New Musical Express | October 1964

October 2 No. 925  
Chris Hutchins Animals talk about Chuck! Big Stateside thrill 2
Dave Gillard These MODS like these rockers and vise versa as Manfred Mann chats it up with Bill Haley and Comets; Haley says: R 'n' b part of r 'n' r! And here's a review of the rockin' package show 3
n.a. Question time with Marianne Faithful 4
Richard Green Through? Not the Hollies! 4
David Gillard Swinging — as before 4
Derek Johnson Single reviews: Here come the girls! Dionne, Shirley, Kathy, Mary and Millie [Kathy Kirby; Mary Wells; Millie; Shirley Bassey; Dionne Warwick; also Heinz; Tommy Quickly; Sam Cooke; Bobby Shafto] 6
n.a. Stones on "Top Gear"
US chart positions next week—Herman enters!
Another Manchester group's disc debut
Brenda Lee and Roy Orbison tours fixed
Marianne records first album
Two TV dates for Cliff Bennett
Stars' tribute to Churchill
Teen's manager
Dusty joins Dionne on "Beat Room"
Mann and Lulu on "Saturday Swings"
Shadows film release
Presley: disc discovery and TV appearance
Liverpool opening for Animals tour
Honeycombs dates
n.a. Manfred Mann's "Diddy" wins Gold Disc
"Crackerjack" back [BBC-1]
Beach Boys and Supremes' TV dates
n.a. Merseybeats dates
Anthony for London [Richard Anthony]
Julie and P.J. on "Juke Jury"
Bookings for "Lucky Stars"
Matt on "Open House"
Discs from Honeycombs, Kinks, Clark and Teens
Proby on Beatles' "Shindig" TV show
Animals Sullivan TV
Ronettes on Palladium
Ball to Scotland
Little Richard opens
Derek Johnson More singles: Same show song for Satchmo [Armstrong; Ben E. King; Dennisons; Jimmy Young; Rocking Vickers; Jackie Wilson; Rockin' Berries; Mike Leroy; Bill Black]
Out of Season Seasons [Four Seasons]
Potted pops [Chipmunks; Lorne Lesley; Lena Horne; Deke Arlon & the Off-beats; Lesley Duncan; Dickie Rock & Miami Showband; Rag Dolls; Sally & the Alleycats; Rose Brennan]
Derek Johnson Mancini's in — by chance [TV theme music] 11
Allen Evans LPs [The Kinks; Dean Martin; Funny Game, Politics; Best of Little Walter; Careers on LPs] 11
Andy Gray Top songs in Bart's "Maggie" [Lionel Bart's new musical, Maggie May] 11
Cordell Marks Their home was a van! [Cherokees] 12
Ian Dove Newcomers to the charts — Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers; Cherokees 12
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Scroll for Beatles 12
Johnson, Derek Day off all go for Matt Monro 13
n.a. Life-lines of Julie Rogers 13
I.D. New to charts: Tony's new approach pays off [Tony Jackson & the Vibrations] 13
Ian Dove Gene Pitney's 72 days with the Supremes 14
Cordell Marks Lesley Gore corrects some impressions 14
Gordon Waller Letter from New Zealand from Gordon (of Peter and G) 14
October 9 No. 926  
Ian Dove Welcome to - Mary Wells 2
Chris Hutchins Elvis looked like this recording his next disc! 2
Derek Johnson Orbison's "Pretty Woman" leads us to Roy himself 3
Ian Dove Welcome Isley Brothers 3
Chris Hutchins Beatles secrets — by Brian Epstein in his book 4
Allen Evans LP of the week, Eddie Cochran: My Way 4
I.D. Supremes click in 4
Ian Dove Three sides of r 'n' b — pop, jazz, and folk: Stones in pop section [Charlie Foxx] 5
Nat Hentoff Flashes from USA 5
