New Musical Express | April 1958

No. 586 4 April 1958  
(cover page) Ted Heath ("Swingin' Shepherd Blues" now No.10 on the charts) (pictured)
Charlie Gracie(returnign to Britain for a five night variety tour) (pictured)
Liberace(returnign to London for a show at the London Palladium) (pictured)
Pat Boone ("A Wonderful Time Up There" No. 16 on the charts) (pictured)
Eddie Calvert ("Mandy" No. 9 on the charts)
Tommy Steele (release of new movie "The Duke Wore Jeans")
Derek Johnson Pat Boone Rocked His Way to Ballad Fame! 2-3
Bruce Charlton Liberace's Sunshine Is Sure Fire! 3
N/A I Go for Tommy Steele's 'Princess' 4
Maurice Kinn The Thrills of the Academy Awards 8
Nat Hentoff Paul Anka phoned Frankie [Vaughan] First Thing on His Arrival Home 9
Bruce Charlton Charlie Grace Likes Our Bank Holidays! 10
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Eve Boswell: "Love Me Again" (Parlophone)
Tony Brent: "The Clouds will Soon Roll by" (Columbia)
Ronnie Hilton: "I may Never Pass this Way Again" (HMV)
Valerie Carr: "You're the Greatest" (Columbia)
Don Lang: "Tequila" (HMV)
Boyd Bennett and His Rockets: "Click Clack" (Parlophone) Dennis Lotis: "Gretna Green" (Columbia) Pat Boone: "A Wonderful Time Up There" (London) Vera Lynn and Edna Savage: "My Shining Star" (Decca) (Parlophone) Micheal Holliday, Ames Brothers, and Billy Kent: "In Love" (Columbia) (RCA) (Decca) Geoff Love and Matt Monroe: "The Story of Ireland " (Columbia) (Fontana) Ted Heath: "Swingin' Shepherd Blues" (Decca) The Chordettes: "Lollipop"(London) The Five Dallas Boys: "26 Miles" (Columbia) The Twin Tones: "Jo-Ann" (RCA) Eddie Calvert: "Little Serenade" (Columbia) Frankie Laine: "Annabell Lees" / "Shine," (Philips) Jimmy Jackson: "Photographs" (Columbia) Tommy Steele: "Princess" / "Happy Guitar," (Decca)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "Whole Lotta Woman," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
3. "Nairobi," Tommy Steele (Decca)
4. "Don't," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Maybe Baby," Crickets (Coral)
6. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday(Columbia)
7. "La Dee Dah," Jackie Dennis (Decca)
8. "At the Hop," Danny and The Juniors (HMV)
9. "Mandy," Eddie Calvert (Columbia)
10. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," Ted Heath (Decca)
11(10). "Tequila," The Champs (London)
12. "Catch a Falling Star," Perry Como (RCA)
13. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
14. "Good Golly, Miss Molly," Little Richard (London)
15. "Baby Lover," Petula Clark (Pye-Nixa)
16. "A Wonderful Time Up there," Pat Boone (London)
17. "To Be Loved," Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
18. "You are My Destiny," Paul Anka (Columbia)
19. "April Love," Pat Boone (London)
20. "Oh-Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again," Jimmie Rodgers (Columbia)
21. "Sugartime," Alma Cogan (HMV)
22. "Who's Story Now," Performer (Philips)
23. "Can't Get Along without You/ We are not Alone," Frankie Vaughan (Philips)
24. "To Be loved," Jackie Wilson (Coral)
25. "The Big Beat," Fats Domino (London)
27. "Love Me Forever," Marion Ryan (Pye-Nixa)
26. "All the Way," Frank Sinatra (Capitol)
28. "Why Don't They Understand," George Hamilton IV (HMV)
29. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," Moe Koffman (London)
30. "Oh Boy," Crickets (Coral)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
2. "Catch a Falling Star" (Feidman)
3. "Sugartime" (Southern)
4. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
5. "April Love" (Robbins)
6. "Love Me Forever," (Kassner)
7. "Nairobi," (Leeds)
8. "Mandy (Pansy)," (World Wide)
9. "At the Hop," (Bron)
10. "All the Way," (Barton)
  LP Reviews- "4 Brilliant L.P.'s"
Jim Dale, Jim, (Parlophone)
Six-Five Special, (Parlophone)
The Ray Charles Singers, Here's to My Lady, (MGM)
Dixicats featuring Dixieland All, Stars, (Columbia)
  Jerry Lee Lewis Dayes for 37- Day Tour Here, [Starts in London on May 24 and ends in Guildford Odeon on June 29]
Clooney to Wax on New Lable [Rosemary Clooney is leaving Columbia label aftre 7 years for a potential contract with Capitol]
Frankie Vaughan's U.S. TV Sensational [Frankie appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show next to the likes of Jane Morgan, Della Reese, and George Shearing. Praise from Sullivan boasted a sensational performance.]
