New Musical Express | November 1960

No. 721 4 November 1960  
Cover Picture of Cliff Richard saying "thank you" for voting for him 1
Wedge, Don His report on American music including an all night sit-in with Jack Lazare's radio show and sees a Drifters performance 2
Gray, Andy Scenes from Presley's "GI Blues" Film and the Song He Sings During Them.  Also a Review of His Book "Operation Elvis" that Tells of His Stint in the Army. 3
Fordyce, Keith Covers the Singles:
Ron Grainer, "The Margaret Theme"
Joan Regan, "One of the Lucky Ones"
Robert Earl, "Wanderlust"
Nat Cole, "Just as Much as Ever"
Jim Dale, "Somewhere There's Someone"
James Brown, "This Old Heart"
Marty Wilde, "Your Seventeenth Spring"
Tommy Bruce, "Saturday Club"
David Whitfield, new version of "I Believe"
Duane Eddy, "Kommotion"
Jackie Wilson, "Alone at Last"
Blue Diamonds, "Ramona"
Jimmy Charles, "A Million to One"
Inia Wiata, "The Wanderer"
Evans, Allen Adam Faith: Album of the Week 4
N/A NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Records in Britian
1. Elvis Presley, "It's Now or Never"
2. Roy Orbison, "Only the Lonely"
3. Shirley Bassey, "As Long as He Needs Me"
4. Johnny Burnette, "Dreamin'"
5. Johnny and the Hurricanes, "Rocking Goose"
N/A Judy Garland with Cliff Richard in Royal Charity Gala: Conway, Forsyth, Regan, Hockridge to entertain Queen Mother
Big Rush for Poll Concert Tickets!
Vera Lynn's first MGM record due next week
Jack Conway killed in crash -- Cliff Richard mourns
Presley's "Now or Never" breaks all-time record sales in Britain
N/A Adam Faith: Film Musical and TV Spectacular
Russ Conway Starts Telerecording Series
Eartha Kitt  makes her only Sunday concert appearance at Leeds Odeon on November 27
Johnson, Derek Bobby Darin's Film Playmates -- La Lollo and Sandra Dee! (And the Italians Are Serenading Him Too) [Gina Lollobrigida]
Johnny Kidd Hit -- By Accident: Singers and Their Songs
Lifelines of Bert Weedon
Goodwin, Keith Welcome to three Continental musical attractions:
Nina and Frederik from Denmark [Nina Moller, Baron Frederick von Pallandt]
Denmark's Papa Blue and his Viking Jazz Band
Michael Legrand from France
Cave, Paul Frankie Vaughn Admits, "This Was the Surprise of My Life" [American TV, Ralph Edwards, a surprise show on Vaughn's life, NBC] 10
Johnson, Derek NME Poll-winning DJ Says Record Companies Are Issuing Fewer Bad Records [David Jacobs] 10
Nick Waldman, February 2004
No. 722 11 November 1960  
n.a. [Johnny Mathis, Connie Francis, Elvis Presley] Cover
Charlton, Bruce New Guitar Ideas by Eddy and Shadows [Duane Eddy, The Shadows, "Man Of Mystery", "Kommotion"] 2
n.a.. Who's Where: Cliff Richard, London Palladium; King Brothers, Liverpool Empire; David Whitfield, Victoria Palace 2
Johnson, Derek Focus on Presley; Elvis: G. I. Blues  "There Will Be a Rush for This Smash Hit" 3
Gray, Andy He Triumphs as a light Comedian. Elvis Presley, "G.I. Blues", film 3
Fordyce, Keith Pop Reviews:
The Hunters, "Teen Scene"
Ian Gregory, "Time Will Tell"
Danny Rivers, "Can't You Hear My Heart"
Kirby Stone Four, "I Love Paris"
Ray Conniff, "Here Comes Santa Claus"
Ray Ellington, "Dracula's Three Daughters"
Ken Dodd, "Dream that I Love You"
John Leyton, "The Girl on the Floor Above"
Johnny Carson, "You Talk Too Much"
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. Elvis Presley, "It's Now or Never"
2. Shirley Bassey, "As Long as He Needs Me"
3. Roy Orbison, "Only the Lonely"
4. Johnny Burnette, "Dreamin'"
5. Johnny and the Hurricanes, "Rocking Goose"
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. "As Long as He Needs Me," Lakeview
2. "It's Now or Never," Ricordi
3. "In My Little Corner of the World," Kassner
4. "Passing Breeze," Clover-Conway
5. "Tell Laura I Love Her," Lawrence Wright
n.a. Tommy Steele's "Lumpkin" Mesmerizes Audience
Johnny Ray Thrills Star-packed Audience
Joan Regan and the Danish Duo Nina and Frederik to Sing on BBC's "Christmas Night with the Stars"
Mudlarks Bound for Ireland
Americans Orbison, Burnette, and Lee Signed to Appear in Britain Early Next Year
n.a. Gold Disc in Double Quick Time; Presley's "Now or Never" Breaks All Speed Records for Sales!
