New Musical Express | May 1958

No. 590 2 May 1958  
Cover Tony Brent and Johnston Brothers "Little Serenade" [Macmelodies LTD]
"The Hilltoppers" [HLD]
Frankie Vaughan "So Many Women" [Phillips]
N.A. "Witch Doctor" [Bourne Music LTD]
Keith Goodwin Johnnie Ray Says, 'I'm Yours for as Long as You Want Me' 2-3
N.A. Meet the Treniers 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review.
Ronnie Hilton: "On the Street Where You Live" / "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face" (HMV)
Gary Miller: "Street Where You Live" / "That's For Me" (Nixa)
Michael Holliday: "Stairway of Love" / "May I" (Columbia)
Tony Brent: "Chanson d'Amour" (Columbia)
Lou Preager: "Fedora" / "Marchin' Drummer Blues" (Columbia)
Marion Ryan: "Stairway of Love" (Nixa)
Dave King: "I Suddenly" / "Only One of You" (Decca)
Jimmy Jaques: "Never Let You Go" / "In My Life" (Fontana)
Johnny Brantley's All Stars: "Pot Luck"
Tony Osborne: "The Secret of Happiness" / "The Man from Marseilles" (HMV)
Jackie Dennis: "My Dream" / "Miss Valentine" (Decca)
Allen Evans LPs
Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday at Newport, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday (Columbia)
I Wish You Love, Keely Smith (Nelson Riddle)
Just for Variety — 1, Les Baxter, Nat Cole, Jackie Davis, June Christy, Gordon MacBae, Harry Jumes and Helen Forrest, Ray Anthony, Four Freshmen, Jackie Glenson, Gisele Mackenzie, Joe Bushkin, Les Paul and Mary Ford (Captial)
Keith Goodwin LPs on Armstrong
[Goodwin surveys recent Louis Armstrong albums]
Louis and the All-Stars with the Lewisohn Stadium Orchestra (Philips BBL 7216)
Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong (BBL 7202)
Louis Armstrong Favourites, Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Joe Sullivan, Eddie Lang, Lionel Hampton, Lawrence Brown, Albert Nicholas, and J.C. Higginbottham (BBL 7218)
Hot Five, Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, Johnny Dodds, and Lil Armstrong (Fontana TFR 6003)
All about Urbie Green and His Big Band, Urbie Green, Johnny Carisi, Al Cohn, Joe Wilder, and Nick Travis (HMV CLP 1158)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Whole Lotta Woman," Marvin Rainwater (MGM)
2. "Who's Sorry Now," Connie Francis (MGM)
3. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues," Ted Hearth (Decca)
4. "Wonderful Time Up There," Pat Boone (London)
5. "Tequila," Champs (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Swingin' Shepherd Blues" (Sherwin)
2. "Magic Moments" (Chappell)
3. "April Love" (Robbins)
4. "I May Never Pass This Way Again" (Chappell)
5. "Catch a Falling Star" (Feidman)
Keith Goodwin Ella, JATP Are Here! 6
Jay Black Fans Risked Freezing to Hear Mantovani 6
N.A. 'My Fair Lady' Discs in Full 8-9
Derek Johnson Some of the People Connected with the World's Greatest Musical Comedy 8-9
Bruce Charton The Story behind the O.C. 12
Nat Hentoff Princess Margaret May See Ellington in Canada 13
N.A. After-midnight Test Led to 'Lollipop' Fame 14
Derek Johnson More Newcomers to the Charts 14
  Stephany Gladstone, Spring 2010  
9 May 1958
n.a. Chuck Jumps to Sweet 16 in Charts [Chuck Berry, "Roll Over Beethoven," "Rock and Roll Music," and "School Day."] 2
n.a. Frankie Vaughan to Finance Scholarships [Vaughan agrees to finance the National Youth Orchestra in England, and a similar organization in U.S.] 6
n.a. Top British fee offered to Sinatra [British TV] 7
n.a. Donegan's Irish Song Banned by the BBC ["Nobody Loves Like an Irishman"] 7
n.a. Tommy Steele's Lewisham show canceled [misses two weeks, mauling inflicted by fans] 7
n.a. Doris Day Quiz Platform 10
16 May 1958
n.a. Dickie Valentine Declares, 'We Could Kill Rock, if...' [Whatever musicians do can be accepted by fans. Says nothing wrong with rock, but declares he is not good at it.] 3
Fordyce, Keith Everly Boys Change Their Style [Everly Brothers] 4
n.a. Ronnie Hilton signed for Pantomime 6
n.a. Billie Holiday coming to London 6
n.a. Baby for Doris Day 6
n.a. Steele Bullfighter in Third Film? [Tommy Steele] 7
n.a. Johnnie Ray Mystery: Why No Permission for Drummer-till Now? [Musicians Union allows personal drummer to work as part of accompanying band] 7
Goodwin, Keith Weary Shirley Is Glad to Be Home [Shirley Bassey, six-month trip, Australia] 8
n.a. Britain Cannot Enjoy Sammy's Full Talent until He Appears Here [Davis] 8
n.a. Frank Hands Over to Dean [Sinatra, role in new John Wayne movie, Dean Martin] 9
Goodwin, Keith He Won Fight for His Life [Guy Mitchell] 10
23 May 1958
Johnson, Derek Rock 'n' Roll Must Go [American song writers visit Britain, and declare war on Rock 'n' Roll: Jule Styne, Al Hoffman, Dick Manning, Alan Jay Lerner, & Meredith Wilson] 2
n.a. David Seville, Johnnie Mathis and Ella Fitzgerald are newcomers to the charts [Eartha Kitt, Nat Cole. Mathis song played on the air at wrong speed!] 3
n.a. Lonnie Donegan Honored: Chosen for Scot's Royal Variety Show [honored by Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh] 6
n.a. Johnnie Ray, Guy Mitchell, Frankie Laine: their greatest hits on special LPs [Philips Records] 6
n.a. West End Stage project: then Broadway and Hollywood plans [Tommy Steele, staged "Cinderella." Role will not start until Steele recovers from exhaustion.] 7
n.a. Frankie Vaughan's Film Basis of Television show [ABC TV special] 7
n.a. Life-Lines of Max Bygrave 8
n.a. Liverpool loves Guy Mitchell 8
Goodwin, Keith Jerry Lee Lewis is Here! [Analogies made between Lewis and Presley, Little Richard, and Pat Boone] 10
30 May 1958
Govey, Charles Jerry Lee Lewis Was the 'wildest.' [Lewis' tour cut short. Review] 2
Goodwin, Keith Lonnie Donegan hits out [skiffle is proclaimed dead] 3
n.a. Jerry Lee Lewis drops bombshell [Lewis demands full salary for his tour, even though it was cut short. Complications with his marital status to blame for cancellation.] 6
n.a. Frankie Vaughan and David Hughes for Scottish Royal Stage Show [join Donegan at honors ceremony] 6
n.a. Presley, Boone outvoted by Britain's Frankie in poll [Vaughan voted "Top Screen Singing Star" in Picturegoer's annual awards] 6
n.a. Presley Posted to Europe! Strong hopes of British concerts 7
n.a. Tommy Steele Plans 7
Johnson, Derek &
Franks, Vernon
Blackpool's All-Star Rock 8-9
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