New Musical Express | February 1958

No. 578 7 February 1958  
(cover page) Ronnie Hilton Sings the Ballad of 1958!
Boone, Presley, Jerry Lewis, Crosby, Fats Domino
N.A. Don Ameche here for TV shows
Band Call
Who's Where
AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
Dick Simmons Bing Crosby says, 'It may not be true (that I've sold 130-million records) but it's nice to read!' 2/3
N.A. Pick of the Pops 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Petula Clark, "Baby Lover" / "Little Blue Moon" (Nixa)
David and Monty, "Cry My Heart" / "My One True Love" (Decca)
Perry Como, "Catch a Falling Star" /"Magic Moments" (RCA)
McGuire Sisters, "Sugartime" / "Banana Split" (Vogue-Coral)
Tony Brent, "The Clouds Will Soon Roll By" / "Don't Save Your Love" (Columbia)
Lorrae Desmond, "Two Ships" / "Little David" (n.a. label)
Four Jacks, "Prayer of Love" / "Hey Baby" (Decca)
The Imps, "Let Me Lie" / "Dim Dumb Blonde" (Parlophone)
The Mudlarks, "A New Love" / "Mutual Admiration Society" (Columbia)
The Diamonds, "The Stroll" / "Land of Beauty" (Mercury)
Jimmy Bowen, "Cross Over" / "It's Shameful" (Columbia)
Allen Evans LPs
I Love to Sing, Alma Cogan (HMV)
Best of Irving Berlin, Sara Vaughan and Billy Eckstine (Mercury)
Moonlight Becomes You, Alyan Ainsworth (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
3. "Oh Boy!," Crickets (Coral)
4. "All of the Way," Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
5. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors (HMV)
6. "Great Balls of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis (London)
7. "Love Me Forever," Marion Ryan (Pye-Nixa)
8. "Peggy Sue," Buddy Holly (Coral)
9. "April Love," Pat Boone (London)
10. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me," Johnny Otis Show/Marie Adams (Capitol)
11. "My Special Angel," Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
12. "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jimmie Rodgers (Columbia)
13. "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Frankie Vaughan (Philips)
14. "Bony Moronie," Larry Williams (London)
15. "You Are My Destiny," Paul Anka (Columbia)
16. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
17. "The Story of My Life," Gary Miller (Pye-Nixa)
18. "Reet-Petite," Jackie Wilson (Coral)
19. "Jailhouse Rock," (EP) Elvis Presley (RCA)
20. "Bye Bye, Baby," Johnny Otis Show/ Marie Adams (Capitol)
21. "Love Me Forever," Eydie Gorme (HMV)
22. "Raunchy," Bill Justis (London)
23. "Love Me Forever," Esquires (London)
24. "I Love You, Baby," Paul Anka (Columbia)
25. "The Story of My Life," Dave King (Decca)
26. "The Story of My Life," Alma Cogan (HMV)
26. "Raunchy," Ken Mackintosh (HMV)
26. "Witchcraft," Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
29. "I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone," Elvis Presley (HMV)
30. "Mandy," Eddie Calvert (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
2. "My Special Angel" (Yale)
3. "April Love" (Robbins)
4. "Love Me Forever" (Kassner)
5. "All the Way" (Barton)
6. "Kisses Sweeter than Wine" (F.D.& H.)
