New Musical Express | February 1960

No. 682 5 February 1960  
Irving, Gordon Vincent, Cochran Rock Glasgow! 2
Goodwin, Keith Question Time with Anthony Newley 2
Johnson, Derek Focus on ‘Under-20’ Stars [Paul Anka, Ricky Nelson, Craig Douglas] 3
n.a. Presley and Avalon Speak 3
Fordyce, Keith EP’s Reviewed; Broadway Songbook, Rose Marie  
n.a. Top Singles Reviewed;
“Little Coco Palm,” Jerry Wallace
“Outside My Window,” The Fleetwoods
“Green Grasses,” Kingston Trio
“Angel’s Lullaby,” Anne Shelton
“Life Gets Tee-jus Don’t It,” Wink Martindale
“Like Young,” Ella Fitzgerald
“Mumblin’ Mosie,” Johnny Otis
NME NME Top Singles
1. “Why,” Anthony Newley
2. “Voice in the Wilderness,” Cliff Richard
3. “Starry Eyed,” Michael Holiday
4. “Way Down Yonder,” Freddie Cannon
5. “Heartaches by the Number,” Guy Mitchell
NME NME Top Sheet Music
1. “Starry Eyed,” Lawrence Wright
2. “Why,” Debmar
3. “Heartaches by the Number,” Joy
4. “What Do You Want to Make those Eyes at Me for,” F.D. & H
5. “Seven Little Girls,” Sheldon
n.a. Lonnie Donegan Great Yarmouth Star for Second Year in Succession
Anthony Newley to Make ‘Personal’ Tour
Jeri Southern Cancels Visit
Jimmy Darren Here with Bride
Michael Holliday in Own BBC-TV Show
Craig Douglas Re-Booked for Albert Hall Show
Adam Faith, John Barry Reject Resident TV Offer
Stars Rally to Help Spastics
"Stereo Radio? Not Yet," Says BBC
‘Royal Event’: Next Russ Conway Disc
n.a. Everly Brothers’ Venues Cover Entire Country
Emile Ford’s Own TV ‘Spectacular’
Alex Murray on Decca
Jo Stafford Will Stay Here for Several Months
Tommy Sets Off to Australia
Las Vegas Wants Cherry Wainer
Ella-JATP [Jazz at the Philharmonic] Second London Venue
n.a. Diana Dors’ Album Is Red Hot
They Died Too Soon [Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, Richie Valens]
Johnson, Derek "Relaxed? Not me," Declares Michael Holliday 9
Marlowe, Dane Interview with ‘Misty’ Johnny Mathis in Las Vegas 10
n.a. Jimmy Clanton Has Plenty ‘Go’ 10
n.a. [Adam] Faith, [Acker] Bilk the Hits at Albert Hall 12
  Eliott Levine, 22 March 2004  
No. 683 12 February 1960  
Derek Johnson Jack Good Answers These Questions in a Hard-Hitting Interview with Derek Johnson [Pop music’s Jack Good gets straight to the point after answering Johnson’s questions] 2
N.A. Robert Earl Keeps Mobile [Begins act in a dramatic way, wandering around the stage] 2
N.A. Who’s Who 2
Advertisements Romantic Adventure Library 2
Charles Govey Welcome Back Pat Boone [American singer flies to London, acting in musical ‘State Fair’ while remaining a symbol for the American youth] 3
Derek Johnson Adam Faith Establishes Himself [LP is planned, while extensive tour continues] 3
Keith Goodwin Jazz [Chet Baker and Dizzy Gillespie’s latest albums are quickly examined] 3
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Teresa Brewer, “Venetian Sunset” (unknown)
Valerie Masters, “No One Understands” (Fontana)
David Macbeth, “Mr. Blue” (unknown)
John Barry 7, “Hit And Miss” (Columbia)
Eddie Hickey, “Who Could Be Better” (Decca)
Bobby Day, “My Blue Heaven” (unknown)
Allen Evans LP Reviews:
Connie Francis. Rock ‘N’ Roll Million Sellers [MGM]
Petula Clark. Petula Clark in Hollywood [Pye]
Frankie Lane. Balladeer [Philips]
Tommy Sands. When I’m Thinking of You [unknown]
Johnny Ray. Johnny Ray On The Train [Philips]
Diana Dors. Swingin’ Doors [Pye]
Trio Avileno. That Latin Beat [Fontana]
Advertisements The New Sensational Duane Eddy!! “Bonnie Came Back”
Pye Announcements
NME Top Thirty
1.  “Why,” Anthony Newley (Decca)
2.  “Voice in the Wilderness,” Cliff Richard (Columbia)
3.  “Way Down Yonder,” Freddie Cannon (Top Rank)
4.  “Poor Me,” Adam Faith (Parlophone)
5.  “Starry Eyed,” Michael Holliday (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1.  “Why” (Debmar)
2.  “Starry Eyed” (Lawrence Wright)
3.  “What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes At Me For” (F.D.&H.)
