New Musical Express | April 1956

  April 6  
Butcher, Mike The Pre-War Goodman Band [The Benny Goodman Band before the war] 2
Goodwin, Keith Kenton Casts His Spell Over London Again [Stan Kenton at the Royal Albert Hall concert] 3
anon. Hollywood's Howard Keel Opens in Style at Glasgow [Howard Keel in Glasgow] 3
anon. Dave, Joan Pack Palladium [Dave King, Joan Regan at the Palladium] 8
Paramor, Norrie Norrie Paramor Writes [Norrie Paramor's trip to the states] 10
  April 13  
Winner, Michael Music and Laughter in Max's First Film [Max Bygraves in 'Charley Moon'] 2
Whitman, Slim Your Own Queries Answered by Slim Whitman 3
Butcher, Mike Harry Goodman Looks in to See His Alligator 3
Watson, Jimmy Howard Keel 8
Butcher, Mike British Boys Shine in Kenton Band [Review of Stan Kenton Band at Royal Albert Hall concert] 10
Watson, Jimmy Welcome to Dorothy Dandridge 10
  April 20  
Sinatra, Frank Frank Sinatra Writes [Sinatra writes about trip to London] 3
Lyttelton, Humphrey Continental Trip [Jazz in Europe] 4
Green, Benny Our Columnist Plays with Kenton [NME writer plays with Stan Kenton Band] 8
Winner, Michael Carousel is the Greatest Filmmusical for Years [Review] 8
Harvey, Frank Dorothy Dandridge Disappoints [Dorothy Dandridge in London] 8
Govey, Charles Keel the Quiet Showman [Howard Keel at the Palladium] 9
Butcher, Mike;    
Watson, Jimmy Welcome to the Two Billies [Billy Daniels and Billy Eckstine] 10
  April 27  
Butcher, Mike The Sinatra Story 3
Watson, Jimmy "Mr. B" is Greater than Ever [About Billy Eckstine] 8
Heath, Ted Ted Heath Tells You [Ted Heath discusses US musical scene] 10
Goodwin, Keith Sinatra Directs [Sinatra in "Johnny Concho"] 10
Govey, Charles The All-Record Starbill is a Great Success [Variety bill] 12

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