blond Bombshell of Boogie [Interview with Australian pianist Delores Ventura] 10
  21 January 1955  
Hughes, David Australia- the Land of "Popportunity"! [Pop singer Hughes talks about his season "down under"] 3
n.a. Heath Changes His Mind: Will Appear at BBC's Dance Music Festival [Heath says a "satisfactory agreement" has been reached] 6
n.a. Extra Poll-Winners' concert Fixed for Sunday Morning, Feb. 13th [Gives details of another concert inspired by large demand for tickets] 7
n.a. EMI Buys Capitol [Increased power of England in American recording industry, statements from EMI and Capitol] 7
Butcher, Mike Sarah Vaughan Makes a Commercial Hit [Singer's tune "Make Yourself Comfortable" succeeds in U.S. and Britain 9
Foster, Teddy Me and My Memories [Foster reflects on his exciting career playing trumpet, trombone and now as bandleader] 10
  28 January 1955  
Fitzgerald, Ella Greetings, Britain! [Ella writes about her return to Britain, accompanists, exchanges, and languages] 3
F.M. Geraldo and Delaney Concert [Review of Festival Hall performance] 5
n.a. U.S. Record Company Opening Here with Cut-Price Hit Discs [Record chief Manuel Kopelman talks about plan to establish in Britain] 6-7
n.a. Johnnie Ray Tour Here Now Definite: April Date Fixed [Details singer Ray's concerts in Britain] 7
n.a. Spotlight on the NME Poll-Winners [Ted Heath, Ronnie Scott, Dickie Valentine, Lita Roza, The Stargazers, Tommy Whittle, Vic Ash, Kenny Baker, Reg Owen, Ronny Verrell, Victor Feldman, Bill McGuffie, Bert Weedon] 8-9
Wedge, Pip The Girl from Belfast Has Made the Grade [Success story of vocalist Ruby Murray] 10
Aldrich, Ronnie A Whole Day Off [Leader Aldrich of the Squadronaires Dance Orchestra gives the account of a day in his life] 10
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