Tribute to Jazz Pioneer W. C. Handy [Famed American jazz legend died last Friday in New York. A film of his life starring Nat Cole is expected for release mid month]
Play will end Partnership [After a few weeks of marriage Johnny Dankworth (band leader) and his long time professional partner Cleo Laine (singer) are calling an end to their career together.]
  Boone, Gracie (and Wives) Flying together [Pat Boone and Charlie Gracie are expected to land in London on Good Friday, adding to the parade of Top American stars coming to London.]
Rainwater Opens at London Coliseum, [Marvin Rainwater starts tour with a concert in the London Cloiseum on April 20th]
Russ, Tommy given Novello Song Awards. [Lionel Bart and Toomy Pratt, co- writers with Tommy Steele and Russ Hamilton were awarded with top honours at the Ivor Novello awards.]
Granada One Night Stands [Lonnie Donnegan and his Skiffle Group Touring April 14-19 from Kettering to Slough)
  Harold Davison presents Jazz at the Philharmonic Sunday 11th May at 6 and 8:30[featuring Ella Fitzgerald and The Oscar Trio] John Coast presents Mario Lanza at the Royal Albert Hall Sunday April 27 at 3 8
  The Paul Anka Story now available in Sensational Magazine Arthur Howes' One Night Stand [featuring Johnnie Ray, Ken Mackintosh and his Orchestra] Brighten Dome Sat. April 5th [Terry Dene, Laurie London, anf Big Show] 3
  Janet Davido, Spring 2010  
No. 587 11 April 1958  
(cover page) Frankie & Sarah Vaughan
Marvin Rainwater
Anne Shelton's "The Girl He Left Behind"
Now No. 6! Swinging Shepherd Blues
Extra! Extra! Four-Page "6.5 Special' Film Supplement
Vaughn, Frankie ' America is beginning to accept British singers' 2
n.a. Who's Where
Band Call
AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
Evans, Allen Marvin's a Whole Lotta Man!  
Mathias, Johnny A Star Speaks  
Advertisement Stardiscs
Johnnie Ray, "Strollin' Girl" / "Plant a Little Seed"
Doris Day, "A Very Precious Love" / "Teacher's Pet"
Frankie Vaughn, "We're Not Alone" / "Can't Get Along without You"
Kay Sisters, "Are You Ready?" / "The Pansy"
Robert Earl, "I May Never Pass This Way Again" / "Someone"
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Don Lang and his Frantic Five, Hand Jive or Wave Rave (Label)
Frankie Lymon, Frankie Lymon in London (Label)
Ken Maekintosh and his Orchestra, One Night Stand (Label)
David Carol, Percussion in HI-FI (Label)
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review: Pops Page
Ernie Ford, "Bless Your Pea Pickin' Heart" / "Down Deep" (Capitol)
Jerry Lee Lewis, "Breathless" (London American)
Dicky Doo, "Click Clack" / "Did You Cry"
Andy Williams, "Are You Sincere"/ "Be Mine Tonight"(London American)
Lonnie Donegan, "Nobody Loves Like an Irishman" / "Grand Coolie Dam"(Nixa)
Dickie Valentine, "Love Me Again" / " King of Dixieland"
Anne Shelton, "Lay Down Your Arms"(Phillips)
Max Bygraves, "Tullips from Amsterdam"(Decca)
Liza Noble, "Maggie! Yes Ma!" (Decca)
Mario Lanza, "Never Till Now" (Decca)
Jeremy Lubbock, " Tonight" / "Lemon Twist" (Parlophone)
EMI Top Hits
Paul Anka, "Crazy Love"(Columbia)
Jim Dale, " Tread Softly Stranger"(Parlophone)
Chuck and Gary, " Teenie Weenie Jeanie"(H.M.V)
Glen Mason, " I May Never Pass This Way Again"(Parlophone)
The Mudlarks, "Lollipop"(Columbia)
The Fabulous Swingtones, "You Know Baby"(H.M.V)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "Whole Lotta Woman," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
3. "Nairobi," Tommy Steele (Decca)
4. "La Dee Dah," Jackie Dennis (Decca)
5. "Maybe Baby," Crickets (Coral)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
2. "Catch a Falling Star" (Feldman)
3. "Sugartime" (Southern)
4. "The Story of My Life" (Publisher)
5. "April Love" (Robbins)
n.a. Advertisement
Slim Whitman, "A Very Precious Love"
Chuck Berry, "Sweet Little Sixteen"
n.a. Pat Boone Wants to Return for Month in Late Summer
Tommy Sands to co-star with him in next film.