7. "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" (Feldman)
8. "Forgotten Dreams" (Milla Music)
9. "Jailhouse Rock" (Bellinda)
10. "Wake Up, Little Susie" (Acuff-Rose)
11. "Tammy" (Macmelodies)
12. "Alone" (Duchess)
12. "I Love You, Baby" (Sherwin)
14. "Oh Boy!" (Southern)
15. "Peggy Sue" (Southern)
16. "An Affair to Remember" (Felst)
17. "Diana" (Robert Mellin)
18. "Let Me Be Loved" (Frank)
19. "Put a Light in the Window" (Kassner)
20. "Chicago" (Feldman)
21. "Remember You're Mine" (Belinda)
22. "Mary's Boy Child" (Bourne)
23. "Long Before I Knew You" (Chappell)
24. "Great Balls of Fire" (Aberbach)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors
2. "Get a Job," Silhouettes
3. "Don't" / "I Beg of You," Elvis Presley
4. "Stood Up" / "Waitin' in School," Ricky Nelson
5. "Sail Along Silvery Moon," Billy Vaughn
6. "Peggy Sue," Buddy Holly
7. "Great Balls of Fire," Jerry Lee Lewis
8. "April Love," Pat Boone
9. "Sugartime," McGuire Sisters
10. "The Stroll," The Diamonds
11. "La Dea Dah," Billy & Lillie
12. "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jimmie Rodgers
13. "Oh Boy!" Crickets
14. "You Send Me," Sam Cooke
15. "Short Shorts," Royal Teens
16. "Silhouettes" / "Daddy Cool," The Rays
17. "Catch a Falling Star" / "Magic Moments," Perry Como
18. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley
19. "Raunchy," Bill Justis
20. "Buzz, Buzz, Buzz," Hollywood Flames
N.A. Jim Dale will star in skiffle film
Mario Lanza Tours Again
Crickets, Buddy Holly Dates Revealed
Presley, Steele Donate Gifts
Vaughan church soloist
Duncan-Southlanders Head Variety Bill
Eddie Calvert to have group
Miller Band for Europe, then U.S.
Derek Johnson Review of "Disc Jockey Jamboree" [starring Fats Domino, Charlie Gracie, Jimmy Bowen, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, among others] 7
Derek Johnson Jerry Lee 'fires' fans!
Charlie won us over
Domino Has Quality
Derek Johnson Slim revives oldies [Slim Whitman attains stardom on songs written three decades ago]
A change of label [The Four Coins join Fontana]
Born with a guitar [Carl Perkins says he can't remember a time when he did not play some form of guitar]
N.A. Timing meant everything [producer Max J. Rosenberg on Disc Jockey Jamboree]
Join The Ladies [various female singers new to show business, also mention a veteran singer]
First time millions [stories of Jimmy Bowen and Buddy Knox]
N.A. Jerry Lee Lewis, Danny and Juniors, Guy Mitchell Sought for Britain
Sands has TV, stage offers
Gary Crosby will be discharged in Europe
Radio Festival Has 'The Lot'
Hilltoppers returning
Wilde in '6.5' and Jackson Shows on the same night
Bolger for Sunday TV
Hilton Plans LP
Charles Govey Hurrah for the great achievement of Ken Mackintosh 12
Keith Goodwin You Love Brubeck's Music or You Can't Stand It 12
N.A. Steve Allen Will See Scotland First of All
Spotlight on...Jimmie Rodgers
Keith Goodwin Recorded Jazz 13
Keith Goodwin Cliff Adams has three major singing groups but he'll only sing with one 14
NME From Us to You 14
"The Alley Cat" Tail-Pieces 16
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No. 579 14 February 1958  
(cover page) Tommy Steele Speaks
This Week's Top Ten
Paul Anka: His Latest and Greatest You Are My Destiny
From the American Hit Parade: Hey! Little Girl
Johnson, Derek They're Both Battling for 'Magic Moments': Perry Como and Ronnie Hilton 2
NME Gary Miller's Life-lines 3
NME Radio Luxembourg
AFN Highlights
Goodwin, Keith Brubeck's Drummer Steals the Show 4
Fordyce, Keith Single Reviews:
