New Musical Express | October 1961

No. 769 6 October 1961  
cover Elvis Presley, Helen Shapiro, and John Leyton [photos] 1
Hellicar, Mike ‘Sergeants Three’ Starts with an Eight-Minute Fight 2
Hellicar, Mike Sue Cope (aged 16) Could Be Another Disc Wonder Girl 2
n.a. Lonnie’s ‘Gum’ Starts Some Funny Pranks in the U.S.A. 2
Johnson, Derek Connie Francis Wants Cliff or Adam for film [Cliff Richard, Adam Faith] 3
Charlton, Bruce Tony Orlando’s ‘Bless You’ Finds Favour 3
Fordyce, Keith Cliff Is All Set for Another No. 1 [Cliff Richard] 4
Fordyce, Keith Reviews of New Singles:
Ray Charles, “Hard Times” and “I Wonder Who”
Timi Yuro,  “Hurt” and “I Apoligize”
Santo & Johnny, “Come September” and “Hop Scotch”
Malcolm Vaughan, “”The Wedding” and “Guardian Angel”
Jackie Lynton, “Over the Rainbow” and “High in the Misty Sky”
Troy Shondell, “This Time” and “Girl after Girl”
Sandra Dee, “Tammy Tell Me True” and “Let’s Fall in Love”
Hayley Mills, “Let’s Get Together” and “Cobbler, Cobbler”
Karl Denver Trio, “Mexicali Rose” and “Bonny Scotland”
The Allisons, “What A Mess” and “Lorraine”
Jess Conrad, “Every Breath I Take” and “Walk Away” 
Evens, Allen LPs
Bobby Vee, String and Things
Rose-Mary Clooney & Nelson Riddle, Rosie Solves the Swingin’ Riddle
Louis Armstrong, Louis Armstrong: His Greatest Years
Eydie Gormé & Steve Lawrence, Eydie & Steve: Cozy 
Pete Fountain, Pete Fountain’s French Quarter
Sacha Distel, Everybody Loves the Lover
Patricia Clark, Time to Dream
Papa Bue’s Viking Jazz Band, Orchestral Shorts
n.a. Top 5 Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Michael,” Highwaymen
2. “Walking Back to Happiness,” Helen Shapiro
3. “Wild in the Country,” Elvis Presley
4. “Jealousy,” Billy Fury
5. “Johnny Remember Me,” John Leyton
n.a. Top 5 Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. “Johnny Remember Me” (Meridian)
2. “Reach for the Stars” (Kassner)
3. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (Williamson)
4. “You Don’t Know” (Lorna)
5. “Romeo” (Feldman)
n.a. Top 5 Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Take Good Care of My Baby,” Bobby Vee
2. “The Mountain’s High,” Dick and Deedee
3. “Cryin’,” Roy Orbison
4. “Hit the Road Jack,” Ray Charles
5. “Little Sister,” Elvis Presley
n.a. Bassey at Last Given Royal Show Honour [Shirley Bassey]
ATV Show Stars Comics and Top Trad Men [Acker Bilk, Chris Barber]
Show Business Personalities Recreated Max’s ‘Life’ [Max Bygraves]
Craig’s Stage Return [Craig Douglas]
Brian Matthew Out on Pye
Names in the News [Helen Shapiro, Bryan Johnson, George Chisholm, Jill Day, Sylvia Sands, The Peters Sisters, The Belltones, Mario Lanza, Andy Stewart, Alan Freeman]
Three D-Js on ‘Jury’ [Lew Luton, Muriel Yoting, Pete Murray]
Weedon, Lotis Join ‘Lucky Stars’ Cast [Bert Weedon, Dennis Lotis]
Teddy, Pearl with Bygraves [Teddy Johnson, Pearl Carr, Max Bygraves]
Two LP Versions of New Show [Max Bygraves]
U.S. ‘Blitz’ Talks for Lionel Bart
Conway, Cogan on ‘Cotton Show’ LP [Russ Conway, Alma Cogan]
Cleo Laine Opera for TV
Jazz Five Tour with Brubeck [Vic Ash-Harry Klein Jazz Five, Dave Brubeck Quartet]
Dorothy Squires Guest in Jersey” 
First Leyton LP in November [John Leyton]
Elvis for Xmas [Elvis Presley]
n.a. Billy Fury Cuts Short His Holiday to Discuss Film Offer
Shadows’ Shock as Tony Meehan Leaves Suddenly
Eden Kane: Operation
Judy Garland Likely to Film Here Soon
n.a. Whitfield Back in ‘Rose Marie’ [David Whitfield]
Salute to Four Songwriters [Rodgers & Hart, Noel Coward, Frank Loesser]
Donegan to Get Two Gold Discs from Bing [Lonnie Donegan, Bing Crosby]