Ellington Tour Discussions
Newcomer booked for South Africa
100th 'Cool for Cats' may have 50 stars
Tommy Steele Adds Kentones, Dancers to Stage Act
Valentine with Gracie
Millions get Marion, Jimmy, Alma This Year
Johnson, Derek 'Six-Five Special' Film Supplement
The Screen '6.5' has accent on Youth
n.a. The Stars You'll See [Dickie Valentine, Jo Douglas, Lonnie Donegan, Diane Todd, Jim Dale, Petula Clark, Don Lang] 8
n.a. In '6.5 Special' Film: John Barry, Lloyd Soverall, Russ Hamilton, Jackie Dennis, King Bros., Dankworth Lane, Kentones, Joan Regan, Pete Murray 9
Decca The Three Big Records from the Film Six-Five Special
Jackie Dennis, "Le dee dah"
Diane Todd, "It's a Wonderful Thing to Be Loved" / "You Are My Favorite Dream"
Dickie Valentine, "King of Dixieland"
Johnson, Derek Exciting ride, Pullman Class! [Film Review] 10
Don Wedge Herbert Smith, the producer, tells how the film was made: Preparation, Quick Trip, Fast Work 10
Hentoff, Nat U.S. asks London to come back in June [Laurie London] 11
n.a. One-nighter tour offers to Frankie Vaughn
Three Major U.S. Recording Stars Plan Visits Here
Donegan goes Chelsea; Plugs Soft Drinks
Rainwater to Stay an Extra Week
No U.S. Tour for Barber
Hi-Los Postpone a Visit Here
Lanza Fans at Film Premiere
Govey, Charles Pat Brings Spring to Bermondsey [Pat Boone] 12
Johns, Malcolm Unusual 'Ma'! 12
Goodwin, Keith More June Wanted [June Christy] 12
Harrison, George Gracie's Guitar Stops the Show [Charlie Gracie] 12
Gordon, Ken Liberace Guys Himself 12
Goodwin, Keith JAZZ 12
n.a Elvis Liking Army Food!
Bing Explains Perry's Success
From You to Us [column]
The Life-lines of Malcolm Vaughn [Bio]
Kinn, Maurice On the American Music Scene 14
Goodwin, Keith Sarah Vaughn Won't 'Go Commercial' 14
  Chris DeJohn, Spring 2010  
No. 588 18 April 1959  
Cover Close-Cropped Elvis
A Very Happy Tommy
Presentation to Pat
The Carriers "Lonesome Traveller"
EXTRA! A Tribute to Frankie Vaughan
The Duke Wore Jeans, Tommy Steele's new film.
