New Musical Express | January 1958

No. 573 3 January 1958
(cover page) Photographs of: Elvis Presley, Frankie Vaughan, Doris Day, Lonnie Donegan, Harry Belafonte 1
N.A. Presley Fans Let Off Steam: A Survey of Readers' Letters in 1957 2
N.A. Bruce Carlton visits BBC Studios and suggests: Comedy not required, more rehearsal time, stop overcrowding shows 3
N.A. "Hit Parade" Heralds 1958 with a Great Galaxy of Top Stars 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews. Will 1958 Bring the Ballad Back?
Gordon Macrae: "Sayonara" (Capitol)
Frank Chacksfield: "Katzumie Theme" / "Silver Shoes of Samoa" (Decca)
The Beverly Sisters: "Long Black Nylons" / "Without You" (Decca)
Ray Ellington: "Long Black Nylons" / "Living Doll" (Columbia)
Mike Holliday: "The Story of My Life" / "Keep Your Heart" (Columbia)
Gary Miller: "The Story of My Life" / "Put a Light in the Window" (Nixa)
Alma Cogan: "The Story of My Life" / "Love Is" (HMV)
Don Lang: "6.5 Hand Jive" / "Ramshackle Daddy" (HMV)
Johnny Otis: "Bye Bye Baby" / "Good Golly" (Capitol)
Dennis Lotis: "Valentina" / "Good Mornin' Life" (Columbia)
King Brothers: "Put a Light in the Window" / "Miss Otis Regrets" (Parlophone)
Glen Mason: "I'm Alone Because I Love You" (Parlophone)
Ron Goodwin: "The River Kwai March" / "Laughing Sailor" (Parlophone)
N.A. LPs [reviews]
Pal Joey Soundtrack: Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Rita Hayworth (Capitol)
Just One of Those Things, Nat King Cole (Capitol)
Sammy Swings, Sammy Davis, Jr. (Brunswick)
Golden Strings, Florian Zabach (Mercury)
The Flying Platters, The Flying Platters
Annie Get Your Gun, Mary Martin, John Raitt (Capitol)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Mary's Boy Child," Harry Belafonte (RCA)
2. "Wake Up Little Suzie," Everly Brothers (London)
3. "My Special Angel," Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
4. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me," Johnny Otis Show/Marle Adams (Capitol)
5. "Great Balls of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Mary's Boy Child" (Bourne)
2. "Tammy" (Macmelodies)
3. "Alone" (Duchess)
4. "My Special Angel" (Yale)
5. "Diana" (Robert Mellin)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "April Love" / "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano," Pat Boone
2. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors
3. "Jailhouse Rock" / "Treat Me Nice," Elvis Presley
4. "Raunchy," Bill Justis
5. "You Send Me" / "Summertime," Sam Cooke
NME Best Selling Sheet Music ( U.S. )
1. "April Love"
2. "Around the World"
3. "All the Way"
4. "Fascination"
5. "Tammy"
N.A. NME Poll-Winners' All-Star Concert
Final Miller Band Dates Here: Lewis Confirmed for U.S.
