New Musical Express | December 1965

No. 985 3 December 1965  
Cover Karlins, Who Would? 1
Drummond, Norrie Partners of Five Years Tony Hatch Talks about Pet’s Two Triumphant Months [Petula Clark] 2
Smith, Alan Tony Bennett Has Yo-Yo Hit [“I Left My Heart in San Francisco”] 3
n.a. Songman Mitch Becomes a Singing Monster  
n.a. Plenty in the Can [Cliff Richard]  
n.a. Who’s Where  
n.a. Star Quote  
Derek, Johnson Singles Reviewed:
Unit 4 + 2, “You’ve Got to Be Kind” / “I Won’t Let You Down” (Decca)
Beach Boys, “The Little Girl I Once Knew” / “There’s No Other” (Capitol)
Applejacks, “I’m Through” / “We Gotta Get Together” (Decca)
Nini Rosso, “Starlight Melody” / “Nostalgia” (Durium)
Little Eva, “Stand by Me” / “That’s My Man” (Stateside)
Eddy Arnold/Dodie West, “Make the World Go Away” (RCA)
John Baez, “Farewell Angelina”/ “Queen of Hearts” (Fontana)
N.A New to You 4
  P.F. Sloan Pens Herman’s Tune  
  Hedgehoppers Record Second King Song  
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. “The Carnival Is Over,” Seekers (Colombia)
2.  “1-2-3,” Len Barry (Brunswick)
3.  “My Generation,” Who (Brunswisk)
4.  “Tears,” Ken Dodd (Colombia)
5.  “Wind Me Up,” Cliff Richard (Colombia)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. “Turn! Turn! Turn!”, Byrds
2. “I Hear a Symphony,” Supremes
3. “ 1-2-3 ,” Len Barry
4. “Lets Hang On,” Four Seasons
5. “I Got You,” James Brown
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain
1.  Sound of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
2.  Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
3.  Help!, Beatles (Parlophone)
4.  Out of Our Heads, Rolling Stones (Decca)
5.  Elvis for Everyone, Elvis Presley (RCA)
N.A. Animals Fight New Label’s Bid to Issue Old Waxings
After Beatle Paul . . . Now Jagger Goes ‘Solo’
Freddie Gets U.S. TV Series
Tommy’s ‘Sixpence’ Film Set
Pop-Liners [Sonny and Cher]
Sadie to France
U.S. Names for Club
Tom Jones, Hollies, Ivy Radio Dates
Wayne for RSG
Hermits Die for Israel
Folk Singer’s Film
Now Proby Can Stay
Walkers in TV Special
Hollies’ TV Dates
N.A. Beatles, Proby, Cliff Xmas Day Radio!
Palladium TV for Seekers, Walkers and Honeycombs
Donovan Wage Curb
Fortunes to Wales
Ifield with Cliff
Gene Pitney – Len Barry Tour Here
Who Tour with Fortunes
Tom Jones TV
Who Snowbound
Donovan Documentary
Yardbirds for San Remo!
Beatle Publishers’ Deal
Pretty Thing Is Disc Producer
Smith, Allan Ken Dodd Politely and Reluctantly Hits Back 8
Allen, Evans LPs Reviewed:
Beatles, Rubber Soul (Parlophone)
Elvis Presley, Elvis for Everyone (RCA Victor)
Sadie Shaw, Me (Pye)
Soul of Sounds Orchestral (Piccadilly)
N.A. Star Quote 8
Bromley, Tom From You to Us 10
Altham, Keith Chris Might Beat Beatles 10
Alleycat Tailpieces 12
  Ian Zinn, February 2006  
No. 986 10 December 1965
n.a. cover 1
Smith, Alan …goes on tour with the Beatles 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed
Merseybeats, “I Stand Accused” (Fontana)
Beryl Marsden, “Music Talk” (Columbia)
Twinkle, “The End of the World” (Decca)
Lesley Gore, “I Won’t Love You Anymore” (Mercury)
Dionne Warwick, “Are You There” (Pye)
Ketty Lester, “West Coast” (Capitol)
Little Jimmy Dickens, “May the Bird of Paradise Fly up Your Nose” (CBS)
Mindbenders, “A Groovy Kind of Love” (Fontana)
Kenny Ball, “Four or Five Times” (Pye)
Roger Miller, “England Swings” (Phillips)
Ronnie Hilton, “Rocky Old Boat” (HMV)
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed
Walker Brothers, Take It Easy (Phillips)
Wilson Pickett, In the Midnight Hour (Atlantic)
First and Foremost (Parlophone)
n.a. NME Top 30
1.  Beatles: “Day Tripper” (Parlophone)
2.  The Seekers: “The Carnival Is Over” (Columbia)
3.  Len Barry: “1-2-3” (Brunswick)
4.  Cliff Richard: “Wind Me Up” (Columbia)
5.  The Who: “My Generation” (Brunswick”
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1.  Byrds, “Turn! Turn! Turn!”