A Truly Great Record! "The Girl He Left Behind"
Dane Marlowe Marriage for Soldier Presley? 2
Derek Johnson Mr. Magic Moment's Sex Appeal! And a few other facts of Como Life 3
Peggy Walsh Wonderful Johnnie! 3
N/A The Four Gitsom Sisters will now be known as... The Four Gibson Girls 3
N/A Singles Review
Paul Anka: "Crazy Love" / "Let the Bells Keep Ringing" (Columbia)
Vic Damone: "On the Street Where You Live" / "Arrivederci Roma" (Philips)
Charlie Gracie: "Crazy Girl/Dressin' Up" (London American)
Bing & Bob: "Nothing in Common" / "Paris Holiday" (London American)
Jim Dale: "Tread Softly, Stranger" / "Jane Belinda" (Parlophone)
Liberace: "Kiss Me Again" / "A Kiss in the Dark" (Philips)
Matt Monro: "Another Time, Another Place" / "The Story of Ireland" (Fontana)
Clyde Ray: "Locked in the Arms of Love" / "I'm Not Afraid Anymore" (Columbia)
Barry Johns: "Locked in the Arms of Love" / "Are You Sincere" (HMV)
Malcolm Johns Doris Only Sings Once 4
N/A Lyrics Too American? [What songs?] 4
NME Music Charts
1. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
2. "Whole Lotta Woman," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
3. Swingin' Shepherd Blues," Ted Heath (Decca)
4. "Maybe Baby," Crickets (Coral)
5. "Nairobi," Tommy Steele (Decca)
6. "Tequila," The Champs (London)
7. "A Wonderful Time Up There," Pat Boone (London)
8. "La Dee Dah," Jackie Dennis (Decca)
9. "Who's Sorry Now," Connie Francis (MGM)
10. "It's Too Soon to Know," Pat Boone (London)
11. "Don't," Elvis Presley (RCA)
12. "Breathless," Jerry Lee Lewis (London)
13. "Mandy," Eddie Colvert (Columbia)
14. "Catch a Falling Star," Perry Como (RCA)
15. "The Story of My Life," Michael Holliday (Columbia)
16. "April Love," Pat Noons (London)
17. "To Be Loved," Malcolm Vaughan (HMV)
18. "Oh-Oh I'm Falling in Love Again," Jimmie Rodgers (Columbia)
19. "Good Golly Miss Molly," (Little Richard (London)
20. "Jailhouse Rock," Elvis Presley (RCA)
21. "At the Hop," Danny and the Juniors (HMV)
22. "Grand Coolie Dam," Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nixa)
23. "Lollipop," Chordettes (London)
24. "The Big Beat," Fats Domino (London)
25. "Why Don't They Understand," George Hamilton IV (HMV)
26. "You Are My Destiny," Paul Anka (Columbia)
27. "Sugartime," Alma Cogan (HMV)
28. "Tequila," Ted Heath (Decca)
29. "To Be Loved," Jackie Wilson (Coral)
30. "I May Never Pass This Way Again," Ronnie Hilton (HMV)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
2. "April Love" (Robbins)
3. "Catch a Falling Star" (Feldman)
4. "Sugartime" (Southern)
5. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chappell)
6. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues" (Sherwin)
7. "The Story of My Life" (Sterling)
8. "Mandy" (World Wide)
9. "Nairobi" (Leeda)
10. "To Be Loved" (Duchess)
11. "Love Me Forever"
12. "Oh-Oh I'm Falling in Love Again" (Sterling)
13. "All the Way" (Berton)
14. "Raunchy" (Aberbach)
15. "At the Hop" (Bron)
16. "Forgotten Dreams" (Mills Music)
17. "Whole Lotta Woman" (Sheldon)
18. "Why Don't They Understand" (Henderson)
19. "You Are My Destiny" (Robert Mellin)
20. "Maybe Baby" (Southern)
21. "La Dee Dah" (Cromwell)
22. "Tequila" (Challenge)
23. "Don't" (Belinda)
24. "Jailhouse Rock" (Belinda)
Nat Hentoff Guy Mitchell Plans Return Next Month [Mindy Carson will accompany him again] 6
N/A Marion Ryan in 'Loverly' 3-D Sound by June
Elvis Presley's 16th Million!
Ted Heath Booked for International Event
6.5 on Move For Summer
  Requirements say 8-10 entries for EACH center page.  
N/A Laurie London No. 1 in the States!