…And Allisons’ First ‘Gold’ on Television
Australia-bound? [The King Brothers]
Possible U.S. Visiters: Brenda Lee Next Year, Dion Soon
Fury, Kane, Brooks in Radio Pop Programmes [Billy Fury, Eden Kane, Brook Borthers]
Ballroom Dee-jays [Ian “Sammy” Samwell, Tony Hall]
Adam, Temp. 7 Aid Charity [Adam Faith, Temperance Seven]
More Radio Dance Music Confirmed [Harry Roy Band]
Indian Offer to Mike Holiday
Big Country Tour for ‘Oklahoma’
NME Pop, Jazz or Opera- Cleo Sings the Lot [Cleo Laine] 8
Charlton, Bruce Controversial Holly Tribute Takes Mike Berry into Charts [Buddy Holly] 8
Goodwin, Keith Michael Carr’s a Convert to Rock 8
NME Praise for Shirley Bassey 8
Hentoff, Nat Highwaymen Went on Tour 8
Goodwin, Keith Have Films Hurt Avalon’s Recording Career? [Frankie Avalon] 9
Johnson, Derek Meet the New Shadow: Brian Bennett Is Fully Qualified 9
NME Life-lines of Charlie Drake 9
Johnson, Derek Sinatra Will Put Himself in the Background Much More [Frank Sinatra] 10
Hentoff, Nat Shirley Bassey’s Reactions to Her U.S. Triumph 10
Hentoff, Nat Matt Monro Success Fould Pack Nitery 12
Goodwin, Keith Jazz [Slide Hampton’s Octet, Jazz Messengers] 12
  Ria Jodrie, February 2005  
No. 770 13 October 1961  
cover Happy 21st Birthday Cliff
We award Birthday Honours to the great new single you feature in your new film “The Young Ones”: When the Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart (coupling: Got a funny feeling)
Goodwin, Keith Welcome to America’s McGuire Sisters 2
NME Geoffrey Goddard Wrote Leyton Hits 2
NME "Arrogant? Yes, I Am!" Admits Bobby Darin 3
Fordyce, Keith Reviews of New Singles:
Johnny Mathis and Nelson Riddle, “When My Sugar Walks Down the Street” / “Love Look Away”
Polka Dots, “Sucu-Sucu” / “Swingin’ through the Park”
Achilles and His Heels, “Brigitte Bardot” / “Acapulco”
Peter Knight, “Lucky Stars” / Double Trouble”
Nick Villard, “Don Quijote” / “Beseme Mucho”
Jimmy Dean, “Big Bad John” / “I Won’t Go Huntin’ with You Jake”
Peggy Lee, “Hey Look Me Over” / “When He Makes Music”
Rosemary Clooney, “Hey, Look Me Over” / “What Takes My Fancy”
Doug Sheldon, “Runaround Sue” / “Come with Me”
Vernons Girls, “Let’s Get Together” / “No Message”
Edmund Hockridge, “Moon River” / “Hey Look Me Over”
Calvin Jackson, “Moon River” / “How High the Moon”
The Lettermen, “The Way You Look Tonight” / “That’s My Desire”
Miki and Griff, “Tennessee Waltz” / “Whispering Hope”
Michael Hill, “Who’s Chicken?” / “Sloppy Joe”
Bill Black’s Combo, “Movin’” / “Honky Train’
Gisele McKenzie, “My Little Pup with the Patent Leather Nose” / “What’s New at the Zoo”  
Evans, Allen LPs:
John Barry, Stringbeat
Matt Monro, Matt Monro: Love is the Same Everywhere
The Temperance Seven, The Temperance Seven 1961
Ronnie Ross Quintet, Stompin’ with the Ronnie Ross Quintet
NME Top Five Best Selling Pop Records in Britain
1. “Walkin’ Back to Happiness,” Helen Shapiro
2. “Wild Wind,” John Leyton
3. “You’ll Answer to Me,” Cleo Laine
4. “Michael,” Highwaymen
5. “Jealousy,” Billy Fury
NME Top Five Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. “Johnny Remember Me” (Meridian)
2. “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” (Williamson)
3. “Michael Row the Boat” (Tyler)
4. “Kon-Tiki” (Feldman)
5. “You Don’t Know” (Lorna)
NME Top Five Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Hit the Road Jack,” Ray Charles
2. “Cryin’,” Roy Orbison
3. “Take Good Care of My Baby,” Bobby Vee
4. “Runaround Sue,” Dion
5. “Bristol Stomp,” Dovells
n.a. Sammy’s Last Night Was Full of Surprises! [Sammy Davis Jr.]