Cliff Richard Star of New Year's Eve Show
Shadows Top Long 1961 Tour
Marty Wilde Co-star in Next Parnes Show
Wedge, Don Freddy Cannon's Party with Presley [Fabian, Fabulous Four]
Johnny Horton Tragedy: Ace Country Western Singer Dies in Car Crash in Texas
n.a. Meet the Kirby Stone Four
Life Lines with Ricky Valance
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail, Police Call Off Elvis Tour 9
Johnson, Derek Thinks Sinatra Is Doing a Darin with His New Disc, "Ol' Macdonald"
The Drifters "Dance" Back into Best Sellers ["Save the Last Dance for Me"]
Independent Television British Song Contest 1961
Nick Waldman, 22 March 2004
No. 723 18 November 1960  
Johnson, Derek New Telerecording System Brings Clearer Perry Como [BBC-TV, "Gone Is My Love"] 2
Broughton, Don Newcomer Has TWO New Discs Released in Same Day [Brian Bentley and the Bachellors, "Wishing Well," "First Flight East"] 2
D.J. Barry Sisters Well Lliked 2
Hellicar, Mike Is Fabian Holding back 2
Richards, Cliff and
Faith, Adam
Connie Francis 3
Evans, Allen Albums for Your Party 3
Fordyce, Keith On Singles: Tony Newley’s latest just can’t go wrong, Shirelles, Al Saxon, Frank Sinatra, Crosby/Armstrong, Lively’ Lonnie, Tillotson AllenCliff, Richard picks even better song, Twitty/Checker, Isley Bros., Connie Stevens, Kalin Twin, Jackie Rae 4
Fordyce, Keith Christmas Discs [Singles] 4
Evans, Allen Christmas Discs [Albums] 4
n.a. NME Music Charts
Best selling pop records in Britain
1. "It’s Now or Never," Elvis Presley
2. "As Long as He Needs Me," Shirley Bassey
3. "Dreamin," Johnny Burnette
4. "Only the Lonely," Roy Orbison
5. "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own," Connie Francis
n.a. Best selling sheet music in Britain, Best selling pop records in U.S. 5
n.a. This week’s hits [EMI]
1. "My Little Girl," Tommy Bruce
2. "Must be Santa," Alma Cogan
3."Till," Colin Day
n.a Decca Top Hits
1. "A Boy without a Girl," Anthony Newley
2. " Old Pi-anna Party," Winifred Atwell
3. "Sweetheart Tree," Bryan Johnson
n.a. ‘Face to Face’ with Adam Faith Double Honour for Robbins [Marty Robbins]
Inspirational songs by Elvis
Vaughan filming ends [Frankie Vaughan]
Millions Offered by Philips for U.S. Dot label: Others Sought: PYE make bid for U.S. Columbia
Show band featured on boxing day [Cyril Stapleton]
Ruby Murray ill, cancels concert
Wainer, Sampson to join Marty Wilde
Janet Waters as ‘Cinderella’
Bilk, Barber play all night jazz
Third ‘Spectacular for Vera Lynn
More Top U.S. names sought for Britain
Tommy Steele Britain’s rep
Johnny Keating band tour
n.a. Kathryn Grayson TV
Max Bygraves may stop American monopoly
Emile Ford-a-and-r man
Danny Kaye TV debut show to be seen here
Russ Sonway shock means changed plans
Howard Keel returns to Palladium TV
Michael Holliday’s son gravely injured
Cliff Richard will be on ‘Juke Box Jury’
Jo Stafford to tape 13 TV shows in Britain
Pete Murray makes disc
More Commercial radio-beamed from ship
A- and – R man returns to acting