2.  Supremes, “I Hear a Symphony”
3.  Four Seasons, “Let’s Hang On”
4.  James Brown, “I Got You”
5.  Dave Clark Five, “Over and Over”
n.a. Best Selling LPs in Britain
1.  Beatles, Rubber Soul (Parlophone)
2.  Sound of Music [soundtrack] (RCA)
3.  Mary Poppins [soundtrack] (HMV)
4.  Beatles, Help! (Parlophone)
5.  Elvis Presley, Elvis for Everyone (RCA)
n.a. Beatles Hit Harder With New Single, LP
Dodd Gets ‘Gold’ at Palladium
Beatles’ Manager Ill
Bid Fails to Stop Old Animals Sides
Cathy McGowan in RSG-2?
Pitney Tour Date
Animal ‘waiters’ !
Kathy Kirby Summer Show, Sunday Concerts
Agency Merger Off?
Bachelor’s First JBJ
U.S. LP Wins Gold Disc for Stones
Silkie Summer Plans
Sandie Shaw Cabaret
Hogmanay Radio Pirate
Marianne: Big Film with Songs by Stones
n.a. Beatle Dad’s Disc
Scaffold Curtailed
Walkers, Bachelors, Searchers for ‘Stars’ TV
Stars Set for New Series; More of Andy Williams
Petula Clark – Savoy Cabaret
‘Pretty’ Drummer with the Who
Kink Songs for Elvis?
Hollies, Herman Xmas Radio
Orbison Tour Shock
Bachelors, Frankie Vaughan Join Star Palladium Lineup
Disc Releases Stop
Jones, Proby for ‘Now’
P&G Wax Elvis
Sinatra Week Next Month
Joe Brown Radio Series
Proby’s World – On Film!
Dusty: Ballroom Dates
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 16
Altham, Kieth Who Admit They’re Feuding 16
n.a. NME Poll Winners Supplement 7
Johnson, Derek …Sums up the Voting 9
n.a. Top Winners Say Thanks 10
Johnson, Derek Sixth ‘Top’ for Shads 12
Sloan, Tom We’re Delighted! 12
Drummond, Norrie Fontella’s Not So Sad Now! 17
Altham, Kieth Sandie’s Set to Act! 17
Bromley, Tom From You to Us 17
n.a. Life Lines of the Toys 18
n.a. New to the Charts 18
n.a. Classifieds 19
Smith, Alan Beatles Terrific …and Rest of Bill 20
Alley Cat Tailpieces 20
  Jacob Barry, March 2006  
No. 988 17 December 1965  
Altham, Keith Walker Brothers Get Flat Smelling 'Funky' then They're Thrown Out! 2
NME From the NME 5 Years Ago:
1. Elvis Presley, "It's Now or Never" (RCA)
2. Drifters, "Save the Last Dance tor Me" (London)
3. Cliff Richard, "I Love You" (Columbia)
4. Anthony Newley, "Strawberry Fair" (Decca)
5. Nina and Frederik, "Little Donkey" (Columbia)
NME From the NME 10 Years Ago:
1. Dickie Valentine, "Christmas Alphabet" (Decca)
2. Bill Haley & Comets, "Rock around the Clock" (Brunswick)
3. Four Aces, "Love Is a Many Splendoured Thing" (Brunswick)
4. Winifred Atwell, "Let's Have a Ding-Dong" (Decca)
5. Stargazers, "Twenty Tiny Fingers" (Decca)
Altham, Keith Keith Altham Talks to Ray Williams about Borisoff!! 3
Smith, Alan Hollies' Graham Nash Blasts Back at George [Harrison] 3
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:
Connie Francis, "Jealous Heart" (MGM)
The Bachelors, "Hello Dolly!" (Decca)
Barbara Kay, "Chips With Everything" (Pye)
Buddy Greco, "Mr. Kiss-Kiss Bang-Bang" (Columbia)
Righteous Brothers, "Ebb Tide" (London)
Eddie Calvert, "Letkiss Jenka" (Columbia)
Sonny Bono, "The Revolution Kind" (Atlantic)
Simon and Garfunkel, "The Sound of Silence" (CBS)