Elvis: New Single [Elvis Presley]
New Appointment for Harry Walters
Peters’ TV Date [The Peters Sisters]
Temperance Seven Signed for Big November Tour
Marion Ryan Ilford Date
Minstrels’ LP Sales Record
Founder Freshman Killed [Don Barbour]
Big Names Sought for Major Anglo-American Film Project [Helen Shapiro, John Leyton, Craig Douglas, Brooks, Del Shannon, Chubby Checker, etc.]
Vera Joins Vaughan [Vera Lynn, Frankie Vaughan]
D-J Riddle [Nelson Riddle]
McGuire Sisters: Two ATV Shows
Doubts about Dion Dates
Bassey at Bournemouth [Shirley Basey]
Karl Denver’s Radio Dates
Freshmen Venues [Four Freshmen]
n.a. More U.S. Offers for Monro [Matt Monro]
Gene Vincent for ‘Lucky Stars’
Bound for America [Pete Murray]
Helen Shapiro Palladium TV Star
6, 7 (11)
n.a. Pet Clark Waxes Bart Song [Petula Clark, Lionel Bart]
Savoy Caberet for Cleo [Cleo Laine
Kay Starr Makes LP in London
Palladium Panto Plans [Gary Miller]
Ken Dodd Tops BBC-TV Shows
Newley, Leyton Future BBC-TV Attractions [Anthony Newley, John Leyton]
Kane Recuperates [Eden Kane]
Release Dates for Pop Singers’ Films [Adam Faith, Judy Garland, Marty Wilde]
Lonnie’s ‘Line’ Is Re-issued in U.S. [Lonnie Donegan
John Shroeder May Make Surprise Move
Label Switch [John Humphries]
Adam Faith Tours the TV Companies
Christmas Trad [Kenny Ball Band]
Star Plans One-Nighters [John Leyton]
America to Issue More U.K. Discs [Brook Brothers]
7 (11)
NME Cliff’s Birthday Message to You 8, 9
NME His Future in His Hands [Cliff Richard] 10
Johnson, Derek Cliff Richard: 21 Today: Tribute to a Nice Guy 11 (7)
Hellicar, Mike Lonnie Meets His Idol Bing [Lonnie Donegan, Bing Crosby] 12
Goodwin, Keith ‘Sucu’ Hit Leaves Laurie Unruffled [Laurie Johnson] 12
Meehan, Tony Why I Left the Shadows [Tony Meehan] 13
Hentoff, Nat Elvis Aids Flood Victims [Elvis Presley] 13
Johnson, Derek Studies Come First with Highwaymen 14
Goodwin, Keith Perfect Timing by the Viscounts 14
  Ria Jodrie, March 2005  
No. 771 20 October 1961  
Johnson, Derek Most People Argue about Ray Charles 2
Hellicar, Mike My Operation Saved Me from a Long Illness [Eden Kane]  
Goodwin, Keith Meet the Composer [Barry Mann]  
n.a. Life-Lines of Brian Mathew  
n.a. What Next for Helen?  Her Part Piece Has Solved My Problem [Helen Shapiro] 3
n.a. Max’s Big Task [Max Bygraves]  
Fordyce, Keith Keith Fordyce Tips You off on the Latest Singles:
Top Marks for Presley’s ‘Flame’ ("His Latest Flame")
Adam Faith Has Strong Number ("The Time Has Come")
Bobby Vee’s Blend Is Just Right ("Take Good Care of my Baby")
Marty Wilde Writes His Latest Waxing ("Tomorrow's Clown")
Springfields, “Bambino”
Danny Williams, “Moon River”
Dean Rogers, “High in a Misty Sky”
  Potted Pops:
Johnny Gregory and His Orchestra, “Route 66”
Ronnie-Hilton, “Hey Look Me Over”
Cliff Bennett, “That’s What I Said”
Gary Lane, “Start Walking Boy”
Geoff Goddard, “Girl Bride”
