New Musical Express | February 1959

No. 630 6 February 1959  
(cover page) Meet Jerry Lee Lewis, Teddy Bears
No. 1 Song, No. 3 Record: "As I Love You" recorded by Shirley Bassey on Phillips
The Big Paul Anka Record Hit, "My Heart Sings"
O Falling Star "the Four Knights"
Pictured (Left to Right): Elvis Presley ("One Night," and "I Got Stung" at the top of British Hit Parade), Shirley Bassey ("Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me" and "As I Love You" are sharing number 3 position this week), Johnnie Ray (Opening at London's Palace Theatre on March 9)
Also pictured Starring on television's Eurovision Star Contest (Left to Right): Pete Murray, Sheila Buxton, Glen Mason, Marion Keene, Steve Martin, Pearl Carr, and Teddy Johnson
(Pictured far Right) Rosemary June and Lonnie Donegan (became friends in last week's "Saturday Spectacular")
Personalities in the Hit Parade: Jerry Lee Lewis, Paul Anka, Connie Francis, Pat Boone, Frankie Vaughan
Nat Hentoff Interview with "Conway Twitty" [Focuses on his method to writing and performing songs and his hit singles "The Story of My Love" and "Make Me Know You're Mine."] 2
NME AFN Highlights
Radio Luxemburg
Who's Where (Week Commencing Feb. 9th): Tommy Steele, David Whitfield, Charlie Drake, Three Monarchs, Eve Boswell, Laurie London, Ronnie Carrol, Dennis Lotus, Jackie Dennis
Derek Johnson From Doom to Boom Jerry Lee Lewis Is Back! 3
Advertisement Cliff Richard's 28-page Magazine 3
Keith Fordyce The Girls Dominate the Pop Scene With Ballads and Rock [Pictured (Left to Right): Connie Francis, Petula Clark, Vera Lynn, Rosemary Clooney, Marion Ryan, Jo Stafford, and the Beverley Sisters] 4
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Vera Lynn: "Vera Sings Today's Pop Hits" [Collective Title] (Decca)
Rosemary Clooney: "Tonight" / "Come Rain Come Shine" (Phillips)
Jo Stafford: "My Heart Is from Missouri" / "It Won't Be Easy" (Phillips)
Marion Ryan: "Wait for Me" / "Jeepers Creepers" (Oriole)
Hugh O'Brian: "I'm Looking for a Girl" / "I Ain't Got a Nickle" (Oriole)
Petula Clark: "Ever Been in Love" / "Lucky Day" (Nixa)
Valerie Masters: "Dreams End at Dawn" / "Wonder" (Fontana)
Beverley Sisters: "The Little Drummer Boy" / "Strawberry Fair" (Decca)
Advertisement New Records:
Nancy Whiskey: "Johnny Blue Old Grey Goose"
Siv Malkvist: "Sermonette the Preacher"
The Alley Cats: "The Whistler & His Dog Limehouse Blues"
Clinton Ford: "I Cried a Tear You Were Only Teasin'"
Stanley Laudan: "Barcelona Cha-Cha Penny Serenade"
Enrico Leandros: "Take Me Dreaming"
Advertisement PYE introduces a new sensational disc by Marion Ryan, "Wait For Me" 4
NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Records in Britain, Top Thirty
1. "I Got Stung" / "One Night," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "To Know Him Is to Love Him," Teddy Bears (London)
3. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me," Shirley Bassey (Phillips)
4. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Phillips)
5. "Baby Face," Little Richard (London)
NME Music Charts: Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain, Top Thirty
1. "As I love You," (Macmelodies)
2. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me" (Lakeview)
3. "The Day the Rains Came" (John Fields)
4. "To Know Him Is to Love Him" (Bourne)
5. "It's Only Make Believe" (F.D. & H.)
NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S. , Top Thirty
1. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters
2. "All American Boy," Bill Parsons
3. "Donna," Ritchie Valens
4. "Sixteen Candles," Crests
5. "Stagger Lee," Loyd Price
NA Richard — Anka Hopeful for palace Season: Peggy Lee, Gordon MacRae, and Sarah Vaughan Also Probables
208 Programme from NME Top Thirty Every Week
Pop music panel game to augment 'Dig This!'
British Bandleaders Discs Gain in U.S.