Tony Bennett's Palladium TV
The Army Waits for Presley
  Directions say 8-10 items for EACH of the center pages  
N.A. New York 'Big Record' in March for Frankie Vaughan: Pet Clark, King Bros. on his Palace Bill
Ernie Henry Dead
Surprise Tommy Steele TV Date this Sunday
Donegan's Inspiring New Year Good Deed
Hentoff, Nat What Elvis can expect in the army 8
N.A. Pantomime Time: The last round-up of special NME reviews spotlighting famous vocal entertainers in holiday shows 8
Short, M.A. Lita Roza — with sister Alma co-starring [from Pantomime Time] 8
Wedge, Don Malcolm Vaughan — with Ken Earle at Wolverhampton [from Pantomime Time] 8
Govey, Charles Dave King as Buttons [from Pantomime Time] 8
Detheridge, Dennis Harry Secombe and Janie Marden [from Pantomime Time] 8
Freeman, Leslie Edna Savage & Lorna Desmond [from Pantomime Time] 8
N.A. From You to Us [letters from readers] 8
Goodwin, Keith Holly Branches out on Top 20 tree [Buddy Holly, "Peggy Sue"] 9
Goodwin, Keith Keith Goodwin on Jazz Records
Five Steps to Dankworth, Johnny Dankworth (Parlophone)
The Tony Kinsey Quintet (Decca)
The Jazz Couriers (Tempo)
The Gerry Mulligan Quartet (Vogue)
Hey, Charlie, Let's Play the Blues (Philips)
Trumpets All Out (London)
Johnson, Derek Lonnie Donegan trumps with the 'Jack o' Diamonds' 10
N.A. Classified Advertisements 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [gossip/opinion/celebrity information] 12
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No. 574 10 January 1958
(cover page) New Musical Express — Special Features in This Issue: Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sinatra, Malcolm Vaughan, Alma Cogan [Presley, Sinatra and Jerry Lee Lewis are also pictured on the cover. Other "big names" pictured on cover: Rita Hayworth, Kim Novak, The Everly Brothers, Petula Clark, Tommy Steele, Johnny Otis] 1
Alma Cogan "U.S. Rock Show Left Me Breathless," writes Alma Cogan After Her Trip to New York [audiences and other performers made Cogan "feel at home" performing in the U.S. ] 2
NME Information Bureau Radio Luxembourg : Full Programmes
Band Call
AFN Highlights
Derek Johnson Elvis Presley (may have to curtail his singing activities—but he won't starve in the Forces) Will the Army Harm His Career? [Presley cannot be forgotten/will he be forgotten?] 3
Bruce Charlton The Fans Will Love This 'Beast' in 'Jailhouse Rock' [Elvis Presley's Role in 'Jailhouse Rock'] 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Eydie Gorme [backed by The Don Costa Orchestra]: "Love Me Forever" / "Until They Sail" (HMV)
Dave King: "I Ain't Been Right Since You Left" / "The Story of My Life" (Decca)
Guy Mitchell: "C'mon Let's Go" / "The Unbeliever" (Philips)
Edmund "Ted" Hockridge, Ronnie Hilton: "I'll Buy You a Star," / "Love Letters" [Hockridge], "You Should Belong to Me" [Hilton] (Hockridge's label: Nixa, Hilton's label: HMV)
Lita Roza: "Ha! Ha! Ha!" / "Pretend You Don't See Him" (Nixa)
Kay Armen: "Ha! Ha! Ha!" / "Till" (Brunswick)
Dave King [backed by the Roland Shaw Orchestra]: "The Story of My Life" / "I'll Buy You a Star" (Decca)
The Hi-Lo's [with the Frank Comstock Orchestra: "Shine on Your Shoes" / "Pamela Throws a Party" (Philips)
Laurie London [with Geoff Love and Orchestra: "Handed Down" / "She Sells Sea Shells " (Parlophone)
Jerry Lewis: "Sad Sack" / "Shine on Your Shoes" (Brunswick)
Elvis Presley: "Jailhouse Rock" / "Treat Me Nice " (RCA)
Elvis Presley: "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone" / "How Do You Think I Feel " (HMV)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Great Balls of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis (London)
2. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me," Johnny Otis Show [with] Marie Adams and the Three Tones of Joy (Capitol)
3. "Wake Up Little Susie," The Everly Brothers (London)
4. "My Special Angel," Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
5. "All the Way," Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Alone" (Duchess)
2. "My Special Angel" (Yale)
3. "Mary's Boy Child" (Bourne)
4. "Tammy" (Macmelodies)
5. "Diana" (Robert Mellin)
6. "Wake Up Little Susie" (Acuff-Rose)
7. "I Love You Baby" (Sherwin)
8. "Forgotten Dreams" (Mills Music)
9. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" (Feldman)
10. "Kisses Sweeter than Wine" (F.D. & H.)
11. "April Love" (Robbins)
12. "Remember You're Mine" (Belinda)
13. "He's Got the Whole World In His Hands" (Sterling)
14. "Let Me Be Loved" (Frank)
15. "An Affair to Remember" (Feist)
16. "Be My Girl" (Sheldon)
17. "Puttin' on the Style" (Essex)
18. "That'll Be the Day" (Southern)
19. "Man On Fire" (Robbins)
20. "Island in the Sun" (Feldman)
21. "Love Letters In the Sand" (F.D. & H.)
