New Musical Express | February 1964

No. 891 7 February 1964  
cover The Kinks, Long Tall Sally, Billy J. Kramer with the Dakotas, Gene Pitney, the Swinging Blue Jeans, Cilla Black 1
Advert "Dance with Me" by Wayne Fontana and the Mind Benders 2
Valerie Escrett Elvis Gives away President's Yacht as Gift 3
Alan Smith Blue Jeans find adventure on tour—and in facing eleven camera crews at once 3
Allen Evans EPs
Trini Lopez (Stateside)
Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
Beatles, All My Loving (Parlophone)
Cliff Richard, When in France (Columbia)
Bruce Charlton Rick Nelson produces a sound of his own! 4
N/A Life-lines of the Hollies 5
Derek Johnson Passes Judgment on the singles. Dusty follows same pattern
Dusty Springfield, "Stay a While" / "Something Special" , (Phillips)
Karl Denver, "My World of Blue" / "Green Grass Grows All Around" (Decca)
Heinz, "You Were There" / "No Matter What They Say" (Decca)
Four Seasons, "Peanuts" / "Silhouettes" (Stateside)
Kenny Ball, "Caterins" / "Samantha" (Pye)
Louise Cordet, "Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying" / "Loving Baby" (Decca)
Orlons, "Bon Doo Wah" / "Don't Throw Your Love Away," (Cameo)
Undertakers, "Just a Little Big" / "Stupidity" (Pye)
Freddie Cannon, "That's the Way Girls Are" / "Do What the Hippies Do" (Stateside)
Chuck Berry, "Nadine" / "O Rangutang" (Pye)
Kiki Dee, "Allfacles" / "That's Right Walk on By" (Fontana)
NME Top 5 Records
1. "Needles and Pins," The Searchers, (Pye)
2. "I'm the One," Gerry and the Pacemakers, (Columbia)
3. "Hippy Hippy Shake," Swinging Blue Jeans, (HMV)
4. "Diane," Bachelors (Decca)
5. "Glad All Over," Dave Clark Five (Columbia)
  Top 5 Sheet Music
1. "Needles and Pins" (Metric)
2. "Hippy Hippy Shake" (Admore & Beechwood)
3. "Glad All Over" (Ivy)
4. "I Only Want to Be with You" (Springfield)
5. "I'm the One" (Pacermusic)
N/A Shadows top Palladium TV
Artists form own recording company
Exhibition radio pop
Orbison, Kramer, Poole and — Beatles, Searchers, Gerry, West End concerts fixed
Bachelors bookings
Billy J. stays
Matt Monro offered Sundays in North
Latest Beatlemania report from New York—Now a Gold Disc for Beatles US album
Susan's "Big Night Out" [Susan Maughan]
Blue Jeans to Blackpool
New Searchers tour dates
Billy covers hits [Fury]
N/A Gerry films after Blackpool show
Guitarist quits as group climbs chart [Bill Kinsley, bass, Merseybeats]
Bilk band returns to Festival Hall
Bachelors in new BBC-TV series
Holly revival [Rolling Stones]
More Liverpool Sound in US
Clark album tunes
Freddie for Clacton
Jacobs 208 series
Cliff, Shadows, Ifield, Clark, Dusty—Big British names of Sullivan TV
Jeans and Matt join star-studded club
Helen: Summer show likely
Vee on "Jury&quot"
Fives tour changes
Merseybeats, Hollies, Poole, Freddie, Adam set to "Go"
Stones roll on
Joe Brown — drummer
Jet Harris solo disc
Allen Evans LPs
Little Richard, Memories Are Made of This (London)
The Hollies, Stay with the Hollies, (Parlophone)
Sammy Davis, Treasury of Golden Hits, of Love and Desire (Stateside)
Tommy Roe, Everybody Likes Tommy Roe, (HMV)
Joe Williams, Joe Williams at Newport 63, (RCA Victor)
George Hamilton IV, Abilene (RCA Victor)
n.a. Caravelles top ten 10 10
n.a. Movie actor-singer calls in [Frankie Avalon] 10
Derek Johnson Dusty's disc surprise 11
Nat Hentoff Sinatra to do "the lot"  
Chris Hutchins Paul's Cavern invitation led to disc success for Cilla 12