Mudlarks U.S. Trip Delayed: New Plans
Double top for Modungo
Steele, Donegan Share Six Goals
Elvis' Agents Protest to British Company
Roy Castle Joins Dave King Show
Armstrong's Tour Venues
Vera from Hamburg
Connie Francis Variety, Concerts Set
Fraser — Hayes 4 Record Contract
NA Now It Can Never Happen, But Buddy Holly Package Show Was Coming Here
Cliff's Sore Throat Leave 'Oh Boy!' Doubt (Lyceum Ballroom, London)
Mathis Visit — Three Weeks?
Johnnie Ray Expected to do Two TVs Here
PYE — ATV Negotiate New U.S. Disc Links
Galaxy of Stars for Spastics Show [Show will be filmed by ATV]
Alma Cogan to Visit America
Dickie Valentine Signs with Nixa
Jane Morgan to Star in Palladium TV
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Judy Garland with Rock at the Met!, Broadway Offer for Elvis, More Singing in Next Film [Johnny Mathis says his next film will have more singing] 8
NA Meet the Dee-Jay... Don Moss 8
NA The Stargazers are No Dreamers! (Stargazers discuss their remarkable consistency) 8
NA Keith Goodwin Speaks to the Count 8
NA From You to Us (Letters from Subscribers) 8
Advertisement NME Super Annual 1959 8
Derek Johnson Ronnie Hilton Ends Bleak Spell [Ronnie Hilton makes his way up the charts with "The Four Aces Hot on His Heels" (Dave Mohoney, Ross Vacarro, Fred Diodati, Lou Silvestri)] 9
Tony Keniston 'Gigi" Is a Cheeky Hit 9
Advertisement This Month's Top Ten Pops from Top Pop Club
"I Got a Feeling"
"Gotta Travel On"
"To Know Him Is to Love Him"
"Cannon Ball"
"You Always Hurt the One You Love"
Frank Harvey Recalls the highlights of three famous Rock stars who died together at the height of their flourishing careers — Buddy Holly, Big Popper, and Ritchie Valens 10
Tony Keniston & Derek Johnson Success Stories of Shirley's Two Hit Songs 10
  Meet Buddy Greco [American singer is now in Britain for two ATV shows] 10
Advertisements Presenting the Super 1959: '24 Star Portrait Calendar"
February Issue of the Hit Parade Now on Sale
Advertisement Our Next Hit Song! "The Wonderful Secret of Love" 12
Photo (Left to Right) Mudlarks and Gracie Fields at the London Palladium 12
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Al Is Most Promising 12
  Bron's Current "Pop" Orchestrations S.O. & Bron's New ARRS (Suitable from Trio to F.O.) 12
  LP of the Week: Gigi 12
  Brian Petchers, Spring 2010  
No. 631 13 February 1959  
(cover page) Presley's New Romance
Cliff Richard Warned to Stop
Paul Anka My Buddy [One famous recording star pens a heartfelt memorial to another great star] 2
Decca The Beverlys, "Little Drummer Boy" 2
Philips Anne Shelton, "Songs from the Heart" (Philips)
Jo Stafford, "Ill Be Seeing You" (Philips)
Michel Legrand, Ambassadors of Romance [Philips]
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Dean Martin: "It Takes So Long to Say Goodbye" / "You Were Made for Love" (Capitol)
Don Lang: "Wiggle Wiggle" / "Teasin'" (HMV)
Nat King Cole: "Give Me Your Love" / "Madrid" (Capitol)
Sammy Davis: "That Anna" / "I Never Got Out of Paris" (Brunswick)
Mike Holiday: "Palace of Love" / "The Girls from the County Armagh" (Columbia)
Tommy Mara: "Marie" / "You Don't Know" (Felsted)
Gordon MacRae: "Fly, Little Bluebird" / "Little Do You Know" (Capitol)
Tony Crombie: "Cha Cha" / "Champagne Cha Cha" (Columbia)
Russ Conway: "Side Saddle" / "Pixilated Penguine" (Columbia)
Jim Dale: "Gotta Find a Girl" / "The Legend of Nellie D." (Parlophone)
NME Top Thirty
1. "I Got Stung" / "One Night," Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
3. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
4. "To know Him Is to Love Him," Teddy Bears (London)
5. "Baby Face," Little Richard (London)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
2. "The World Outside" (Kieth Brown)
3. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me" (Lakeview)
4. "The Day the Rains Came" (John Fields)
5. "To Know Him Is to Love Him" (Bourne)
N.A. Lena Horne plans London Visit
Tab Hunter in Perry Como show
Owen, Stapleton, Barber:All set to make recording history
Thousands at Pop Stars' Funerals (Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens
Shirley Bassey surprise: cancels 'Oh Boy!' date
Extra Basie, Armstrong Concerts in London
Jill Day, Kayes in Summer Shows
Wilde to tour North of England
Dennis Lotis in Musical?