22. "Gotta Have Something in the Bank, Frank" (Campbell Connelly)
23. "My Dixie Darling" (Southern)
24. "Around the World" (Sterling)
NME Jerry Lee Lewis Named for Palladium Fortnight and Concerts Here
Sunday Is the Great Day for PollWinners—And Their Fans!
Calvert's Tour of Italy Is Extended
Show XI in Charity Match [Soccer charity match]
Presley, Boone Film Dates Revealed
Russ Hamilton Reunion Star
Billy Cotton Has Five-Week Tour
Tony Bennett Telerecording
Variety Debut [Bill Kent—new Decca artist—makes his debut]
Worcester Dates Johnny Duncan [Johnny Duncan's performance dates at the Worcester Gaumont]
'Off the Record' Links London and Hamburg [Jack Payne interviews Leading German Recording Chief]
Longer Run for Whitfield Show
Sister in Spain [British dates for Sister Rosetta Tharpe, gospel singer, delayed due to success abroad]
More Stage Dates for '6.5' Shows
Gracie Joins Denny [Trumpeter Gracie Cole joins Denny Boyce Orchestra]
NME Heath Band, June Christie German Date [performers reunite for concert in Germany ]
Alma WILL Tango with an Eskimo—in Iceland
More American Pop Stars on Our TV: First British 'View' of Everlys Next Week?
Mario Lanza and David Whitfield to Star in Top TV Shows
Skiffle Contest Winners for '6.5 Special' Spots: Jim Dale Introduces Them Fortnightly [first winners are The Alley Cats and The Rebels]
NME Jimmy Lloyd in '6.5 Special' Pic
Three LPs for U.S. [The Londonaires, Annette Scott, Edie Thompson Trio and Quintet all to be LPs recorded by George Cooper for Vox]
Anne Shelton's BBC-TV Shows
Long Contract for '6.5' Don
Lewis Augments for U.S. and Ray Tours
Requests for Russ
Barber Band Going North
It's Saturday: It's Jackson! [TV show: "Jack Johnson Show" screened for first time]
Soldier Presley's Discs Won't Halt as Elvis Goes A-Marching
David Hughes with Mantovani
Composer Here [Composer Frank Loesser arrives in Britain]
Billie Goes East
Late Cable Round-Up
Welsh-West Stars on New ITV
Frankie Vaughan Waxed Sides for American Label
Sullivans in London [Mr. and Mrs. Ed Sullivan visit London]
Bruce Charlton (It's another big record hit for Malcolm Vaughan, but...) 'I Am Safer in a Double Act' [Vaughan's sense of loyalty to music partner Ken Earle] 8
Nat Hentoff The American View of Tommy Steele [American view(s) of various British artists as well as info on British artists working/performing with American artists] 8
Charles Govey (Charles Govey takes a look at the new No. 1 record star—and finds that) Jerry Lee Shakes His Way To the Top [how Jerry Lee Lewis becomes popular through his music and film role—specific songs such as "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and "Great Balls of Fire" are mentioned] 9
Derek Johnson Wee Willie On Stage [This week's show at the Metropolitan Edgware Road did not do well primarily because of the lack of variety between the musical acts] 9
n.a. From You to Us [readers' comments] 9
Derek Johnson Sinatra Triumphs in 'Pal Joey' Film 10
n.a. Joker Joey [Frank Sinatra's comments on "Pal Joey"] [*author not given, but seems to imply that Derek Johnson also wrote this.] 10
Nat Hentoff And He Hits Out at Racial 'Bigotry' [Sinatra doesn't "do" bigotry, racially or religiously. Examples given: (1)His love interest in newest film "Kings Go Forth" is a black woman; (2) he beat up two men bullying someone with anti-Semitic insults] 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [short announcements about various stars—British and American—in both the U.S. and the U.K. ] 12
Ray Coleman Leicester Liked '6.5 Special' on the Stage [the success of turning the "6.5 Special" into a stage show] 12
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No. 575 17 January 1958
(cover page) Stanley Dale's [Movie] "National Skiffle Show of 1958"
The Best Groups to be Included on a Parlophone Long Play Record for Release in April