Richard Green Dave Berry doesn't have to "hide" anymore 13
Derek Johnson Matt Monro sings all the songs 13
Chris Hutchins Beatles: New suits for USA 13
N/A Ben E. King comes in 14
Alan Smith Cloud over the Foremost  
N/A Likable Sherman wins through  
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
  Mark Colangelo, Spring 2010  
No. 892 14 February 1964  
(cover page) Pictured: Cliff Richard
Title: Cliff Richard and the Shadows, "I'm the Lonely One" (Colombia)
Pictured: Bobby Vee
Title: Bobby Vee with the Eligibles, "She's Sorry" (Liberty)
Pictured: (left to right) Ezz Rego, Beverly and Boysie Grant
Title: Ezz Rego and the Launchers with Boysie Grant and Beverly "Littlegirl" (Colombia)
Pictured: Gene Pitney
Title: Gene Pitney, "That Girl Belongs to You" (United Artists)
Chris Hutchins America Gets the Bug from John, Paul, Ringo & George
Beatles Play Their First US Concert in Washington to an Overwhelming Crowd
Nat Henoff "I Can't Understand It. " Talks about the Beatles Success in the United States 2
Adv. Etrona Ltd. "The Original Mersey Beat Boots" 2
Adv. Arbiter Guitars 2
N.A. Pictured: Beatles with John Lennon
Pictured: Beatles with Alan Livingstone
Pictured: Beatles in Plaza hotel
Pictured: Beatles fans in New York
Adv. Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas 3
Derek Johnson Welcome back to Cliff and the Shadows 4
Derek Johnson "It's so warm in Britain. " Cliff Richard talks about his past vacations 4
Derek Johnson We're writing two musicals. The Shadows are planning on writing two stage musicals this year. 4
Adv. The Bachelors 5
N.A. Spotlight Singles:
Dusty Springfield, "Stay Awhile" (Philips)
The Singing Nun, "All the Roads" (Philips)
The Angels, "Wow Wow Wee" (Philips)
The Merseybeats, "I Think of You" (Fontana)
Kiki Dee, "Miracles" (Fontana)
Andy Williams, "A Fool Never Learns" (GBS)
Lesley Gore, "You Don't Own Me" (Mercury)
Derek Johnson Dave Clark Five head for hitsville again and so do many others
Review of:
The Dave Clark Five: "Bits and Pieces" / "Glad All Over" (Columbia)
Billy J. Kramer: "Little Children" / "Remind Me of You" (Philips)
Kathy Kirby: "Let Me Go Lover" / The Sweetest Sounds" (Decca)
Freddie and the Dreamers: "Over You" / "Come Back When You're Ready" (Colombia)
Tommy Quickly: "Prove It" / "Haven't You Noticed" (Piccadilly)
Drifters: "Vaya Con Dios" / "In the Land of Make Believe" (n.a. )
Gene Pitney: "The Girl Belongs to Yesterday" / "Too Good for the Charm" (United Artists)
Hollies: "Just One Look" / "Keep Off that Friend of Mine" (Parlophone)
Sam Cooke: " "Good News" / "Basin Street Blues" (RCA)
Kinks: "Long Tall Sally" / "I Took My Baby Home" (PYE)
Skeeter Davis: " "He Says the Same Thing to Me" / "End of the World" (RCA)
N.A. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. With the Beatles, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Please Please Me, Beatles (Parlophone)
3. West Side Story, Soundtrack (OHH)
4. How Do You Like It, Gerry and the Pacemakers (Parlophone)
5. Meet the Searchers, Searchers (PYE)
N.A. NME Top Thirty
1. "Needles and Pins" , Searchers (PYE)
2. "I'm the One" , Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
3. "Diane" , Bachelors (Decca)
4. "Anyone Who Had a Heart" , Cilla Black (Parlophone)
5. "Hippy Hippy Shake" , Swinging Blue Jeans (HMV)
Adv. EMI and Decca 7
N.A. Beatles U.S. Show Made into Film