4.  “Voice in the Wilderness” (Chappell)
5.  “Heartaches By The Number” (Joy)
Advertisements The Best in Pop Entertainment
Pick Your Pops Here
N.A. Johnnie Ray: Sudden Visit This Month, Nat ‘King’ Cole in May Likely 6
N.A. News: Rail Strike and Poll Concert [Important announcement for provincial ticket holders]
Joni James Goes Back Home [Fly to America after 2 month stay in Europe]
ATV Take-over of US Firm
Singer’s Music Firm in Business Here
Teacher’s 7 Year-old Song Britain’s Hope [Song written seven years ago becomes an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest]
BBC-TV to Aid Como in London
Final Show is All Wilde!
Valentine’s Long 108 Radio Run
Winnie’s ‘Top Pops’
More Everly Dates Here
N.A. News: Summer Plans of Pop Stars Revealed
Conway Twitty Asked to Make Tour Here
Three More Acts from America [Latest additions of American acts to this country: The Axidentals]
Cliff Richard Flying Home for Poll Concert and Palladium TV
Adam Faith: Big Variety Tour and Star of Show LP
U.S. Rock Stars for ‘Saturday Club’
Only TWO Kaye Sisters with Maxin
Two Radio Spots for Craig Douglas
Kings, Hilton to Tour South
Sinatra ‘Can-Can’ in London Soon
‘Ello From Ella
N.A. Everlys Pass ‘Big Orchestra’ Test! [The Everly Brothers are back in the hit parade, “Let It Be Me will be played on tour and the Brothers can’t wait to get back on the road] 8
Nat Mentoff American Airmall: Dean Martin Going to Tokyo 8
Allen Evans EPs
Getting Around: Nina and Frederik, Tony Bennett, Marty Robbins
Vocal: The Big Four with Guy Mitchell
Instrumental: Meet the McPartlands
Advertisements Presenting the Super 1960 ’36 Star Portrait Calendar’
Summer Annual [Packed with highlights by the stars and about the greatest stars on earth!]
NME From YOU to US 8
N.A. Introducing Three Newcomers to the Charts: Marv Johnson’s Got What It Takes, Toni Fisher is Original ‘Big Hurt’ Girl,Johnny Preston 9
Advertisements EMI for the Best LP Entertainment! 9
Derek Johnson Is Bobby Darin Better than Frank Sinatra? [Derek Johnson examines the burning question] 10
Charles Govey Emile Ford’s Motto Is: “Make Others Happy” 10
Advertisements Bobby Darin is Great!
Announcing the Opening of Mulberry Music Co., Harvard Music Co., Francon Music Co.
N.A. Personals: Records Wanted, Instrument Repairs, Transport, Fan Clubs, Tape Recorders, Engagements Wanted, Bands, Situations Vacant, Musical Services, Recording, Photographs, Pianos for Hire 11
Advertisements Rabin Agency
Joe Loss
Vocal Directory
AFN Highlights
Radio Luxembourg
Electric Guitars
Special Offer!
Paul Anka Story
Hit Parade
The New Sensational Cliff Richard Picture Album
N.A. British Stars Never Had It So Good! [Ross Conway and Cliff Richard’s success doubles while other stars climb the charts as well] 12
N.A. Advertisements: British Eurovision Song Festival 1960 The Winners!
Leeds Music Ltd. Announce the New Publishing Company with Cliff Richard
  Maja Almquist, October 2009  
No. 684 19 February 1960  
n/a NME Poll Concert [Cliff Richard, Russ Conway, Lonnie Donegan, John  Barry, The Mudlarks, Alma Cogan, Bert Weedon, Pete Murray, Ted Heath, Marty Wilde, Craig Douglas, The Dallas Boys, Billy Fury, Emile Ford, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran] 2
Johnson, Derek No Elvis, No Cliff? [Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard] 3
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed: Ella Fitzgerald and Frank DeVol:Sweet Songs for Swingers; Brook Benton:Endlessly; The Ray Coniff Singers:It’s the Talk of the Town; Vie Damone:This Game of Love; Norman Luboff Choir:Reverie;Aladdin;Song of Norway;Benny Goodman Treasure Chest;Wild Guitars.  
Fordyce, Keith Keith Fordyce Reviews the Singles (Duane Eddy plays a ‘Bonnie’ guitar, Ronnie Hilton, Lloyd Price, Both sides are tops! [Freddie Canon], Pat Suzuki, Winifred Atwell, Perry Como, The Champs, Potted Pops: The McGuire Sisters; Jerry Lordan; Cyril Ornadel and the Starlight Symphony; The Kestrels, Conway hits don’t depend on title [Russ Conway], Edith Piaf, ‘When in Rome’.) 4
n.a. NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. "Why," Anthony Newley
2. "Voice in the Wilderness," Cliff Richard
3. "Poor Me," Adam Faith
4. "Way Down Yonder," Freddie Cannon
5. "Slow Boat to China," Emile Ford
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "Why"
2. "Starry Eyed"
3. "Voice in the Wilderness"
4. "What Do You Want to Make Those Eyese at Me for?"