N.A. David Whitfield star on Sunday's Palladium TV
Preston on TV
Paul-Ford tour plans altered
Harry Robinson in dispute over 'Lord Rockingham' name
Johnnie Ray, Jane Morgan in TV 'Spectaculars'
Crosby, Martin, Sinatra sought for same film!
Grandiers win TV stardom
Eve Boswell on 'Top Numbers'
Laurie London for Australia
N.A. Billy Eckstine's 'Gigi' is so richly romantic! 8
N.A. Aces share the load 8
N.A. Plenty of Customers for a pub with no beer! 9
N.A. Basie Band Better than Ever! 9
Nat Hentoff Johnny Mathis [on songs singers and styles] 9
N.A. Elvis Likes Girls with Nice Parents 10
N.A. Boy or girl, the Bevs will buy a drum for joy's baby! 10
N.A. 'Petit Fleur' means big share'out 12
  Jennifer Rawson, Spring 2010 13
No. 632 20 February 1959  
(cover page) In this week's issue: Cliff Richard, Connie Francis, Pat Boone, Johnnie Ray
The McGuire Sisters, "May You Always"
Top Rank Record Currently on Release: The Original American Hit Version of "The Little Drummer Boy"
The Harry Simeone Chorale, "The Little Drummer Boy," coupled with "Die Lorelei"
n.a. Life Lines of Shirley Bassey 2
n.a. His Master's Voice, Oxford Street Record Store 2
Johnson, Derek Pat Boone Never Misses 2
NME Who's Where, AFN Highlights, Radio Luxembourg
Top POP Club: Radio Luxembourg
Richard, Cliff Cliff Richard tells you about MY LOST WEEKEND 3
n.a. Gene equals Sinatra's mail, [Gene Vincent gets equal amount of fan mail as does Frank Sinatra] 3
"My Heat Is from Missouri" / "It Wont Be Easy," Jo Stafford
"Gigi" / "Separate Tables," Vic Damone
"Love-a Love-a Love-a" / "Donna," Marty Wilde
"Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me" / "There's Never Been a Night," Shirley Bassey
"The Wonderful Secret of Love" / "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams," Robert Earl
"That's My Doll" / "Love Is the Sweetest Thing," Frankie Vaughan
n.a. Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars, Gaumont State - Kilburn 3
Fordyce, Keith POPS PAGE reviews: Barber Band Leads 'Petite Fleur' Race
Chris Barber, "Petite Fleur" / "Bugle Boy March"
Sidney Bechet, "Petite Fleur" / "Dans les Rues d'Antibes"
Johnson-Carr, "Little Flower" / "Missouri Waltz"
Jack Scott, "Goodbye Baby" / "Save My Soul"
Jeri Southern, "Take Me Back Again" / "Senor Blues"
Bob Miller, "Dig This" / "The Poacher," "American Patrol"
Fordyce, Keith Johnnie Ray's Disc Oozes Personality
Johnnie Ray, "When's Your Birthday Babe" / "One Man's Love Song Is Another Man's Blues"
AppleJacks, "Rocka-Conga" / "Am I Blue"
Billy Williams, "Nola" / "The Boy Friend" / "Tied to the String of Your Heart"
Billy Parsons, "The All American Boy"
McGuire Sisters, "May You Always" / "Achoo-Cha-Cha"
Michael Flanders, "The Little Drummer Boy" / "The Storke Carol"
Evans, Allen LP's [review]
Perry Como, "End of the Day"
Harry Belafonte, "Calypso"
Pat Boone, "Yes indeed"
Frank Sinatra, Tommy Dorsey, Axel Stordahl, "We 3"
Sammy David Jr., "All the Way"
Advert Top Songs: "As I Love You," "To Know Him," "My Heart Sings" 4
EMI Top Hits:
The Five Dallas Boys, "The Mocking Bird"
Connie Francis, "My Happiness"
Chuck Miller, "The Auctioneer"
Lloyd Price, "Stagger Lee"
Cliff Richard, "Steady with You" / "Livin' Lovin' Doll"
Malcolm Vaughan, "Wait for Me"
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain :
1. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey
2. "I Got Stung" / "One Night," Elvis Presley
3. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters
4. "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour?," Lonnie Donegan
5. "Baby Face," Little Richard
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "As I Love You," Macmelodies
2. "The World Outside," Keith Prowse
3. "Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me," Lakeview
4. "To Know Him Is to Love Him," Bourne
5. "The Day the Rains Came," John Fields
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Stagger Lee," Lloyd Price
2. "Sixteen Candles," Crests
3. "Donna," Ritchie Valens
4. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters
5. "All-American Boy," Bill Parsons
n.a. Reg Owen to Tour U.S. on Disc Drive
Marion Ryan joining in future 'Oh Boy!'