Presley Single [Next Elvis Presley single will be "Love in Las Vegas" ]
Monro single starts storm ["I Love the Little Things" is the winner of BBC-TV "Song for Europe" contest]
More from Exhibition [Pop radio shows broadcast from Ideal Home Exhibition]
Mills to Lewis [Mills, after major hit "Look For the Star" signed by Lewis]
Bachelors on Haynes Show
Freddie and Dreamers Palladium debut
Hollies on 'Easy Beat' [Hollies on Light Programme's "Easy Beat" on March 22]
Searcher Ill [Searchers missed dates in Taunton and Swindon because John McNally was sick]
Clark: 250,000 Advance [Dave Clark's release had a 250,000 order]
N.A. Pictured: Beatles on Stage
Leyton Film So Shapiro-Kane in Tour [Leyton plays opposite Shapiro Kane in "The Guns of Batasi" ]
'Gartners' tour venue
N.A. Faith-Kane tour set — with guest groups
Cilla Black on 'Saturday Club'
Second Merseybeats EP
At Cheltenham [The Fourmost, Hollies, and Merseybeats plays at Cheltenham Town Hall (March 5)]
Cliff's Tour with Shadows Fixed [Cliff Richard and Shadows are set for 3 week tour starting March 28]
Donegan's US Release
Bern Revives Hit
TV Pop Proms with Billy J. and Gerry
Duo for Talk of Town? [Nina and Frederick play at Talk of Town]
Dankworth for Belgium
Barber in benefit
Mancini Here Soon
Sanford's Follow-Up
Crystals Bowl into Million [Crystals booked for AR-TV]
Cliff's Leading Lady on 'Juke Hury'
Allen Evans LPs EPs
Review of:
Bobby Darin, Golden Folk Hits (Capitol)
Frank Sinatra, My Funny Valentine (Capitol)
Big Soul of John Lee Hooker (Stateside)
Beatlemania (Top Six)
Surfaris (Brunswick)
Three Giant Guys (RCA Victor)
Gene Pitney (United Artists)
Shirley Bassey (Columbia)
The Fourmost (Parlophone)
Adam Faith (Parlophone)
Johnny Crawford (London)
Johnny and the Hurricanes — Vol. 2 (London)
Marcie Blane (London)
James Brown (London)
Darlene Love (London)
Monty Babson (PYE Int)
George Mitchell Minstrels (HMV)
Dick Haymes Sings (Capitol)
Ken Dodd (Columbia)
50 Guitars (Liberty)
Derek Johnson Singles (continued)
Fats Domino: "Who Cares" / "Just a Lonely Man" (HMV)
Bobby Vee: "She's Sorry" / "She Loves You" (Liberty)
Roy Orbison: "Borne on the Wind" / "Blue Bayou" (London)
Hank Williams Jr. : "Around the Corner" / "Groovin" (London)
Miracles: "I Gotta Dance to Keep from Crying" / "Such is Love, Such is Life" (Stateside)
Matt Monro: "I Love the Little Things" / "It's Funny How" (Parlophone)
Jim Reeves: "I Love You Because" / "Anna Marie" (RCA)
N.A. Discs from film tunes 10
N.A. Quick Spins 10
Alan Smith Alan Smith investigates the trouble in the Merseybeats 11
Tony Bromley Crystals want to change their sound 11
N.A. Elvis Gives Right Answer 11
N.A. Life-lines of Manfred Mann 12
N.A. 'Little Things' wins BIG vote! [Tony Hatch won "Song for Europe" contest] 12
N.A. Package Merits Full Houses [John Leyton-Rolling Stones package opened its tour at Edmonton, London] 13
N.A. Pictured: Ben E. King and Gerry and the Pacemakers 13
N.A. Pictured: (Left to right) Innocents, John Leyton, two more Innocents, and the five Rolling Stones. In the back are Rod McLellan and Mike Sarne 13
Ian Dove Ben. E triumphs with Gerry in Show 13
N.A. Duke Returns 13
N.A. From Us to You 13
Richard Green Searchers Invade NME Office 14
N.A. Major Lance, Chart Newcomer [Major Lance's new record is a hit] 14
Paul East Paul East finds out more about Chuck Berry from someone close to him, his manager, Bob Astor 14