Who’s where
‘Parade of Pops’ as LP
Conway Disc in U.S. first
n.a. Lifelines of the Shadows 8
Hentoff, Nat American Air Mail 8
n.a. Bill Black’s Combo ["Don’t Be Cruel"] 8
Goodwin, Keith It’s Fun to Make Llaugh Records [George Martin] 9
Hentoff, Nat Much too active, Shirley [Shirley Bassey, Ed Sullivan] 9
Charlton, Bruce Roy Orbison keeps his hits coming ["Today’s Teardrops"] 10
n.a. What Australian critics said about Lonnie Donegan 10
Wynn, James More pleasure from Nat Cole ["Just As Much As Ever"] 10
Piper Huntington, February 2004
No. 724 25 November 1960  
Johnson, Derek Derek Johsnson Turns the Spotlight on the Disc Stars Who Have Lapsed from the 1960s Charts [Ricky Nelson, Lloyd Price, Paul Anka, Marty Wilde, Frankie Vaughan, Conway Twitty] 2
n.a. Palmist Madam Veara Looks at Tommy Steele’s Hands 3
n.a. Big Break for Lyn Cornell 4
Fordyce, Keith Keith Fordyce on Singles [Pat Boone, Emile Ford, Max Harris, King Brothers, Mel Blanc, Duffy Power, Michael Holliday] 4
Fordyce, Keith More Christmas Discs Reviewed [Joe Henderson, Winifred Atwell/ Crazy Otto, Perry Como, Adam Singers, Lyn Cornell, Shane Sisters] 4
NME Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. Elvis Presley, “It’s Now or Never”
2. Drifters, “Save the Last Dance for Me”
3. Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren, “Goodness Gracious Me”
4. Johnny & the Hurricanes, "Rocking Goose"
5. Shirley Bassey, "As Long as He Needs Me"
6. Connie Francis, "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own"
NME Top Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "It's Now or Never"
2. "As Long as He Needs Me"
3. "In My Little Corner of the World"
4. "Never on a Sunday"
5. "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own"
n.a. Top hits [EMI and DECCA] 5
n.a Best selling sheet music in Britain
Best Selling pop records in U.S.
n.a Lively Donegan Rushing Home for Palladium TV
Mantovani to Tour Britain
Sophie Tucker Back in May
Vison-Discs Screened Privately in London
Shadows Top Pop Package
Adam Faith ‘Club’ guest on Christmas Eve [Saturday Club]
Frankie Vaughn Set for Northern Concerts
Major New York Niterie Seeks Shirley Bassey
‘Juke Box Jury’ Extended Again.
n.a John and the Hurricances for Early British Tour, If Exchange Group Acceptable
Bilk on Jazz Club [Acker Bilk]
Rush Conway Acts-In French!
Film brings Darin Fiancee—A New Contract [Bobby Darin]
MGM Company Buys American Verve Label
Silvester Wins Platinum Disc [bandleader Victor Silvester]
Special Panto Son for Marty Wilde
Goodwin, Keith Tony Newley Had all the Fun of the ‘Fair’ 8
n.a More and More Stars Find Success Abroad.  Now Dickie Valentine Conquers South Africa! 8
Samart, Arthur Sinatra Gave a Pre-wedding Surprise to His Pal Sammy [Sammy Davis] 9
n.a Howard Keel: Man of Talent 9
Johnson, Derek Derek Johnson Rounds up 1960s New Xmas Discs 10
Goodwin, Keith Briton with U.S. Jazzmen 10
Piper Huntington, 21 February 2004

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