New Musical Express | August 1956

August 3, 1956
Butcher, Mike Tormendous! [Mel Torme at Kilburn concert] 3
Butcher, Mike Tony Martin is Walking 'Hand in Hand' with a Hit [Interview with Tony Martin] 9
Donegan, Lonnie Lonnie Donegan Writes [Donegan writes about his 10 weeks in the US] 10
August 10, 1956
Geddes, Doug Sam-the Musical COSTAmonger [Sam Costa] 3
anon Heath and Lewis Bands at Torme Concerts [Ted Heath and Vic Lewis at Mel Torme concerts] 3
anon Three Kentones: Three Hits and a Miss! [The Ken-Tones] 4
Geddes, Doug Four Grads Have Everything [Review of The Four Grads vocal group] 8
Torme, Mel Mel Torme Writes [Torme writes about his most wonderful experience] 10
Butcher, Mike Colin Beaton—"Backroom" Pianist [Colin Beaton, Mel Torme's pianist] 10
August 17, 1956
Geddes, Doug Alma Warren, Dennis Hale Score in Variety [Alma Warren and Dennis Hale at Empress Theatre] 3
Green, Benny Meet the Court Jester [Cecil "Flash" Winston] 8
Geddes, Doug Ronnie Carrolled on TV-and a New Star was Born [Ronnie Carroll] 9
Goodwin, Keith Tormultuous Receptions for Fabulous Mel [Review of Stoll Theatre Concert; Torme, Heath, Lewis] 10
August 24, 1956
Martin, Tony Your Queries Answered by Tony Martin 3
Sonin, Ray Too Many Production Gimmicks in Ted Heath Show 3
Goodwin, Keith 21 Year-old Pat Boone is "Mr. Success" of the Record World [Life story of Pat Boone] 10
Austin, Dick The Four Lads [The Four Lads; Johnnie Ray] 10
August 31, 1956
Lyttelton, Humphrey Welcome to Sidney Bechet 3
Butcher, Mike Lonnie Donegan—"Hotter than a Furnace" [Review of Lonnie Donegan at Stoll Concert] 8
Geddes, Doug and
Mike Butcher
The Men Who Make the Filmmusicals Talk to the NME [interviews with Joe Pasternak, Arthur Hornblow] 10

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