Adv. Joe Loss Ltd, McDevitt and Shirley Douglas 15
N.A. Personals 15
  Matt Czerkowicz, Spring 2010  
No. 893 21 February 1964  
(cover page) Tony D and the Shakeouts (Picture) 1
Ads "Diane" by the Bachelors on Decca
"5-4-3-2-1" Manfred Mann on HMV
Smith, Alan Cilla Does it! First Girl Chart-Topper Since 1961 2
Green, Richard Dave's Five Watch You! 3
Newell, Norman Norman Newell speaks to Derek Johnson about 'Song For Europe' storm 3
Green, Richard The Crystals praise Manfred Mann for Great Backing 4
Johnson, Derek Group Sounds Comes From all over Britain 5
NME From You to Us 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Review
Rolling Stones, "Not Fade Away" / Little by Little" (Decca)
Russ Conway, "Mack the Knife" / "Bedouin in Baghdad" (Columbia)
Jet Harris, "Big Bad Bass" / "Rifka" (Decca)
Vince Eager, "I Shall Not Be Moved" / "It's Only Make Believe" (Piccadilly)
Tony Sheridan, "My Bonnie" / "When the Saints" (Polydor)
Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, "If You Love Me" / "You Girl" (Decca)
Johnny Mathis, "Bye Bye Barbara" / A Great Night for Crying" (HMV)
Crystals, "I Wonder" / "Little Boy" (London Label)
Gene Vincent, "Humpty Dumpty" / "A Love 'Em and Leave 'Em Kinda Guy" (Columbia)
Ezz Reco and the Launchers, "Little Girl" / "The Bluest Beat" (Columbia)
Chris Sandford, "Not So Little" / "You're Gonna BE My Girl" (Decca)
Danny Williams, "White on White" / "After You" (HMV)
Tornados, "Hot Pot" / "Joy Stick" (Decca)
Philips Spotlight Singles
Dickie Valentine, "Free Me" (Philips)
Eden Kane, "Boy's Cry" (Fontana)
Kiki Dee, "Miracles" (Fontana)
Andy Williams, "A Fool Never Learns" (CBS)
Doris Day, "Move Over Darling" (CBS)
Brook Benton, "Going, Going, Gone!" (Mercury)
Lesley Gore, "You Don't Own Me" (Mercury)
Decca New on Sale Today
The Rolling Stones, "Not Fade Away" (Decca)
The Tornados, "Hot Pot" (Decca)
Tommy Scott, "Who Will It Be" (Decca)
Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers, "If you Love Me" (Decca)
Jet Harris, "Big Bad Bass" (Decca)
Chris Sandford & The Coronets, "You're Gonna Be My Girl" (Decca)
Patrick Macnee & Honor Blackmen, "Kinky Boots" (Decca)
Bobby Bare, "Miller's Cave" (RCAVictor)
Solomon Burke, "He'll Have To Go" (London)
Rufus Thomas, "Can Your Monkey Do the Dog" (London)
The Crescents, "Pink Dominos" (London)
NME Top Thirty
1. "Anyone Who Had My Heart," Cilla Black (Parolphone)
2. "Needles and Pins," Searchers (Pye)
3. "Diane," Bachelors (Decca)
4. "5-4-3-2-1" , Manfred Mann (HMV)
5. "I'm The One," Gerry and the Pacemakers (Columbia)
NME Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Needles and Pins" (Metric)
2. "I'm the One" (Pacermusic)
3. "Diane" (Keith Prowse)
4. "All My Loving" (Northern Songs)
5. "As Usual" (Jewel)
NME New Disc Signings Another Dave Clark Debuts
Monro, Kirby in Palladium Show
Kenny Ball ends Haynes Series
NME Poll Tickets Out Next Week
Harris on Sullivan TV
Fury's first broadcast with the Gamblers
British Discs still top in American
BBC-TV to Film Beatles return from States
Kathy and Adam on 'Night Out'
Sunday concerts for Bachelors
NME Shadows first from new film
Helen's variety weeks
Dave Clark may visit States
NME Heinz LP tribute
Tony Meehan and combo on ballroom tour
Ray Charles and Ronettes returns sets
Berry in documentary [Dave Berry]
Going to Finland [Heinz]
Brian Epstein on "Juke Jury" again
November opening for Joe Brown musical?