5. "Heartaches by the Number"
n.a. Poll Concert Excitement Is Mounting
Quick Return For U.S. Stars [Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent]
Bygraves ‘Palladium’ breaks TV record
David Hughes: Novel Stage Offer
‘Can-Can’ premier later
Four pop singer-writers win 12 song awards [Paul Anka, Fats Domino, Lloyd Price, Brook Benton]
Everlys sign with Warner Bros. label [The Everly Brothers]
Adam Faith venues, dates
More stars for Wembley
New Sinatra Series
Conway joins Leeds
Harry Walters’ Promotion
‘Juke Box Jury’ Experiment
Sheila Buxton may wax in U.S.
David Whitfield’s pre-tour plans
Kaye Sisters booked to Great Yarmouth
‘Jubilee Show’
Ronnie Hilton plans
Tony Joins Fiath
n.a. Johnny and Hurricanes with Freddy Cannon
Gary Miller signs for ATV
Conway Twitty Tour Dates Confirmed for May
n.a. Cliff Richard Gives Fame to Unknowns
Connie Francis film debut now confirmed
Mike Holliday on Torquay
‘Drummer Boy’ Suit Settled
Hockridge series? [Edmund Hockridge]
Como MD and Choir Leader For London
Russ Conway Sunday Concerts
Pat Boone Lavel May Issue Ford Hit in U.S.
‘Easy Beat’ [Brian Matthews]
Pat Boone wants Dickie Valentine for TV show
Jill Day back to ATV as Emile Ford’s guest
Jazz-Classical Discs Planned
Goodwin, Keith Frank Ifield wins fame all over again 8
Govey, Charles Johnny Kidd Has ‘Got What It Takes’ Too!  
A.G. First-time success for Lance Fortune  
Johnson, Derek I’m lucky – I’ve got the best TV producer of all! Says Marty Wilde 9
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail: Frankie Laine to star in a Broadway musical; Do you Agree?; A Crazy Show; Cliff Likened to Pat.  
n.a. From You to Us  
Boone, Pat ‘My Best Visit Yet’ 10
Wedge, Don Lend His Car for Your Dates? – Pat’s Did! [Pat Boone]  
Marks, Stan Aussies Love Perky Tommy [Tommy Steele]  
The Alleycat Tail Pieces (Cliff Richard may set up new record) 12
Goodwin, Keith Jazz Records  
  Amanda Rawdon, February 2004  
No. 685 26 February 1960  
Charlton, Bruce Because You Prefer Some British Discs to their American Counterparts, U.S. Executives Are Shouting - Unfair 2
Wynn, James Nat Cole Times It Right 2
Charlton, Bruce Jerry Lordan Owes Everything to a Uke 3
Johnson, Derek Johnnie Ray Stops Weeping! 3
Fordyce, Keith David Hughes Gets Cream of Song Festival Fare [Bryan Johnson, Don Lang, Johnny Horton, Benton/Washington, Max Bygraves, Frankie Laine, Carmita, Eddie Falcon, Ken Mackintosh, Ruby Murray, Leroy Holmes] 4
Fordyce, Keith ‘Brazil’ Limits Frank Sinatra’s Scope 4
Evans, Allen EPs 4
NME NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Why,” Anthony Newley
2. “Poor Me,” Adam Faith
3. “Way Down Yonder,” Freddie Cannon
4. “Voice in the Wildnerness,” Cliff Richard
5.  “Pretty Blue Eyes,” Craig Douglas
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. “Why” (Debmar)
2. “Starry Eyed” (Lawrene Wright)
3. “Voice in the Wilderness” (Chappell)
4. “Heartaches by the Number” (Joy)
5. “What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me for” (F.D. & H)
n.a. ‘Bad Boy’ Gives Wilde Big Disc Boost in U.S. [Marty Wilde]
Sinatra, Whitfield Song Hits Composer Dies [Frank Sinatra, David Whitfield]
U.S. Disc Fans to Hear Ford [Emile Ford]
Richard and King Are Como TV Guests
Conway in Variety [Russ Conway]
Brown, Fury in Jack Good Series [Joe Brown, Billy Fury]
Calvert in Italy [Eddie Calvert]
n.a. Johnny ‘Running Bear’ Preston Arriving in April
Donegan to U.S. [Lonnie Donegan]
Craig Douglas Deal
‘Cool for Cats’ Is Back Again in April
Bags of ACTION! And Backstage Friendship at the 1960 NME Poll Winners’ Concert
n.a. Misleading Statements About Cliff Richard
Guitarist in New TV Series [Helio Motta]
Newley, Holliday to Star in ‘Spectaculars’ [Anthony Newley, Michael Holliday]
Gene Vincent: Paris then Second Tour Here
Lance Fortune on Everly Bros. Tour
Malcolm Caughan Jersey Bound
Extra Eddy Show (Duane Eddy, Emile Ford, Clyde McPhattler]
Presley, Franics Win Clark Poll
Alma Cogan Ill
Goodwin, Keith Thousands Cheer Greatest Galaxy of Pop Talent Ever Assembled 8
Goodwin, Keith Not So Far Back His Band Was Unwanted but Now – All Go for Bilk 9
Johnson, Derek Cliff Richard Tells You about His Big American Thrills 10
n.a. Stars Reveal Their Secrets 10
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
  Amanda Rawdon, February 1960  

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