Alma Cogan Is Morecambe's Star
Howard Keel Back for TV and Film
Four Dates for Frankie Vaughan
Don Wedge Ted Heath 'swings' up to No. 3 8
N/A Life-Lines of Alma Cogan 8
The Editor Tribute to Frankie Vaughan 9
Derek Johnson The Vaughan Story: The secrets of his success: He likes people and enjoys life 10-12
N/A Pat Boone talks about his fervent British fans! 13
N/A Sensational Sarah! 13
N/A 'Forgotten Dreams' First 13
Malcolm Johns Connie Francis wins fame from a song twice her age! 14
N/A Jerry Has Surprised Songland 14
N/A Muscles of Steele 15
N/A Como — '6.5' top list 15
N/A Kathy Linden sings on American-Felsted "If I Could Hold You in My Arms" 15
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No. 589 25 April 1958  
(cover page) Tommy Steele's Terrific New Film Success, The Duke Wore Jeans
Another Shelton Smash Hit! "The Girl He Left Behind"
Paul Anka sings "Crazy Love" B/W Let the Bells Keep Ringing
Little Laurie London, The Champs, The Chordettes [photos]
Pat Boone, Tommy Steele, Laurie London, Champs, Chordettes, Jerry Lewis- In This Issue
Johnson, Derek Focus On: Laurie London "Tops in America " 2
Announcements Who's Where [week commencing April 28] 2
  NME Information Bureau [AFN Highlights and Radio Luxembourg Full Programmes]  
  Vocal Directory [The Keynotes, The Stargazers, David Whitfield, Alma Cogan, Billie Anthony, Joan Regan, and Nancy Whiskey]  
Advert Now on Sale! The Thrilling Magazine [65 Stars of 6.5 Special]  
N.A. Humphrey Lyttelton Club  
N.A. London's Great Record Centre- Foyles *For Books*  
N.A. *Name Brand Directory* Ken Mackintosh  
Vogue Records Vogue "Pop" Records [Great New LP's]
Theme Music from The James Dean Story, Bud Shank and Chet Baker
Ballads for Backgrounds, John Lewis and Gerry Mulligan
Vogue Records New Singles:
"Smack, Smack" / "You're in My Heart," Marvin and Johnny
"So Long" / "Make Me a Present of You," Johnny Flamingo
"Let's Take a Walk" / "You Smell So Good," Jackie and Roy
"Now You Tell Me" / "Lillie Mae," The Cupids
Gordon, Ken Jerry's Lullaby Hit [Comedian Jerry Lewis stormed the London Palladium stage and completely enraptured the packed house.] 3
N.A. Question-Time with the Stars pays a personal call on... Pat Boone 3
Advert Yet Another Smash Hit from Frankie Vaughn "Kewpie Doll" 3
NME Band Call  
Fordyce, Keith Singles Reviews. Frankie Laine Is Back Again!
Frankie Laine: "My Gal And A Prayer" (Phillips)
Frankie II: "So Many Women" / "Kewpie Doll" (Phillips)
Laurie London: "Casey Jones" / "I Gotta Robe"
Jo Stafford: "Wouldn't It Be Lovely?" / "With a Little Bit of Luck" (Phillips)
Marty Robbins: "Stairway of Love" / "Just Married"
Ruby Murray: "Nora Malone" / "In My Life"
George Hamilton IV: "Now and for Always" / "Why Don't They Understand"
Chris Howland: "Fraulein" / "Ma, He's Making Eyes at Me" (Columbia)
Goodwin, Keith LPs [Far and Away best in concert recording from Newport Jazz Festival is by Dizzy Gillespie Big Band]
Dizzy Gillespie Big Band (Columbia)
Miles Ahead, Miles Davis (Fontana)
Evens, Allen EPs
Donegan on Stage, Lonnie Donegan (Nixa)
My Love Is a Wanderer, Rosemary Squares (MGM)
Meet Marvin Rainwater, Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
Getting Together, Pearl Bailey (HMV)
Lee Lawrence, Lee Lawrence (Columbia)
Announcements The Divine Sarah Vaughan! [Now on tour, but always on Mercury] 4
N.A. Six Star Discs [Oriole Records]  
  Record Dealer's Directory  
  For all the latest tunes on record visit The Record Shop  
EMI Top Hits (Jim Dale, Barry Johns, Don Lang, Clyde Ray, Jimmy Young, The John Barry Seven Rodeo) 5