Rupert and David, "The Sound of Silence" (Decca)
Dee Dee Sharp, "I Really Love You" (Cameo)
Jackie Edwards, "White Christmas" (Island)
Joe Tex, "A Sweet Woman Like You" (Atlantic)
Transatlantics, "Stand Up and Fight Like a Man" (Fontana)
Solomon Burke, "Only Love (Can Save Me Now)" (Atlantic)
Danny King's Mayfair Set, "Amen" (Columbia)
Hamilton Folk Four, "Show Me a Man" (Columbia)
Esther Philips, "Release Me" (Ember)
Jill Day, "I'm Old Fashioned" (Polydor)
Dilys Watling, "Say Who You Are" (Polydor)
The Sons of Fred, "I, I, I (Want Your Lovin')" (Parlophone)
Josh Hanna, "When I Love You" (Parlophone)
The Laurie Johnson Orchestra, "Theme from: 'The Avengers'" (Pye)
Barry Gray and His Orchestra, "Theme from: 'Thunderbirds'" (Pye)
Johnny Gustafson, "Take Me for a Little While" (Polydor)
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:
Elvis Presley, Harem Holiday (RCA Victor)
The Who, My Generation (Brunswick)
The Shadows, More Hits! (Columbia)
The Kinks, The Kink Kontroversy (Pye)
Len Barry, 1-2-3 (Brunswick)
Ramsey Lewis Trio, More Sounds of Christmas (Chess)
Andy Wlliams, Christmas Album (CBS)
Frank Sinatra, The Connoisseurs' Sinatra (Capitol)
Johnny Mathis, Away from Home (HMV)
Nancy Wilson, Gentle Is My Love (Capitol)
Nat 'King' Cole, Looking Back (Capitol)
Jack Jones, The Romantic Voice of Jack Jones (Music for Pleasure)
Christy Minstrels, The Eve of Destruction Man (Ember)
Modern Jazz Quartet, Patterns (United Artists)
Jimmy Smith, Organ Grinder's Swing (Verve)
Various Artists, Definitive Jazz Scene (HMV)
Johnny Cash, The True West (CBS)
Esther Philips, 'Little' Esther Philips (HMV)
Skeets McDonald, Goin' Steady with the Blues (Music for Pleasure)
NME NME Top Thirty:
1. Beatles, "Day Tripper"/"We Can Work It Out" (Parlophone)
2. Seekers, "The Carnival Is Over" (Columbia)
3. Ken Dodd, "The River" (Columbia)
4. Len Barry, "1-2-3" (Brunswick)
5. The Who, "My Generation" (Brunswick)
NME Best Selling Pop Records in US:
1. Byrds, "Turn! Turn! Turn!"
2. Dave Clark Five, "Over and Over"
3. James Brown, "I Got You"
4. Four Seasons, "Let's Hang On"
5. Supremes, "I Hear a Symphony"
NME Best Selling LPs in Britain:
1. Beatles, "Rubber Soul" (Parlophone)
2. Soundtrack, "Sound of Music" (RCA)
3. Soundtrack, "Mary Poppins" (HMV)
4. Beatles, "Help!" (Parlophone)
5. The Walker Brothers, "Take It East with the Walker Brothers" (Philips)
NME Round the World:
Germany: 1. Rolling Stones, "Get Off of My Cloud"
Holland: 1. Paul McCartney, "Yesterday"
New Zealand: 1. Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone"
Sweden: 1. Paul McCartney, "Yesterday"
n.a. Dave Clark Tops U.S. Chart- Beatles Moving Up
TV Man Helps Proby Plan New Cabaret Act [P.J. Proby]
Major Jazz Tour Set [Woody Herman, Duke Ellington]
McCoy Leaves Hospital [Rick Zehringer of the McCoys]
Beatles and Stones Films Both Start in April
Cilla's First Single for Nine Months [Cilla Black]
Who- Fortunes Dates Change
Silkie for U.S. New Single Set
Spencer Davis to America?