60 Years of Variety on Charity LP
Dennis Lotis start of Osbourne musical
Starts Score at Soccer
Billy Cotton's Half Century
Mudlarks to Sing in Ballrooms
Tito Burns Quits 'On The Air'
Key to New York for Max Bygraves
Connie and Johnnie In Same TV Show!
n.a. Britain 's Bands of Hope & Glory: Reg Owen, Cyril Stapleton, Chris Chris Barber 7
Stapleton, Cyril Americans Like Britain's New Sounds; Germany Liked 'Fleur' First 8
NME This Week's Placings in the "Billboard"  
MGM Bonus Tribute to Supplement to Britain 's American Sweetheart of Song: Connie Francis
To Connie Francis, Wishing you every success for your London variety debut at the Palace Theatre
MGM Connie Francis Supplement — continued.
Tributes to Connie from: Vera Lynn, Jack Parnell, Maurice Kinn
Dalli, Toni Writes about his pleasure for Connie Francis 10
Cogan, Alma Britain 's top female singer praises...
Full List of Her (Connie Francis) Recordings
  Alma Cogan Goes Back to Variety
Como many provide poll winner's 'trailer'
Cliff Richard Had to Give up Tour: Is Better Now
n.a. Lonnie Donegan to top at Palace: Palladium Date is Off 11
n.a. Court Will Decide Who is Lord Rockingham: Robinson challenges Jack Good for Title  
n.a. Shirley Bassey's manager seeks contract ruling  
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: Ricky Nelson finds romance; Teenagers more peaceful now 12
NME From You to US 12
n.a. New Elvis Presley Album 12
Keniston, Tony Colin Hicks As 'Hongo' 12
D.H. New idea doesn't exactly click 12
Keniston, Tony Lloyd Price Stacks Up a Hit with 'Stagger Lee' 13
Johns, Malcolm Tab Hunter Values Freedom 13
Capitol Records Dean Martin, 'It Takes So Long (to Say Goodbye)'  
June, Rosemary My Boss — Perry Como 14
n.a. Joe Loss looks back on his 'Dancing Years'  
Evans, Allen More LP's  
  Kevin Regan, Spring 2010  
No. 633 27 February 1959  
(cover page) Dickie Valentine's Great Romantic "Hit" "Venus"
Paul Anka Scores A Big Hit With "All of a Sudden My Heart Sings"
No. 2 in 'Billboard' in only seven weeks, "The All-American Boy," Bill Parsons
N.A. Top Rank's First British Hit Recording The Big Swing Number from the 1959 San Remo Festival "Io Sono Il Vento (For You My Lover)" 2
N.A. Shirley Bassey admits: Nerves help me with my singing
Shirley becomes a top West End revue star
Philips Stardiscs
Jo Stafford, "My Heart is from Missouri," "It Won't Be Easy"
Vic Damone, "Gigi," "Separate Tables"
Marty Wilde, "Donna," "Love-a, Love-a, Love-a"
Johnnie Ray, "When's Your Birthday, Baby!" "One Man's Love Song is Another Man's Blues"
Robert Earl, "The Wonderful Secret of Love," "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Ronnie Carroll, "Walk with Faith in Your Heart," "Sweet Music"
Advertisement Harold Davison Presents Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars 3
Advertisement Domenico Modungo "Ciao Ciao Bambina (Piove)" [prize winning song] 3
Johnson, Derek Lonnie Donegan found 'Gum' in Boy Scout book! 3
Fordyce, Keith Singles Review: Jane Morgan's Warm 'Love' Song ["To Love and Be Loved" (London-American)]
Perry Como: "Tomboy" / "Kiss Me and Kiss Me and Kiss Me" (RCA)
Count Basie: "The Late Late Show"/ "The M Squad Theme" (Columbia)
The Jean-Ettes: "May You Always" / "I Saw a Light" (Nixa)
The Poni-tails: "Father Time" / "When" (HMV)