I.S. Erroll Garner's secret—beat AND melody 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Honeycombs-Merseybeats-Manfreds: Here Come the Groups [Everly Brothers; Kyu Sakamoto; Martha/Vandellas; Nashville Teens; Johnny-Hurricanes; the Four]
Potted pops [Vince Philpott and the Drags; Joe Hinton; Jon Early; Ronnie Dove; Max Harris Orchestra; Sarah Vaughan]
n.a. Manfred Mann makes no. 1! [US]
Supremes' TV spots
New disc signings: Liberty's first
US stars' shows: Brenda Lee's concerts set; Proby's first British tour
Stones disc gets away in America
Stones cancel African tour
Short Scots tour for the Kinks
Honeycombs out of panto, Carroll in
Guy Mitchell sought
Sandie Shaw and Petula Clark for "Juke Jury"
Top names in BBC Albert Hall show
P.J.Proby to Liberty
Martin waxes Alma
Forsyth's theatre
n.a. Bachelors' tour dates set
Barron Knights join Davison
Beatles meet to plan next movie
n.a. Animals to play through night
Connie Francis
Discs from Dusty and Marianne
Helen plays "Aladdin"
Roy Orbison for Palladium show: Frankie Vaughan also set
Two TV dates for Heinz
Little Richard misses dates
Murray in TV play
Chart stars on TV and radio
Ronettes and Teens on "Lucky Stars"
Dean's follow-up
Derek Johnson Singles: Dave's "Wall of Sound" [Dave Clark Five; Barron Knights; Ketty Lester; Impressions; Overlanders; Bobby Wood; Frankie Davidson; Poets; Two of Clubs
Lieber-Stoller revival time [Paramounts; Chris Farlow and the Thunderbirds]
Blue beat! [Byron Lee and the Dragonaires]
Potted pops [Carl Wayne; Chris Crosby; Shade Joey and the Night Owls; Wallace Brothers; Blendells]
Ian Dove New to the charts: No. 12 first time for girl with a gimmick in her feet [Sandie Shaw] 11
Dave Gillard Wayne got name from horror pic [Fontana; Mindbenders] 11
P.J.Proby My top ten 12
Andy Gray Julie Rogers saved Britain's face at Amsterdam gala [Grand Gala du Disque] 12
Peter Asher
Alan Price
Stars abroad write to you:
Peter (of P & G) from Sydney
Alan (Animal) Price from America
Heinz from Melbourne
Dave Gillard Herman talks about the Hermits 14
I.D. Ledbelly book 16
October 16 No. 927  
n.a. Life-lines of Sandie Shaw 2
Honeycombs Top ten 2
Derek Johnson Cliff is raring to go! 3
Nat Hentoff Flashes from USA 3
I.D. Howlin' Wolf in blues show 4
Derek Johnson I still can't believe Jim's dead [Chet Atkins] 4
Derek Johnson Single: Pounding Supremes [Kinks; Dusty Springfield; Zombies; Four Pennies; Diana Dors; Drifters; Soul Agents; Peter's Faces; Token; Roger Miller; Gary Miller]
Potted pops [Kenny Napper Orch.; Kris Ryan & the Questions; Ray Merrill; Al Martino; John Boulton; Willie Mitchell; Beverley Jones & the Prestons]
n.a. Freddie barred from S. Africa
Great Wembley show
Chart topper Roy comes in
Epstein produces disc by Ringo's ex-group
Wayne, Mary and Zombies "Lucky"
Newley may take musical to US
New disc signings: Millie's former road manager on Fontana [Dave Blakely, Boomerangs; Thyrds; Spike Milligan; the Echoes; John Schroeder]
Dionne's TV date
Benda Lee in Mann's opening tour show
Adam Faith heads "Saturday Swings"
Singles from Reeves, Beatles, and Stones
Little Richard
n.a. Garland to wax Palladium LP
Shangri-Las visit London next week
Lee Lewis dates
Frankie for Conventry
Paul Anka
n.a. Millie, Lulu and Heinz in touring pop pantos
Hamburg radio "Club" edition
Mann to Join Peter and Gordon in US?