Mike Berry Panto
RSG...Carry On! ["Ready Steady, Go!" TV Show]
Searchers' Dates, World Trip
Hollies Cabaret
Drum Firm Chief Dies [Albert Claude DellaPorta of Premier Drums]
'Ivy' Man, CBS Producer [Irving Martin of the Ivy League]
Fontella TV Dates [Fontella Bass]
Chad, Jeremy U.S. TV [Jeremy Clyde, Chad Stuart]
Proby and a Psychiatrist [P.J. Proby]
Small Faces Film Delay
Donovan for U.S. Cabaret, Tour
New Hedgehoppers [Hedgehoppers Anonymous]
n.a. U.S. Says 'Yes' to Jonathan, 'No' to Fortunes [Jonathan King]
Sullivan TV for Ryan Twins [Paul and Berry Ryan]
Elvis on Christmas Radio [Elvis Presley]
Walkers Out of Palladium [Walker Brothers]
Russ Conway Better
All 1965 Chart-Toppers on X-Mas Day TV Show ["Top Of the Pops"]
Elvis Rejects New British Visit Bid [Elvis Presley]
Fourmost Leaves [Guitarist Mike Milward leaves the Fourmost]
TWO Len Barry Singles
Stopped- that Old Animals Disc
Cotton BBC-TV Guest ["Billy Cotton Music Hall"]
Manfreds Out of U.K. for Much of 1966 [Manfred Mann]
Fordyce Back on RSG [Keith Fordyce]
Wayne Plans Solo LP [Wayne Fontana]
Toys Want to Tour Here
Janie Marden, Actress
Beatles Show Tonight
Unit Four Dance Date, Irish Trip [Unit Four Plus Two]
Beatle Number for Frankie Vaughan
Yardbirds, Hollies, Ivy 'Place' [the Ivy League, "This Must Be the Place" TV Show]
Light Music Fare ["Jazz Beat" TV Show]
Patty La Belle Date
Johnson, Derek Are the Pirate Radio Stations a Menace? 8
Evans, Allen 'Charlie Girl' and 'Hello Dolly' Musicals Make Good LPs 8
n.a. Make a Date to See & Hear the Stars [Radio and TV Listings] 8
n.a. Life Lines of Fontella Bass  
Hutchins, Chris Proby Vows: My Hell-Raising Days Are Over [P.J. Proby] 9
Evans, Allen EPs Reviewed:
Animals, "In the Beginning there Was Early Animals" (Decca)
Oscar Patterson Trio (Mercury)
Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders, Walking on Air (Fontana)
Ivy League, The Holly and the Ivy League (Piccadilly)
Everly Brothers, Rock 'n' Soul (Vol. 2) (Warner Bros.)
