New Musical Express| August 1955

  5 August 1955  
Harvey, Frank. Curtain Up on London's Holiday Highlights [Stapleton, Clooney, Martino, Foster, Mitchell, Revellers] 3
Govey, Charles. Dorothy Squires Comes Back to a Triumph [Reviews British-born American singer] 3
Green, Benny. The Man Who Wrote in 1967! [Humor] 8
Butcher, Mike The Swing Trumpeter Who May Be Heard Here as a Singer [Reviews Chet Baker] 9
N/A The 'King of Hi-de-ho' Has Been at the Top for 25 Years! [Story of American Cab Calloway] 10
N/A You'll Soon Be Meeting The Crew Cuts in Person—So Meet Them First in this Article! [Bio of American vocal group] 10
  12 August 1955  
N/A Question-Time with the Stars [Al Martino answers readers' queries] 3
Green, Benny The Benny Report [Psychological survey of bandleaders, humor] 8
Govey, Charles Carmen Miranda Dies Suddenly [Obituary of Brazilian song and film star, interview with widower] 8
Butcher, Mike Frank's Great New Record Album [Reviews Sinatra's "Songs for young lovers" LP] 9
Burns, Jeff Delaney's Variety Show Is a Triumph [Reviews Empire, Sunderland show] 10
  19 August 1955  
N/A Eddie Arnold the Tennessee Ploughboy [Bio of American country western singer] 3
Green, Benny For Pete's Sake [Bio of band manager Pete King] 8
Hentoff, Nat How the 'Cannonball' Shot to the Top [Story of American alto-saxophone player Julian Adderley] 9
Govey, Charles Robert Earl Makes a Hit in Variety [Interview with singer Earl, review] 9
N/A Ten Years At The Top [Ted Heath] 10
  26 August 1955  
Butcher, Mike Farewell to the "Swing Sessions" [Reviews Heath show at Palladium] 3
Marshall, Jack Unsophisticated Ruby Makes a Hit! [Norman Wisdom and Ruby Murray in "Painting the Town"] 3
Butcher, Mike. The Swingy McGuire Sisters [Reviews U.S. vocal trio] 4
Green, Benny The Trouble with Artie Shaw [Reviews Shaw's book on jazz "The Trouble with Cinderella"] 8
Govey, Charles Basie, Brown—Terrific, Gillespie—Disappointing [Interview with Philips recording chief Johnny Franz] 9
Butcher, Mike Peggy Lee Triumphs in "Pete Kelly's Blues" [Reviews new jazz film] 10
Irving, Gordon Cab Calloway Opens His Variety Tour in Glasgow and Makes an Immediate hit with His New Act [Review] 10


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