Black, Jay Mantovani Wants to Break the Texas Sound Barrier [Orchestra conductor trying to gain a following with Texans. Recalls adventures on his previous American tours.] 2
NME Band Call
Radio Luxembourg Programme Schedule
Vocal Directory
Johnson, Derek They Put the Life into 'The Story of My Life' [Discusses the troubles of writing hit songs, but then having covers take all the credit.] 3
n.a. From You to Us 3
n.a. Singles Review
Johnnie Ray, "Miss Me Just a Little" (Philips)
Doris Day, "Whad'ja Put in That Kiss" / "The Man Who Invented Love" (Philips)
Frank Sinatra, "Witchcraft"/ "Tell Her You Love Her" (Capitol)
——, "I Could Write a Book" / "Nevertheless" (Fontana)
De John Sisters, "That's My Weakness Now" / "Absence Makes My Heart Go Wander"
Hi Los, "Pamela Throws a Party" (Philips)
Tony Osborne, "The Lights of Lisbon" / "The Lovely Ladies of Milano"
Eddie Calvert, "Holiday Night"/ "Free and Easy" (Columbia)
Nat "King" Cole, "Angel Smile"/ "Back in My Arms" (Capitol)
Maxine Daniels, "A Foggy Day"/ "The London I Love" (Oriole)
Russ Conway, "The Lantern Slide"/ "The Harry Lime Theme" (Columbia)
The Vipers, "No Other Baby"/ "Baby Why" (Parlophone)
Danny and the Juniors, "At the Hop"/ "Sometimes When I'm Alone" (HMV)
Johnny Nash, "A Very Special Love" (HMV)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Johnny Duncan (guitar), Denny Wright (guitar), Jack Fallon (bass), Lennie Hastings (drums), Danny Levan (violin), Sandy Brown (clarinet): Johnny Duncan's Tennessee Song Bag [Columbia]
Pat Dodd Trio: Pat Dodd (piano), George Fierstone (drums), Joe Muddel (bass): With These Hands [HMV]
The Vipers Skiffle Group (Johnny Martyn, Wally Whyton, Jean Van der Bosch): Coffee Bar Session
Lester Lanin: Dance To The Music [Fontana]
Max Jaffa (violin), The Bill Shepherd Chorus: Violin and Voices [Columbia]
George Melachrino and Orchestra: Famous Themes for Piano and Orchestra [HMV]
NME Top Thirty
1. "Great Balls of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis (London)
2. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me," Johnny Otis Show/Marie Adams (Capitol)
3. "All the Way," Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
4. "Oh Boy!," Crickets (Coral)
5. "My Special Angel," Michael Vaughan (HMV)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "My Special Angel" (Yale)
2. "Alone" (Duchess)
3. "Tammy" (Macmelodies)
4. "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" (F.D.&H.)
5. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" (Feldman)
n.a. Johnny Ray Leaves Hospital: European Tour Starts March 1
Fourth '6.5' Stage Show at Cinemas
Alma with Frankie on 'Big Record'?
Doris Day Plans Film Here in April
Paul Robeson Due in Spring?: Ella Fitzgerald Later
Weir for I.O.M.
Three New Names on Fontana
Harry and Winnie Together Again
Johnnie's Last "Freeman" to Wed
n.a. Jimmy Young Joins Columbia: HMV — Billy Cotton Deal Likely 6-7
n.a. Jean Carson to Film in Scotland
Mike and Shani with Sabrina
Ruby Murray Films 'Off Record' Spot
David Hughes in 'Chelsea at Nine'
'Southlanders' 'Rush' Record
Sensational Lonnie Donnegan 10,000 pounds Record Pact
Kayes, Robert Earl Added to New Show
First Summer Season for Teddy and Pearl
Goodwin, Keith Jazz [EP Reviews] 8
n.a. AFN Highlights 8
Goodwin, Keith Welcome, Glenn Miller Band 8
n.a. Frankie Vaughan Hopes for Six Months a Year in America 9
Hentoff, Nat Fats [Domino] Loves U.S. Too Much to Leave It 9
n.a. The Stars Receive Their NME Awards 10
Wynn, James Our Sixth Pollwinners' Concert Is Aptly Summed up by Two Tune Titles — Wonderful, Wonderful Affair to Remember! 10
n.a. Classified Ads 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
Warburton, Reg Russ Hamilton, "My Mother's Eyes I Don't Know Why" [Oriole] 12
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No. 577 31 January 1958
(cover page) 'Four Right in the Bullseye!'