Searchers, Four by Four (Pye)
The Queen and Quincy (Mercury)
Nina Simone, Fine and Mellow (Colpix)
Brook Benton, Born to Sing the Blues (Mercury)
Frank Sinatra, Hello Dolly (Reprise)
Frank Sinatra, More Sinatra-Basie (Reprise)
Bachelors, Hits (Vol. 2) (Decca)
P.J. Proby, Christmas with P.J. (Liberty)
Peter Cook/Dudley Moore (Decca)
Liverpool Goes Country (Rex)
n.a. From YOU to US [Fan Letters] 9
n.a. More Beatles Records  
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 9
Smith, Alan London Turns on the Beatlemania 10
n.a. French Star Wants to Record in London [Johnny Hallyday] 10
n.a. Classifieds 11
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
n.a. NME Popword [Word Search Puzzle] 12
  Lucas Brode, March 2006  
No. 988 24 December 1965  
Smith, Alan Elvis in a Harem! [Elvis' 'Harem Holiday' is his worst movie yet.] 2
Gray, Andy Frank Ifield's tuneful 'Swagman' [While not a superb musical, "Up Jumped a Swagman" comes out well.] 2
Altham, Keith RSG' goes out of its mind! [The Christmas Eve caper includes: the Animals, the Who, the Kinks, Herman's Hermits, Cilla Black, Cathy McGonan, and Chris Farlowe.] 2
D.J. Beatles Zany Xmas Chat [The Beatles sent out a free copy of their special Christmas message to everyone in their fan club.] 3
n.a. The Name Game 3
Smith, Alan What They Bought at Harrods [The Beatles are given people-free time at Harrods for Christmas shopping.] 3
n.a. Dakota two jazz oldies
"When It's Sleepy Time Down South"
Johnson, Derek Singles
Doris Day: "Do Not Disturb"/"Au Revoir Is Goodbye with a Smile" (CBS)
Jackie Lee: "The Duck"/"Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide" (Fontana)
Lenny Welch: "Run to My Lovin' Arms"/"Coronet Blue" (London)
Dee Dee Warwick: "Gotta Get a Hold of Myself"/"Another Lonely Saturday" (Mercury)
Steve Brett: "Chains on My Heart" / "Sugar Shack" (Columbia)
Emeralds: "King Lonely the Blue" / "Someone Else's Fool" (Decca)
Young Rascals: "Ain't Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore" / "Slow Down" (Atlantic)
Spokesmen: "It Ain't Fair"/"Have Courage, Be Careful" (Brunswick)
Royalettes: "I Want to Meet Him"/"Never Again" (MGM)
n.a. Shop Window
The Alexander Brothers: "The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen"/"Down in the Glen" (Pye)
Bert Wollau Orchestra and Chorus: "Sleepy" (Decca)
May Davis: "Butterflies" (n.a.)
n.a. Storming, Driving Pretty Things [The only potential hit this holiday season is "Midnight to Six Man"/"Can't Stand the Pain," by Dick Taylor and Phil May.] 4
n.a. Distinctive.  Bert Kaempfert: "Bye Bye Blues"/"Remember When" 4
Evans, Allen LPs
3 Stars for Gene Pitney's Gene Pitney Sings the Great Songs of Our Time.
NME NME Top Thirty: This Week's Top Thirty
1. "Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out," Beatles (Parlophone)
2. "The Carnival Is Over," Seekers (Columbia)
3. "The River," Ken Dodd (Columbia)
4. "Wind Me Up," Cliff Richard (Columbia)
5. "1-2-3," Len Barry (Len Barry)
  Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.
1. "Over And Over," Dave Clark Five
2. "Turn! Turn! Turn!," Byrds
3. "I Got You," James Brown
4. "Let’s Hang On," Four Seasons
5. "Sounds Of Silence," Simon & Garfunkel
  Best Selling LPs in Britain
1. Rubber Soul, Beatles (Parlophone)
2. Sound Of Music, Soundtrack (RCA)
3. Mary Poppins, Soundtrack (HMV)
4. Take It Easy With The Walker Brothers, Walker Brothers (Philips)
4. Farewell Angelina, Joan Baez (Fontana)
Cockcroft, Barry Freddie a natural in panto comedy [In a presentation of "Aladdin," Freddie Garrity shows his natural panto talent.] 6
n.a. The Beatles Do It Again!  [The Beatles have released chart-topping "We Can Work It Out"/"Day Tripper"]
Seekers 'Carnival' Million--Australian Tour [The Seekers won their second Gold Disc of 1965--"The Carnival Is Over."]
Beatles, Sinatra on Xmas 199! [Many artists have recorded Christmas messages to Radio Caroline listeners including the Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Sammy Davis.]
Bassey Palladium! Dodd TV Actor! [Shirley Bassey tops the bill in ATV's "Palladium Show."]
Eden Kane team together again [Eden Kane returns to his former recording manager Michael Barclay.]
New disc producer [Cyril Stapleton is being negotiated to produce records for Pye.]
Manfreds JBJ Date [Manfred Paul Jones returns to the panel of BBC-1's "Juke Box Jury."]