Colin Hicks: "La Dee Dah" / "Wasteland" [Nixa]
Eartha Kitt: "Take My Love" / "Proceed with Caution" [RCA]
Andrews Sisters: "Melancholy Moon" / "One Mistake" [Capitol]
Edwards, Harris: "Love Bug Crawl" / "Honey Lovin'" [Decca]
Teresa Brewer: "Mutual Admiration Society" / "Careless Caresses" [Vogue-Coral]
Frankie Vaughan: "Can't Get Along without You" / "We Are Not Alone" [Phillips]
Lonnie Statton: "Ring around the Moon" [Capitol]
Lucille Map: "Lady at the Wheel" / "Love is" [Columbia]
Dorothy Squires: "Bewitched" / "A Secret That's Never Been Told" [Columbia]
Rudy Murray: "Keep Smiling at Trouble" / "Softly, Softly" [Columbia]
Johnny Gregory: "Deep Velvet Rose" / "Venice" [Nixa]
Terry Wayne: "Forgive Me" / "All Momma's Children" [N/A]
Geoff Love: "Wherever You Are?" / "A Story of Ireland " [Columbia]
Nelson Riddle: "The Girl Most Likely" [Capitol]
NME Top Thirty
1. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
2. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
3. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
4. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors (HMV)
5. "Oh Boy!" Crickets (Coral)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
2. "April Love" (Robbins)
3. "Love me Forever" (Kassner)
4. "All the Way" (Barton)
5. "My Special Angel" (Yale)
EMI Top Hits
Alma Cogan, "Sugar Time" [HMV]
Danny and the Juniors, "At the Hop" [HMV]
Lorrae Desmond, "Two Ships" [Parlophone]
Ron Goodwin, "Colonial Bogey and the River Kawi March" [Parlophone]
Ken Mackintosh, "Raunchy" [HMV]
Dorothy Squires, "A Secret That's Never Been Told" [Columbia]
Announcements Jerry Lee Lewis Tour Confirmed
Frankie Vaughan in Top Sunday TV
Alma Melts Iceland
Where You can See Paul Anka
More Show Band on Television
Cotton's First for EMI
Deaths of Famous Composers and Talent Chief
Ray Martin Here for LP
Winnie in air drama
  Two Tele-shows for Holly, Crickets
BBC to Fly US Singer to Britain
Johnny Otis Package Plans April Debut Here!
To aid United
Next Week: The NME Presents Tommy Steele's Other Life!
Pat Boone's Next
Kings' Tour
Ruby Murray's TV
Second Film for Ross Hamilton?
Hentoff, Nat Johnnie Ray's Pitch Truer since ear operation 8
NME From You to Us 8
  Tommy Steele personally replies to this... 9
Grovey, Charles The Beat Is Big! 9
Goodwin, Keith Jazz 9
NME LP of the Week: Tony Osborne, "Lovers in the Dark" [HMV] 9
N/A Lock all the doors! Bar all the windows! Wee Willie Harris confesses everything in... 10
NME Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
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No. 580 21 February 1958  
Cover Johnnie Ray; Guy Mitchell and Johnny Otis 1
N/A A First Time Hello's never too late - or too early - to get into the charts! 2
NME Band Call
Who's Where
Radio Luxembourg
Long Career
Sax Success
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Marvin Rainwater: "Whole Lotta Woman" / "Baby Don't Go" (MGM)
The Techniques: "Hey Little Girl" / "In a Round About Way" (Columbia)
The Silhouettes: "Get a Job" / "I Am Lonely" (Parlophone)
Little Johnny and the Three Teenagers: "Baby Lover" / "Rickety Rackety Rendezvous" (Decca)
The Shepard Sisters: "Alone" / "The Best Thing There Is Is Love" (Mercury)
Al Saxon: "Dream Boy" / "You All You" (Fontana)
Tommy Sands: "Sing Boy Sing" / "Crazy 'Cause I Love You" (Capitol)
Johnny Duncan: "If You Love Me Baby" / "Goodnight Irene" (Columbia)
N/A Tommy Sands, "Sing Boy Sing" (Capitol) 3
N/A Monty Is David's Lucky Charm
'Sugartime' Gals Score Sweet Sale