Anita Harris, “I Haven’t Got You
Evans, Allen Five-Star Sinatra  
n.a. NME Music Charts: Best Selling Pop Record in Britain
1. Helen Shapiro, “Walkin’ Back to Happiness”
2. John Leyton, “Wild Wind”
3. Highwaymen, “Michael”
4. Cliff Richard, “Girl in Your Arms”
5. Cleo Laine, “You’ll Answer to Me”
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. “You’ll Answer to Me” (Shapiro-Bernstein)
2. “Sucu-Sucu" (Peter Maurice)
3. “Michael Row the Boat” (Tyler)
4. “Climb Every Mountain” (Williamson)
5. “Johnny Remember Me” (Meridian)
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S:
1. Ray Charles, “Hit the Road Jack”
2. Dion, “Runaround Sue”
3. Dovells, “Bristol Stomp”
4. Roy Orbison, “Cryin’”
5. Bobby Darin, “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby”
n.a. Cliff, Shadows, Shapiro: Big 1962 Show Revealed
Newly’s ‘Stop the World’ as Delfont Film Project
Tommy Steele’s ‘Kipps’ Project
Jack Good Hopes to Give Many ‘Big Chances’
Paramor Held Back ‘Girl in Your Arms’
New Disc Signings: Rose Brennan with Philips
Death of Len Edwards
Jerry Colonna in Palladium TV
Ella Back in February [Ella Fitzgerald]
208 Trad Show Is Likely
Movie Test, Musical Offered Monro [Matt Monro]
Wainer Returning [Cherry Wainer]
n.a. Bing Crosby to Telefilm Here
Britain in Eurovision Song Contest Again
Craig Douglas Male Lead in Pop Film
Sinatra May Wax British Songs LP Here Next Year
Julie Wilson for Talk of Town
‘Milord’ Composer Dies in Paris [Marguerite Monnot]
Joins Lyttelton [Dave Castle]
Second Fury Tour Likely
Weedon Signed for Blackpool Show [Bert Weedon]
Shroeder Post Confirmed [John Shroeder]
Zsa-Zsa Joins the ‘Jury’ [Zsa-Zsa Gabor]
Howlin’ Comin’! [Howlin’ Wolfe]
Three U.S. Stars with Jo Stafford [Rosemary Clooney, Mel Torme, Edd “Kookie” Burns]
n.a. Thank You for Birthday Wishes and Greetings from Friends and Fans [Cliff Richard] 8
Johnson, Derek John Leyton’s Amazing Success 9
n.a. McGuire Sisters Score with Special Material  
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail  
n.a. From You to Us [fan mail]  
Ruddy, Jonah Elvis ‘Blue Hawaii’ Album His Best Yet 10
Denver, Karl My Buddies [Kevin Neill, Gerry Cottrell, and Karl Denver]  
n.a. Newcomers to the Charts: Dick and Deedee’s ‘Lost’ Disc got Extra ‘Jury’ Plugs  
n.a. Star Quotes [Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, and Johnny Mathis]  
n.a. Classified Ads 11
Ally Cat Eddie Fisher Plans Disc Come-Back 12
n.a. Dion Reveals How He Missed Death with Buddy Holly  
n.a. Tommy Steele in Comedy Speed Act  
  Susanna Kremer, 6 February 2005  
No. 772 27 October 1961  
Johnson, Derek John Leyton’s First Album Will Reveal He’s a Two-Sided Guy! 2
Goodwin, Keith Meet the Composer: Adam’s Hit Made Johnny Worth Famous, Too [Adam Faith]  
n.a. Life Lines of Laurie Johnson  
n.a. Cliff Captivates ‘em in Australia 3
Johnson, Derek Tony Orlando’s MD is Girl Teenager!  