Fortunes TV for next single [The Fortunes are booked for TV appearances in the US that coincide with the release of their next single.]
Walkers' Northern Cabaret Date [The Walker Brothers make their debut in cabaret for one week.]
Dionne Warwick RSG [Dionne Warwick leads a parade of American visitors appearing on "Ready, Steady, Go!"]
Hollies: Poland [The Hollies will begin a 12-day tour in Poland.]
Dickie Henderson, Satch on BBC-2 [Dickie Henderson will tele-record his own spectacular for BBC-2.]
Who's next single named, U.S. trip [The Who's will release "Circles" and go on a U.S. tour.]
Dusty Soon To U.S.? [Dusty Springfield will most likely visit America.]
Sonny, Cher here April [Sonny and Cher will tour in Britain for the first three weeks in April.]
Bert Kaempfert visit [German orchestra leader Bert Kaempfert comes to Britain to promote "Bye Bye Blues."]
Berries to Bermuda [The Rockin' Berries will visit Bermuda for cabaret during March.]
Francoise at Savoy [Francoise Hardy has been rebooked for a three-week cabaret season in London.]
Sam Cooke discs [Andrew Oldham's Immediate Records will release a single and EP by Sam Cooke.]
Herman tops the Beatles in 1965 American chart survey [Herman's Hermits top the Beatles as America's Best Vocal Group in a survey of its charts by the American music magazine "Cashbox"!]
World-Wide Disc Show [A new weekly two-way request show, "Records Round The World," will begin with Judith Chalmers and Paddy Feeny as comperes.]
n.a. Stramash' shock [BBC-1's "Stramash" will be seen by Scottish viewers only starting next month.]
McCoys to Return [The McCoys are scheduled to return because of the cancellations due to illness.]
Newley-Bricusse team for film [Anthony Newley has been signed for a major role in the film "Doctor Doolittle."]
Tony Bennett on 208 [The first program of "The Many Moods of Tony Bennett" will begin on January 1st.]
Joe Tex Visit Off [Suffering from pneumonia, Joe Tex called off his London visit.]
Animals 'Lucky Stars' date [The Animals introduce their first single on the Decca label in ABC-TV's "Thank Your Lucky Stars".]
Monro Back Soon [Matt Monro's new single "Beyond The Hill" is issued and he will return to promote it.]
American folk stars on February tour [The Ian Campbell Folk Group headlines a tour with Gordon Lightfoot and Ian and Sylvia.]
Pitney Tour Change [The Gene Pitney-Len Barry tour location has changed.]
CHLA, Bass, Fame, Wayne For 'Club' [Fontella Bass, Paul and Barry Ryan and Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames head a strong bill in "Saturday Club" on January 22.]
First album soon from Dave Dee [Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich's "You Make It Move" is No. 24 on "Crackerjack"]
Tom Jones at Clubs [Tom Jones doubles in cabaret at two clubs.]
Surprise Sonny & Cher single; Bob Dylan [American singles by Bob Dylan, Len Barry, Roy Head, and Sonny & Cher are among the first releases of the New Year.]
Make a Date to See and Hear the Stars [Television, Radio and Performing schedules]
n.a. Advertisements 8
n.a. How Well Do You Remember '65? [Quiz on 1965] 9
n.a. ABC Pop Quiz [Alphabet quiz on 1965] 9
n.a. NME Popword [Crossword puzzle of the week.] 9
Altham, Keith New Sounding Kinks [An interview with Kink Ray Davies in which their band and music was discussed: Elvis Number, brother Dave] 10
n.a. Jim Reeves pics from his 'Memorial & Souvenir Photo Album' [In the Christmas mall comes the long-awaited "Jim Reeves Memorial & Souvenir Photo Album--Vol. 1" from his widow, Mary Reeves, who is the publisher.] 10
Gray, Andy Late starter [New musical "Charlie Girl" scores all its goals in the second half, as if its enthusiastic team are afraid of losing.] 10
n.a. Classified Advertisement 11
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 12
Altham, Keith Twang!' still has troubles [The show 'Twang!', viewed by an invited audience including Paul McCartney, still lacks.] 12
Hentoff, Nat American Airmail 12
  Alicea Cock-Esteb, February 2006  

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