N.A. Billy Vaughn Tumbling Tumbleweeds 5
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain "Top Thirty"
1. "Whole Lotta Woman," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
2. "Magic Moments," Perry Como (RCA)
3. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," Ted Heath (Decca)
4. "A Wonderful Time Up There," Pat Boone (London)
5. "Tequila," The Champs (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Magic Moments," (Chappell)
2. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," (Sherwin)
3. "I May Never Pass This Way Again," (Chappell)
4. "April Love," (Robbins)
5. "Catch a Falling Star," (Feldman)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S. "Top Thirty"
1. "Twilight Time," (Platters)
2. "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," (Laurie London)
3. "Tequila," (The Champs)
4. "Believe What You Say" / "My Bucket's Got a Whole in It," (Rickey Nelson)
5. "Witch Doctor," (David Seville)
Announcements Spotlight On... George Hamilton IV [Now and for always] 5
N.A. American Girl Singers Invade Our Television Screens [Connie Francis, McGuire Sisters for Early Appearances]
Terry Dene's New Tour
Galaxy of Pop Stars in 'Record Week' Shows
David's Quick Recovery means variety offers [David Whitfield recovering from tonsil operation]
Bert Weedon teaches guitar on TV
Singers in soccer test
U.S. Package Show Offer to Laurie London
Dickie's Series to Return
Jazz 'Big Seven' for London Autumn visits
Winnie Stars [Winifred Atwell]
No Truth the '6.5' Will Be Withdrawn- Official
Announcements Coming Next Week
Tommy Steele Flies Home for Tour
Lonnie's Birthday [Lonnie Donegan]
Mitchell Dates Confirmed
Busy Kings [King Brothers]
Shirley Bassey Alters Plans
Vera Lynn on Long BBC Pact
Fielding, Lance Davis for London: In Musical Here Next Year 7
Goodwin, Keith Williams Joins Disc Chief in London 7
N.A. Andy Williams [photo] 7
Announcements Screen-Level Projection Ends Distortion [Extra Colour, Composers, the Songs, The 'Ghosts'] 8
N.A. From You to Us [Writing from readers of New Musical Express] 8
N.A. The 'Rock' Suit [photo] 8
N.A. The Finest Tobacco Perfectly Packes [Player's Nany Out] 9
N.A. The Greatest Sound Track LP Ever! [Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific"] 9
Johnson, Derek It's a Sumptuous Feast For One Sitting [Dominion Theatre] 9
Hentoff, Nat Too Busy for Shows [Army says Elvis is too busy to perform for troops] 9
Goodwin, Keith Writes about two vocal groups who are new to the charts [Chordettes and The Champs] 10
Announcements Informal singsongs led to Chordettes 10
  The Champs won First Time! 10
N.A. Marvin's Good Start in Manchester [Marvin Rainwater] 10
N.A. World Exclusive [The Paul Anka Story] 10
N.A. Buy Your Records The Modern Way At No Extra Cost 10
N.A. Dean Martin: A Beautiful New Ballard 10
N.A. Great Double-Sided Rock Number [Earl Palmer, 'Drum Village'] 10
Announcements Classifieds 11
N.A. Agents Directory [Harold Davison, Rabin Agency, Joe Loss, ED. W. Jones] 11
N.A. Stan Kenton [Souvenir Brochure] 11
N.A. Hit Parade [On Sale Thurs. May 1st] 11
Announcements Congratulations Marvin [Marvin Rainwater reaches Number 1] 12
N.A. Frankie Vaughn, The King Brothers [Sunday, April 27th] 12
N.A. Life-Lines of Tommy Steele 12
N.A. Southern's Hit List [Dean Martin, Jackie Dennis, Buddy Holly, The Crickets] 12
N.A. Record of the Week ["Are You Serious" by Andy Williams] 12
N.A. Como's New Rival [Magic Moments Rivalry] 12
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