Hermits' new disc on "Ready Steady"
Pitney's "Crackerjack"
Billy Fury to star in his own ATV show
Live US albums for Gerry and Billy J. Kramer
Sandie and Wayne for "Beat Room"
Beatles return to Granada-TV tonight
Derek Johnson Singles: More sweek corn from Dean Martin [Nocturns; Del Shannon; Pretty Things; Spencer Davis; Lorne Gibson; Jelly Beans; Acker Bilk; Temptations; Richard Anthony] 10
Allen Evans LPs [Adam Faith: On the Move; Nancy Wilson: Today Tomorrow Forever; Los Indios Tabajaras; Jack Jones in Love; Johnny Mathis: Wonderful World of Make Believe; Susan Maughan: Sentimental Susan; Hank Williams Jr.: Songs of Hank Williams; Show and Soundtrack] 10
Dove, Ian Rebel sound of Bennett 12
Gordon Sampson Beatles still tops 12
Derek Johnson Big in America: Why not here [Overlanders; Chad and Jeremy] 12
Richard Green Meet John Stokes — Bachelor of Song 13
Cordell Marks Kramer vs. Kinks for screams 13
Tony Bromely Sound before words says Mickie Most 13
Dave Gillard Wayne's other smash hit [Mindbenders; road accident] 14
n.a. Animals get US protection 14
Cordell Marks Newcomers to the charts: More Tabla-Motown [Martha & the Vandellas] 14
David Harvey Five week tour too long for Beatles 16
October 23 No. 928  
Andy Gray Beatles chat about LP, singles, cars 3
Cordell Marks ?-time with the Supremes 3
Derek Johnson Second "Pretty" disc will mean Roy for XMAS! 4
Dave Gillard New to the charts: Chuck in Rockin' Berries 4
Dave Gillard Radio's Val walks tall! 4
Derek Johnson So many dates a day that Sandie is losing her sleep [Sandie Shaw] 5
n.a. Life-lines of Cliff Bennett 5
Derek Johnson Singles: Elvis rocks it up! [Marianne Faithful; Freddie and the Dreamers; Gladys Knight & the Pips; Jack Jones; Roy Hamilton; Joe Loss; Ray Charles; Mike Coton; Contrasts; Dean Martin; Gene McDaniels; Federals; Freddie Starr; Rufus Thomas]
Sutch again
n.a. That Stones show on TV [Dean Martin's Hollywood Palace]
Great composer dies [Cole Porter]
New Disc Signings: Bachelors discover new girl singer [Lynn Ripley; Buster Noble; Rod Stewart; the Artwoods; the Beat Six; Ronnie Jones and the Night-timers; Nix Nomads]
Merseybeats to US
Cilla, Brenda and Kathy in Royal Variety show
Tommy Steele in Xmas TV musical
Lee Lewis, Teens for new film?
Dixie Cups and Pet Clark here
Monro in radio gala
Zombies on TV tonight
Jackson TV repeat [Mahalia Jackson]
Singles from Fourmost, Berry and Newbeats
Sullivan TV date for British duo [Peter and Gordon]
Duke's tour
Julie—US "Pick"
Roy Orbison, Honeycombs, and Hermits win "Golds"
Russ Conway's summer season
Freddie "Swings"
n.a. Bachelors' summer show at Yarmouth
Hollies and Vandellas complete "top Beat"
n.a. Lady of Madrid
Tamla-Motown TV bookings
Dionne on Tarbuck show
Della Reese on ABC-TV's
Orbison returns to Palladium TV
Marianne on "Juke Jury"
Julie in cabaret
Clark on US TV show
Mickie makes a mint
Rolling Stones disc date—two TV appearances
Dusty "Lucky"
American hit for Marianne
n.a. Adam returns to Top US TV show [Adam Faith]
Kinks and Jackson on Joe Los show
Fourmost on US TV
Mike Sarne on P.J.Proby dates
Forsyth's opening
Ball for Scandinavia
Pet on Cotton show
Lee Lewis joins Rolling Stones on "Saturday Club"
Doonican's "Gear" bow
Stubby's TV dates
Millie for Australia
Richard Green Professor Chris puts things straight [Chris Curtis; American music] 11
Nat Hentoff American Airmail 11
Derek Johnson Why all the fuss asks Matt Monro 12
Richard Green Bachelor of Song: Con Clusky 12
Richard Green Five Manns equal one recording manager [Manfred Mann] 13
Chris Hutchins
Richard Green
Chris Hutchins
Richard Green
