New Musical Express

April 1968

6 April No. 1108  
Keith Altham Marriage Is Now Groovy Says Newly-wed Sandie (Shaw) 2
Ann Moses Exclusive from Monkees Hollywood Film Set 3
Richard Green Screamers Drive Hollies from Home 4
Keith Altham Maharishi links Beatles and Beach Boys 5
Allen Evans LP’s 5
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed ( Lee Dorsey,Equals, Supremes, Karl Denver Trio, Love After Flowerpot Men, Neil Diamond) 6
n.a. NME Top 30 7
n.a. "Offensive" Bee Gees TV play? 8
n.a. Engelbert Follow-up Set and Singles by Solomon, Troggs, Kinks 8
n.a. Hump, Lulu, Solomon, Affair, Hollies, Shadows, Ryans, Sinatra TV news 8
n.a. Beatles to Make Concert Return as Soloists? Beach Boy May Open Peace Campaign at London Olympia 9
n.a. Max, Bachelors at Blackpool 9
Nick Logan Marriage Has Mellowed Gene Pitney 10
Richard Green Andy Relaxes 11
June Harris U.S. Rockers Heading for Britain 11
Ann Moses Lots of Characters in Monkees Film 11
Alan Smith Amen Corner- Alan Smith Continues His In-depth Profiles 12
Richard Green Paper Dolls Are ‘In’ People 12
Keith Altham Big Night for the Bee Gees 13
Richard Green Meanwhile, Backstage… 13
Andy Gray Let’s Hope We Can All Say ‘Congratulations’ to Cliff 14
Alan Smith Memorable Night from Esther & Abi 14
Nick Logan Honeybus Third Time Lucky 14
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 14
  Jason Karp — 18 April 2002  
13 April No. 1109  
Alan Smith Parents ‘Built Up’ Son Paul So He Could Play 2
Keith Altham Very Early Morning Chat With Mike 3
Richard Green Girl Group Comeback 4
n.a. Two Sets of Three 5
n.a. Trogg Reg Phones from U.S. 5
Derek Johnson Top Single Reviews 6
n.a. NME Top 30 7
n.a. ‘Saturday Club’ is Aged 500! 8
n.a. Cilla Colour; Mireille Series in June; Scott, Sandie in TV Shows 8
n.a. Cabaret, Olympics for Foundations 8
n.a. Seekes Concerts Set in South England 8
n.a. Hollies, Paul Jones and Scaffold as One Act 9
n.a. Solomon, Don Partridge in Blackpool Summer Show? 9
n.a. Summer Concert Tour for Cliff, Shads; Film Date? 9
n.a. Eurovision Hit in English 9
Allen Evans LP’s 10
Derek Johnson More Singles 10
June Harris Paul May Take ‘Tour’ to States 10
Ann Moses New LP’s from The Monkees and Mamas And Papas 10
Alan Smith Amen in Depth 11
Alan Smith Conley Cuts Tribute to Otis 11
Keith Altham Jekyll and Hyde Sides of Don Partridge 12
n.a. Kiss Curl Haley is Back in Charts 12
Bob Holness Top Ten 13
n.a. Take it Easy for Easter 14
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
Nick Logan Herd Overcome Gremlin 16
Richard Green Masterful Gene Pitney 16
  Jason Karp — 18 April 2002  
20 April No. 1110  
Nugent, Nicholas At a Beatle Birthday Party in Maharishi-Land 2
Hutchins, Chris Elvis Led Standing Ovation for Tom 3
Logan, Nick Truth Behind Move Split 4
Harris, June Simon’s Not Our Bag, Says Fruitgum Co 4
Asher, Peter I Feel Like Going Out 4
Altham, Keith At Home with Face Steve… What an Experience 5
n.a. Classy Humperdinck Heads for No 1 Spot 6
n.a. Bubbling Sandie- Best for Ages 6
n.a. New Monkee Group Soon? 8
n.a. Engelbert Follows in Tom’sFootsteps at the Flamingo 8
n.a. Extra Hollies-Jones-Scaffold Concert Dates Set 8-9
n.a. Amen, Procol, Who & Dusty Back Britain with US Tour 8-9
n.a. Kefford Goes Solo 8-9
n.a. Lulu’s 2 Dates For Davy 9
n.a. More Bill Oldies; Trem, Boys, Dionne, Set, Who Otis Newies 9
n.a. Definite-Zoot Joins Burdon 9
n.a. All- Happening Floyd 10
Evans, Allen LPs 10-11
Altham, Keith Herd Struggles to Overcome this Image 11
Altham, Keith Three Good Reasons Why John Rowles Must Become A Big Star 12
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 12
n.a. Concluding Alan Smith’s Amen Corner Profiles 13
Harris, June Jimi Hendrix has SRO Experience in US 14
Moses, Ann Traffic Feel Free 14
Berkeley, Rowan Jacky Makes It after 17 Years 14
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
Altham, Keith Easter Pop Parade 16
n.a. Confident Kathy in Varied Act 16
  P. Kaufman — 4 May 2002  
27 April No. 1111   
Green, Richard Easybeats Chartless Year Was No Financial Worry 2
Leeds, Gary Touring 2
Altham, Keith Fans and the Future- Hollies and Cliff Speak Out 3
Evans, Allen LPs 4
Smith, Neil Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mike and Tich 4
Logan, Nick Ironic Twist Behind Show Stoppers Smash Hit 5
Green, Richard Bobby Achieves British Ambition 5
Johnson, Derek Scott Walker Gets Close to Perfection 6
n.a. Goldsboro In Britain 8
n.a. Hollies, Paul Jones Helping Britain Sell Planes to Sweden; Tour More 8
n.a. Gees Take Over Blackburn TV and Big America Tour Plans 8-9
n.a. Big Engel Movie Offer- Vegas Postponed 8-9
n.a. Haley, Duane Show to be Filmed- Comets Flying in this Weekend 9
n.a. Hump, Ofarims, Vaughn and others on ATV 9
n.a. Who: US Longer, New 45 Dropped 9
n.a. Status plans American Debut, - Herman US Return in July 9
n.a. Rowles, Cliff, Gees, Stoppers and More Big Names on Radio 9
n.a. Amen Andy Solo LP 9
n.a. Cilla for Australia 9
n.a. Rock King Jerry Lee Tries for a Comeback 10
n.a. The Paper Dolls 10
Altham, Keith A Good Try Georgie… but 10
Harris, June Doors Film Runs into Trouble 11
Moses, Ann No Girl for Elvis 11
Evans, Allen Monkees Latest LP Surprise 12
Smith, Alan Is This the Supremes Worst 45? 12
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 12
Gray, Andy Andy Has His Audiences Taped 13
Logan, Nick When a Move Moves Out 14
n.a. John Rowles Gets Set for Concert Debut—the NMEs 14
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
Berkeley, Rowan Julie Felix Tames her Guitar 16
n.a. Janie Jones Has Fun 16
  P. Kaufman — 4 May 2002  
  grtedit 4 May, 2002