Fordyce, Keith ‘Heartaches’ Tops This Week’s Pile of Likely Winners 4
n.a. New Releases:
Curtis Lee: “Under the Moon  of Love”
Kenny Ball: “Midnight in Moscow”
Sam Cooke: “Feel It”
Brook Brothers: “Married”
Frankie Vaughan: “Tower of Strength”
Emile Ford: “The Alphabet Song”
Petula Clarke: “My Friend the Sea”
Brenda Lee: “Fool No. 1”
Nancy Sinatra: “Cuff Links and a Tie Clip”
Ricky Valance: “I’ve Never Had a Chance”
Frankie Avalon: “True True Love”
Potted Pops: Cleo Lane: “It was a Lover and his Lass” and “O Mistress Mine”Nat “King” Cole: Let True Love Begin”Spike Milligan: “I’m Walking Out With a Mountain”
Evans, Allen LPs:
Pat, Ella, and Sam Tops [Pat Boone, Ella Fitzgerald, Sam Cooke]
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in Britain:
1. Helen Shapiro, “Walkin’ Back to Happiness”
2. Cliff Richard, “Girl in your Arms”
3. John Leyton, “Wild Wind”
4. Laurie Johnson, “Sucu-Sucu”
5. Ray Charles, “Hit the Road Jack”
n.a. Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain:
1. Shapiro-Bernstein, “You’ll Answer to Me”
2. Filmusic, “Walkin’ Back to Happiness”
3. Peter Maurice, “Sucu-Sucu”
4. Tyler, “Michael Row the Boat”
5. Campbell-Connelly, “Together”
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
1. Dion, “Run Around Sue”
2. Dovells, “Bristol Stomp”
3. Jimmy Dean, “Big Bad John”
4. Ray Charles, “Hit the Road Jack”
5. Sue Thompson, “Sad Movies”
n.a. Shirley Bassey, Dave King Likely Bing Crosby Guests
Brenda Lee Here in March: With Vincent [Gene Vincent]
Strike Holds Up Presley Disc
Pop Stars at Circus
Disney’s Plans for Hayley [Hayley Mills]
Basie Band Back in 1962
Ford, Barry in ‘Lucky Stars’ [Emile Ford, John Barry]
New Post for Harry Lewis
New Paramor Aide [Bob Barratt]
Frankie Vaughan, Janet Blair Top Sunday’s Palladium TV
Joan Regan in Five Teleshows
Eddie Cochran: More Discs
Leyton Tour Changes
n.a. Donegan’s Next Teleseries May be Seen in America [Lonnie Donegan]
Eden Kane on ‘Saturday Club’
Surprise ‘Pete’s Party’ [Pete Murray]
Torme Here with Freshmen: Nat Cole Return Possible [Mel Torme]
n.a. After Fury Collapse Leyton to Rescue
More Venues Named for Dave Brubeck
Sheldon to Star in Bart’s ‘Bliss’ [Doug Sheldon]
Helen Ends School Days [Helen Shapiro]
David Jacob’s Christmas TV
1962 Return to US for Matt [Matt Monro]
Tubby Gets TV Series [Tubby Hayes]
Earlier Call-Up for Everlys
New Sinatra Film
Conrad for US [Jess Conrad]
Goodwin, Keith Dave Brubeck Brings Modern Jazz to Hit Parade 8
n.a. New to the Charts: Ral Donner gets in with Slow Rock…while C-and-W [Country and Western] is Back via Jimmy Dean  
n.a. Everlys in Uniform Soon  
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail  
Evans, Allen EP’s [Johnny Mathis, Ella Fitzgerald, My Concerto for You, Introducing Ian, Love is Here to Stay, I’m Yours, Peter and Sophia]  
Hellicar, Mile Hayley Thinks that her Disc Triumph Is a ‘Bit of Cheek’ [Hayley Mills] 9
n.a. ‘Sucu’ Hit Amazes Nina and Frederik  
n.a. From You to Us  
Wynter, Mark Bobby Vee: What One Teenager Asks Another 10
Williams, Chris ‘Boomerang’ Royalties Will Come Back to Stephen  [Stephen Drake, son of Charlie Drake]  
n.a. Classified Ads 11
Alley Cat Tail Pieces: Cliff to Re-Record [Cliff Richard] 12
n.a. Star Spangled Nights’  
n.a. Bing and Bon Telefilm [Bing Crosby, Bob Hope]  
  Susanna Kremer, February 2005  
  Original October 1961 contributions by Phil Jennings, March 1999  

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