N/A Johnny Duncan, "If You Love Me Baby" (Columbia) 3
N/A Meet Pat's brother
Pick of the Pops
NME Top Thirty
1. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
2. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
3. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors (HMV)
5. "Oh Boy," Crickets (Coral)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "The Story of My Life" (Bierling)
2. "Magic Moments" (Chapelli)
3. "Love Me Forever" (Rassner)
4. "April Love" (Robbins)
5. "All the Way" (Barton)
N/A Frankie Vaughn Voted Showland's Top Personality
Billie Holiday Follows June Christy at Festival Hall
Dickie's Co-Star Is Jill Day
Scot's Pop on TV
Lanza Hopes to Resume Tour Here on March 4
Dankworth on Palladium TV
N/A Liberace to Open Palladium 58 Variety Season
Johnny Otis Show Rocks in on April 6
Steele to Appear in Television - Not in Person
McGuire Sisters' Shock For London Agent
Hicks Takes Over For Terry Dene at Glouchester
Alma Cogan's New Market
6 & 7
Guy Mitchell Tommy Steele's Other Life is Spent in His Caravan of Dreams 8
Allen Evans LPs:
Day in Hollywood, Doris Day (Phillips)
The Fabulous Jimmy Dorsey, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra (HMV)
The Wonderful Waltz, Norrie Paramour & Orchestra (Columbia)
Hit Parade of 1957, Petula Clark
Ol' Rockin' Ern, Ernie Ford (Capitol)
N/A Exclusive!: Michael Holliday tells you what happens when you top the Hit Parade 10
Keith Goodwin Jazz Records 10
Nat Hentoff Sam's Salary Soars 10
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
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No. 581 28 February 1958  
(cover page) It's a Smash Hit! Alma Cogan's Recording of "Sugartime" 1
n.a. The Life-lines of Frank Sinatra 2
n.a. The biggest 'Hit Paraders' are in town together! [Pat Boone, Tommy Sands] 2
n.a. Vocal Directory [The Keynotes, Alma Cogan, Billie Anthony, Nancy Whiskey, The Stargazers, David Whitfield, Joan Regan] 2
n.a. Who's Where [One-Night Stands, Band Call, Radio Luxembourg , AFN Highlights] 2
Johnson, Derek They have been touring the country together... now they arrive here for separate tours of U.K. [Paul Anka and Buddy Holly and The Crickets] 2-3
n.a. Stardiscs from Philips
Marty Wilde, "Oh-Oh, I'm Falling In Love Again"/"Sing Boys, Sing"
Doris Day, "A Very Precious Love"/"Teacher's Pet"
Frankie Vaughan, "We're Not Alone"/"Can't Get Along without You"
Jimmy Lloyd, "The Prince of Players"/"Ever Since I Met Lucy"
Guy Mitchell, "Wonderin' and Worryin'"/"If Ya Don't Like It Don't Knock It" Ronnie Carroll, "To Be Loved"/"You're the Greatest"
n.a. Big Beat Boys Launch New Attack 4
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews
Elvis Presley: "Don't" / "I Beg of You" (RCA)
Tommy Steele: "Nairobi" / "Neon Lights" (Decca)
Jimmie Rodgers: "Oh-Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again" / "The Long Hot Summer (Columbia)
Johnny Otis Show: "All I Want Is Your Love" / "The Light Still Shines in My Window (Capitol)
Marion Ryan: "Oh-Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again" / "Always and Forever" (Nixa)
Laurie London: "Boomerang" / "The Gospel Train" (Parlophone)
Jackie Dennis: "La Dee Dah" / "You're the Greatest" (Decca)
Bonnie Lou and Rusty York: "La Dee Dah" / "Let the School Bell Ring" (Parlophone)
Larry Page: "This Is My Life" / "Under Control" (Columbia)
The Royal Teens: "Short Shorts" / "Planet Rock" (HMV)
The Four Winds: "Short Shorts" / "Five Minutes More" (London American)