Pictured: Winifred Atwell, The Four Jacks, The Southlanders, David Whitfield, Mantovani
N.A. Meet Jeremy, The College Boy Who Sings Like Sinatra 2
Derek Johnson Tommy Steele Is No Carbon Copy of Elvis Presley 2,3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Ronnie Hilton, "Magic Moments" (HMV)
The Troubadours, "The Flaming Rose" (London-American)
Jeremy Lubbock, "Catch a Falling Star" (Parlophone)
Louis Prima, "Buono Sera" (Capitol)
Glenn Miller, "So Sweet" (RCA)
Sandra Alfred, "Six Day Rock" (Oriole)
Jim Dale, "Don't Let Go" (Parlophone)
Humph Lyttelton, "Buono Sera" (Parlophone)
Ken Mackintosh, "Swingin' Shepherd Blues" (HMV)
Johnny Luck, "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz" (Fontana)
Sammy Salvo, "Oh Julie" (RCA)
Allen Evans Allen Evans on EPs
Pearl Bailey, Pearl Bailey (Fontana)
A Canadian in London, Edmund Hockridge (Nixa)
Lenny Hambro Quartet, Lenny Hambro Quartet (Fontana)
Lonnie Donnogan Hit Parade, Lonnie Donnegan (Nixa)
Here Are the Hi-Los, The Hi-Los (Phillips)
Harry James Favourites, Harry James (Fontana)
Woody Herman and Woodchoppers, Woody Herman and Woodchoppers (Fontana)
The Rhythm Section, Various (Fontana)
Frog Island Skiffle Group, Frog Island Skiffle Group (77 Records)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
3. "Oh Boy!," Crickets (Coral)
4. "All the Way," Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
5. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me," Johnny Otis Show / Mary Adams (Capitol)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "My Special Angel" (Yale)
2. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
3. "Kisses Sweeter than Wine" (F.D. & H.)
4. "All the Way" (Barton)
4. "April Love" (Robbins)
N.A. Lonnie Donnegan Set for Goon Comedy Film
Mantovani U.S. Sell Out
Fans Prefer Trad-Jazz
Lanza Film Opens in March
June Christy Here in April
Al Hibbler Pacted for Six Week Tour
Cotton Resumes Taping in April
Terry Dene Variety Plans Announced
Mantovani U.S. Sell-Out
Valentine's AR Series Now Set for June
N.A. New Company [Rainbow Records] Plans to Cut Disc Prices by Third 6,7
N.A. Tommy Steele May Be Britain's 'Mr. Wonderful
Record TV Return for David Whitfield
Paul Anka Return Confirmed: Also Film
Tommy Sands Arrives Soon
Comedy for Sinatra
Marty Wilde's 15-Week Tour
Beverley Sisters for Bournemouth
Shani Wallis Australian Offer Arrives
Liberace's Week of London Dates
Keith Goodwin On Jazz Records 8
Derek Johnson Joan Savage; Lending Her Lips to Other Voices 8
Jay Black The Four Jacks Bring a Jaunty Sea 'Air' to Discland 8
Nat Hentoff Cyril Ornadel Won 'Fair Lady' With Disc! 9
N.A. From You to Us 9
Keith Goodwin Focus on Skiffle [Is It Dying? No, but It's Changing] 10
N.A. The Story of Mike Holliday's Life 10
'The Alley Cat' Tail-Pieces 12
N.A. Will Como-tion Hurt Ronnie [Hilton]? 12
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