Jerry Lee Lewis tour dates
Kathy's shows with Kenny
US arranger for BBC-2 [Buddy Bergman]
All-star bill at "Ready" ball
Ella's tour venues set
New Merseybeat [John Gustafson]
Second Lady tour
Dusty's U.S. visit
NME News Extra
Sammy Davis Flying in for TV Show and Disc Session
Howard Keel in TV 'Kate'
Kramer-Pitney Extended Tour
Darin's Film Tunes
Crystals on 'Go Man Go'
Manfred Mann LP
Harris Show Coming Back
Tony Sheridan for Liverpool
Scots TV Beat Show
Johnson, Derek More Singles Review
Sue Thompson, "Big Daddy" / "I'd Like to Know You Better" (Hickory)
Tony Rivers and the Castaways, "I Love the Way You Walk" / "I Love YOU" (Columbia)
Jimmy Nichol and Shudbubs, "Humpty Dumpty" / "Night Train" (Pye)
Lynda Graham, "You'd Better Believe It" / "That's the Last Thing I Do" (Philips)
Evans, Allen LP Reviews
Conway Twitty: R. & B. (MGM)
Bo Diddley's Beach Party (Pye International)
Chet Atkins: Teen Scence (RCA Victor)
Edinburgh Folk Festivals- Vol. 2 (Decca)
Bud and Travis: Folk Songs: Sad, Moody and Quite Fascinating Sounds (Liberty)
Stars: "Stars and Garters" (Pye Gelden Guinea
Earl Grant: Fly Me to the Moon (Brunswick)
Skeeter Davis (RCA Victor)
Bromley, Tony Tremeloes Make Big Come-Back 11
Storm, Jan Elvis Talks about Cliff, Beatles 11
Evans, Allan EPs
April Stevens/Nino Tempo (London)
Ray Charles (HMV)
Sinatra-Basie (MGM)
Eartha Kitt (MGM)
Mark Wynter, "Wynter Time" (Pye)
Smith, Alan Eden Kane says- Now I've Grown Up 12
Charlton, Bruce "I'm going back to beat," says Helen Shapiro 12
NME Who's Where: One-Nighters 12
Green, Richard New Package Anglo- U.S. Hit! 13
N.A. Nat Hentoff's American Airmail Beatles: 'Gold Drain' 13
Dove, Ian Duke's New Tunes 13
Ronettes Top Ten 13
Hutchins, Chris We Had Stowaways on the Yacht! 14
N.A Continuing Their American Tour, It's the... Beatles in Miami (pictures) 14
NME Classifieds 15
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
Dove, Ian Seeger Here 16
  Jessica Dankner, Spring 2010  
No. 894 28 February 1964  
(cover page) Arthur Howes and Leslie Grade present: Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Dailey and Wayne, Bob Miller and his Millermen [featuring June Leslie and Alan Lee with Dougi Arthur and the Milltones], Cliff Richard (pictured), Hank B. Marvin (pictured), Bruce Welch (pictured), Brian Bennet (pictured), John Rostill (pictured)
The Bachelors (Decca) ("Diane" at No. 2 on the charts)
Manfred Mann (H.M.V) ("5-4-3-2-1" at No.7 on the charts)
Jim Reeves, "I Love You Because," (RCA)
NMExclusive: Elvis with Beatles; Rolling Stones; Freddie; Bachelors
Chris Hutchins The people behind the Beatles—1: Brian Epstein 2
Derek Johnson Gene Pitney puzzles over his act [1st Brit tour starts tomorrow in Nottingham] 2
Jan Storm Elvis with the Beatles: Presley varies tunes in his latest pic 3
Alan Smith A Breathless Freddie (of the Dreamers) [Latest Hit Inspires Wild Dance] 4
Allen Evans EPs [Bachelors; Top Ten; Chubby Checker/Bobby Rydell; Big Dee Irwin/Little Eva; Little Stevie Wonder; Peter, Paul, and Mary; Sammy Davis] 4