NME covers the latest touring pop package shows
Cliff, Shadows
Honecombs, Apple jacks
n.a. Animals on Sullivan TV 16
October 30 No. 929  
Andy Gray Julie just keeps going up [Julie Rogers] 3
Richard Green Stones off again, so fans chase our reporter 3
Cordell Marks Facts about the Seasons 4
Andy Gray Dusty says . . . [Dusty Springfield] 4
Richard Green The Honeycombs and the Knockers 5
Derek Johnson Cliff [with chopped off hairstyle] is swinging 6
Derek Johnson All set for royal gala [Brenda Lee, Bachelors, Kathy Kirby] 6
Derek Johnson Singles: Jim Reeves' new disc is not so effective [Miracles; Mark Wynter; Isley Brothers; Beat Six; Kitty Wells; Yardbirds; Twinkle; Shelley; Dee Clark]
Memories of Tokyo [Helmut Zacharias and His Orchestra; Bert Weedon: Spike Milligan]
Potted pops: Frankie Randall; The Art Woods; Buster Noble; Pepe Jaramillo; Sounds Orchestral; Originells Four; David Box; Milly McCandless]
Nat Hentoff Stones—Sullivan TV 10
Cordell Marks Hollies triumph 10
n.a. Berries and Kins for "Beat Room"
Johnny Ray, Dusty, Bachelors—Palladium
More bookings for Brenda Lee
Musical's opening date [Millicent Martin, Kenneth More; Our Man Crichton]
Tempest brings in US stars
Peter and Gordon record new group [the Aztecs; the Primitives; Mal Ryder and the Spirits: the Bad Boys; Mark Peters; Beatchics; Cops 'n' Robbers; Mark Five]
Marlene's season
Bachelors' TV series
Darin v. Shannon
Releases by Bore, Lulu and Vaughan
Merseybeats visit Rome
n.a. Searchers and Berries on ITV
NME writers' radio series
Sandie Shaw ill in bed
n.a. Beatles will film a comedy thriller
Applejacks Scots tour
Pitney on "Open"
NME show on ITV again
Beatles single
Cilla for Blackpool
John Leyton to live in States
Julie on "Easy Beat"
Mann dates
Freddie on TV tonight
Adam "Swings"
Those Canadians on top TV show [the Travellers]
Things to US?
Gerry and Billy J. taped live in US
Honeycombs for Paris
Peggy Lee tour
Little Peggy for UK
Julie's charity show
n.a. Albums from Brenda Lee and Roy Orbison
Stones and Animals on ITV "Rag Ball"
Jeans to tour Scandinavia
Scots tours for Rockin' Berries
Denver for Aden
Soul sisters' tour
Dave Berry and Cruisers part
Sandie "A Gogo"
Johnny Rivers due
Chuck Berry's January tour
Howlin' Wolf's opening
Musical opening
Four Pennies dates
Donegan's Cotton show
Derek Johnson Singles: Johnny rocks country hit [Johnny Kidd; Donald Peers; Nix-Nomads; Alma Cogan; Toby Browne; Stylos; Johnny Tillotson; Rod Stewart; Thyrds; Mugwumps; Plebs; Tommy Bruce; Multi-guitars]
Potted pops [Trendsetters Limited; Ronnie Dane; the Others; Goldebriars; Laurie Johnson Orch.; Mickey Lee Lane; Peppi; Monty Babson; Sneekers; First Gear]
Allen Evans LPs [Gene Vincent: Shakin' Up a Storm; Barron Knights: Call Up the Groups; Two Sides of Four Pennies; Four Seasons: Rag Doll] 13
I.D. Jazz LPs [Satchmo at Pasadena; Count Basie: Easin' It] 13
Ian Dove Beach Boys end an "emotional struggle" 14
Billy J. Kramer Writes about his American trip with Gerry and the Pacemakers in Edmonton, Canada 14
Nat Hentoff American Airmail: Buy it from a juke-box 14
n.a. Lonely Elvis 14
Sandy Shaw My top ten 14
Dave Gillard Hollies miss out on U.S. fame 15
Richard Green "Pretty Things" hit will mean another party! 15
Dave Gillard Helmut tries for a "gold" [Helmut Zacharius] 15
n.a. Life-lines of New Beats 16
Richard Green Bachelor of song: Dec Clusky 16
Derek Johnson Behind Shirley Bassey's hit—John Barry puts Bond to music 17
Richard Green Question time with Carl Perkins 17
Dave Gillard The five Poets have Burns-style hair! 18

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