Little Richard:"Good Golly Miss Molly" / "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey" (London-American)
NME Pops Page
Teddy and Pearl: "Never Let Me Go" (Nixa)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Louis Prima, The Wildest Show at Tahoe
Les Paul, Margaret Whiting, and more, All-Time Favourites (Capitol)
Cleo Laine, She's the Tops!, (MGM)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
3. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "At the Hop," Danny & The Juniors (HMV)
5. "Love Me Forever," Marion Ryan (Pye-Nixa)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Don't" / "I Beg of You," Elvis Presley
2. "Get a Job," Silhouettes
3. "Catch a Falling Star" / "Magic Moments," Perry Como
4. "At the Hop," Danny & The Juniors
5. "Sail Along Silvery Moon" / "Raunchy," Billy Vaughn
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
2. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
3. "April Love" (Robbins)
4. "Love Me Forever" (Kassner)
5. "All the Way" (Barton)
n.a. Johnnie Ray Paladium's Third Variety Headliner? [Almost certain to sign for fortnight]
How low can you fly? [Tommy Steele's visit to South Africa after Munich air tragedy]
Report on Johnnie's Hearing
Paul Anka for '6.5'? [TV appearance on "6.5 Special"]
TV Series for Vera Lynn
Sister Rosetta Dates Planned [Ten dates were announced for gospel singer Sister Rosetta Tharpe; she is starting her second British tour]
New Job for Waldman [Ronnie Waldman from BBC-TV's Light Entertainment has been appointed TV Business Manager]
Snow joke for Holiday [Michael Holliday returned from his winter sports holiday]
n.a. Stapleton, Hilton in lavish summer show 6-7
n.a. Tommy Steele: radio series and film deal
Ella Fitzgerald: JATP Tour Dates
See Dots on BBC-TV [The Polka Dots]
Glasgow fans shower Alma with sugar lumps!
Jack Payne radio show promoted to peak hour
Spring Radio Plans for Bands [Extensions of series by several bands]
Pip booked for 'Top Numbers' [Pip Hinton has been booked for ABC-TV's "Top Numbers"]
Another disc session in U.S. for Vaughn [Frankie Vaughn will record for American Columbia]
Marks, Stan and Keith Goodwin Shirley Bassey — Britain 's foremost international singing star, declares... 'I want my own Welsh folk to judge me' 8
Hentoff, Nat Harry gets his Gold Disc [Harry Belafonte] 8
n.a. March Releases from Oriole [Russ Hamilton, Nancy Whiskey and her Skifflers, Clinton Ford, Donald Peers, Jack Warner & Tommy Reilly, Rosanne June, Clinton Ford and the Hallelujah Skiffle Group] 8
Marshall, Valerie Fans Rally to the Rescue of Wee Willie Harris 9
n.a. A Star Johnny Mathis Speaks 9
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records [Dave Brubeck Quartet, Johnny Hodges, Bill Harris] 9
n.a. Lonnie Donegan 'King of Skiffle' recommends professional Italian guitar 9
n.a. Showbill [The Johnny Otis Show, Tommy Sands, Gene Vincent, Frank Sinatra] 9
n.a. The Broadway 'Kat' Kit [Skiffle and Rock drummers] 9
Johnson, Derek The '6.5 Special' is all steamed up for another year's run [TV show '6.5'] 10
n.a. World Exclusive! A sensational magazine Now on Sale! The Paul Anka Story 10
n.a. Advertisements
Agents Directory
Brochure of guitars, amplifiers, accessories, banjos
Announcing the MARCH issue of HIT PARADE
Fan Clubs
Musical Services
Musicians Wanted
Bands Wanted
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [Film song rivalry] 12
n.a. 'Why I'm glad to be a Boone fan' by Elvis Presley in MARCH 'HIT PARADE' 12
D.J. Winnie goes from Classics to Pop 12
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