N.A. New group the Cammanchies is releasing a new song "Tomorrow" reported to be exemplifying a whole new sound by them. [The will be performing on Lucky Stars on Saturday. ] 4
N.A Bachelors' Life-lines 5
Derek Johnson Groups and Districts 5
NME The week on Alan Dell's Showcase on radio Luxembourg excerpts of various LP's will be exhibited. [featuring the likes of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Leon Young String Chorale, Lena Horne, Stan Getz, Luiz Bonfa, The Kingston Trio, and Bing Crosby] 5
Keith Fordyce Singles Review
Cliff Richard: "Wonderful Life" (Columbia)
Shadows: "Theme for Young Lovers" (Columbia)
Los Indios Tabajaras (The Indians): "Always in My Heart" / "Moonlight and Shadows" (RCA)
Johnny Kidd and the Pirates: "Always and Ever" (HMV)
Four Seasons: "Dawn" (Philips)
Peter and Gordon: "A World without Love" (Columbia)
Bobby Darin: "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" (Capitol)
Rivieras: "California Sun" (Pye)
Conni Francis: "Blue Winter" (MGM)
Chad Stuart and Jerry Clyde: "Like I Love You Today" (Ember)
Lesley Duncan: "You Kissed Me Boy" (Parlophone)
Carefrees: "We Love You Beatles" (didn't say)
Donald Peers: "I'm a Dreamer" (Columbia)
Barry and the Tamerlanes: "Roberta" / "Butterfly" (didn't say)
Paramounts: "Little Bitty Pretty One" (Parlophone)
6 & 10
  Top Thirty
1. "Anyone Who Had a Heart," Cilla Black (Parlophone)
2. "Diane," Bachelors (Decca)
3. "Bits and Pieces," Dave Clark Five (Columbia)
4. "Needles and Pins," Searchers (Pye)
5. "I Think of You," Merseybeats (Fontana)
6. "I'm the One," Gerry and the Peacemakers (Columbia)
7. "5-4-3-2-1," Manfred Mann (HMV)
8. "Candy Man," Brian Poole and the Tremeloes (Decca)
9. "As Usual," Branda Lee (Brunswick)
10. "I'm the Lonely One," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
(10. ) "Not Fade Away," Rolling Stones (Decca)
  Best Selling Sheet Music in Britain
1. "Anyone Who had a Heart" (Hill & Range)
2. "2 Needles and Pins" (Metric)
3. "Diane" (Keith Prowse)
4. "I'm the One" (Pacermusic)
5. "I Think of You" (Robbins)
6. "All My Loving" (Northern Songs)
7. "As Usual" (Jewel)
8. "5-4-3-2-1" (Keith Prowse)
9. "Candy Man" (Schroeder)
10. "Bits and Pieces" (Ardmore & Beechwood)
  Beatles Revival [an instrumental recording done two years ago by the Beatles was released on Friday. ]
The Bachelors and Adam Faith are teaming up to co-star the march 29 edition of Easy Beat. [they will be followed by the Searchers, April 19, and Brian Poole and the Tremeloes, May 10]
Chick Graham, a known performer at the Cavern club, just got signed to become an independent singer for Leeds Music. [Her first record has been leased to Decca music for release on March 13]
Stones and Mann concert series [Robert Stigwood Organization]
Chick on Decca [Chick Graham]
Girl in group [Sandra Barry and the Boys; Escorts; Syndicates]
Top pop interviews from "Ideal Home"
New Beatles disc
London viewers will see Beatles "Big Night Out"
Beatles revival [Polydor releases "Cry for a Shadow" ]