Domenico Modungo: "Ciao Ciao Bambina (Piove)" / "Resta Cumme" (Oriole)
The John Barry Seven: "What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?" / "Snap'n Whislte" (Parlophone)
Dickie Valentine: "Venus" / "Where?" (Nixa)
Frankie Vaughn: "The Lady is a Square" / "Honey Bunny Babe" (Philips)
Tommy Edwards: "Please Mr. Sun" / "The Morning Side of the Mountain" (MGM)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Julie London: Julie (London) [Three London]
Skitch Henderson: At Midnight [Brunswick]
Elizabeth Seal & Keith Michell: Irma La Douce [Philips]
George Cates, Exciting [Coral]
Robert Earl, The Wonderful Secret of Love [Philips]
Steve Lawrence, Here's Steve Lawrence [Coral]
Musical Comedy [Fontana]
NME Top Thirty
1. "As I Love You," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
2. "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," Platters (Mercury)
3. "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour?," Lonnie Donegan (Pye-Nxia)
4. "I Got Stung/One Night," Elvis Presley (RCA)
5. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me," Shirley Bassey (Philips)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "As I Love You" (Macmelodies)
2. "The World Outside" (Keith Prowse)
3. "Kiss Me, Honey Honey, Kiss Me" (Lakeview)
4. "A Pub with No Beer" (Good Music)
5. "To Know Him Is to Love Him" (Bourne)
N.A. Barber Sells Million: Strikes Gold Twice, Disc success makes him big U.S.- Canada
Alma Cogan joins Lonnie at Palace
Connie Francis triumphs singing all kinds of songs
Nat Hentoff's late cables from New York
Carmen McRae here in April
U.S. jazz shows here in May
Rock package tours cinemas
N.A. Paul Anka to star in Hollywood film, then to tour British cities
Frankie Vaughn goes to Ireland before Palladium
Calypso on TV
Discs will be much cheaper if tax reduced
Opera singer on the halls
Festival jazz ball
Second tour for Conway
Shelia Buxton gets long-term offer
208 chief resigns
Johnnie Ray to film half-hour TVs here
Cliff Richard London date provisional: others definite
Billie Holiday flies in- and out
Composer in Palladium TV
K is for... [BBC's "A to Z" series reaches "K"]
Woody Herman: 9 dates fixed
Portuguese to see 'Cool for Cats' show
Vera Lynn back
Lita with Ted in Barcelona
'Gigi' to open in provinces
Goodwin, Keith Sammy Davis 'Mystery' to End 8
N.A. Tony Keniston goes filming with Marty Wilde
Advertisement- Cliff Richard magazine
Radio Luxembourg program
AFN Highlights
Goodwin, Keith Dennis Lotis is Ridin' High! 9
N.A. From YOU to US
Ruby Murray given warm welcome back
Mild acclaim for BBC Light Jazz offer
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail. Big ovation for Barber. Frankie Avalon adds to famous Philadelphians. Gary Crosby's film contract 9
Johnson, Derek Little Richard Waxed 'Baby Face' for Teenagers' Mums and Pops! 10
N.A. Paul Anka has passed Disc Star's greatest test
Louis Armstrong proves jazz is for all
Advertisement- The King Brothers on Radio Luxembourg
N.A. Agents Directory
Advertisement- March Issue of Hit Parade
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Is Frankie challenging Danny's drawing power? 12
Richard, Cliff Girl I'll Marry 12
Goodwin, Keith Jazz 12
  Christine Richardson, Spring 2010  
  Original compilation by Oliver Jones, 1999  
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