Faith and Bachlors "Easy Beat" co-stars [Adam Faith]
Blue Jeans revive Little Richard hit
Poole for States and South Africa [Brian Poole]
Frankie Vaughan on Palladium TV
Searchers on "Ready" ball
Booked for PoW [Brian Epstein; Vernons Girls; Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers; the Chants; Prince of Wales Theatre]
  The Dave Clark Five will be heading off to America for their appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show next week-end [this is following their first gold disc for sales over a million of "Glad all Over" ]
Presley "Vegas" film opening [Love in Las Vegas opens Mar 22]
Cole, Torme, Freshmen return in summer
And now—Searchers and Dusty for US!
Gerry's "Pop Prom" is set
Big Dee waxes British "Rush"
Lena Horne has been offered a four week slot at the London Palladium, commencing April 4. (if she says yes, she will be staring in "Sunday Night at the London Palladium]
Shirley Bassey: Big U.S. project
Duke's Jazz on BBC-2 [On April 21, Duke Ellington and his Orchestra will star in a 45 minute program]
Fourmost better
Star Charity show
N/A Clark, Jeans, Fury, and Merseybeats for "Lucky"
Kramer joins Vee on radio "Club"
Mike turns to R-and-B
Annette on "Jury"
Goodwin's theme
Sheila's summer show
Ball bound back to Chicago?
Spencer Prague-bound [Don Spencer]
Brenda Lee returns this summer
Derek Johnson Potted Pops [Marilyn Powell; Aces; Bruce Forsyth; Bill Black's Combo; Tony Starr; Buddy Britten and Regents; Hustlers; Vicky Baker] 10
Richard Green Big Dee Has Recorded His Next Here 11
  Top LP's
Roy Acuff, All Time Greatest Hits (Hickory)
N/A, The Marketts Take the Wheel (Warner Bros. )
Jan and Dean, Surf City (Liberty)
Tony Martin, Days of Wine and Roses (MGM)
Limeliters, Josh White, Theodore Bikel, Oscar Brand, and Ed McCurdy,The Original Hootenanny (Pye Golden Guinea)
Jimmy Reed, Just Jimmy Reed (Stateside)
The Four Preps, Songs for Campus Party (Capitol)
Roger Williams with vocal group and Ralph Carmichael's orchestra, For You (London)
Michaels Flanders and Donald Swann, At the Drop of Another Hat (Parlophone)
Eric and Ernie, Mr. Morecambe and Mr. Wise (HMV)
Country and Western: George Jones, George Jones Sings His Greatest hits (London); Hank Snow, I've Been Everywhere (RCA Victor)
  The Cellar Club, London's gateway to the stars [On march 26th the King of Rock 'N' Roll, Jerry Lee Lewis, will be performing backed by the Nashville Teens and supported by the Checkmates] 11
N/A The Beatles get Back to England- and Work! 12
Nat Hentoff The Denny Holland Showband [Featuring Bryan King and Phil & The Snackmen] U.S. TV show wants British talent [Hollywood Palace] 12


Tony bromley Heinz Changes his Mind 13
Bruce Charlton My Disc is Beatles' tribute not Imitation 13
Richard Green The Rolling Stones Confess to a "Noisy" Hedache- Getting Stage sound on Their Discs! 14
Derek Johnson Magnificent Merman 14
Richard Green Searchers' night out! 14
  Janet Davido, Spring 2010  

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