New Musical Express | 1968

3 August No.1125
Green, Richard Dave Davies Says He Can Always Fall Back onto The Kinks but He Doesn’t Want to 2
n/a Top World Record Sales
New Zealand: "Jumpin’ Jack Flash," The Rolling Stones
Beirut: "Delilah," Tom Jones
Philippines: "Delilah," Tom Jones
Spain: "Delilah," Tom Jones
n/a Dusty Feels Like Two People [Dusty Springfield] 3
Green, Richard Review of Revolution on the Premier Night of Yellow Submarine 4, 11
Green, Richard O.C. Talks about Segregation in the States and How He Got Started in Show Business [O.C. Smith] 5
Johnson, Derek Top singles review:
"Somewhere in the Crowd," Solomon King
They Don’t Come More Sentimental than This, "I Say a Little Prayer," Aretha Franklin
"I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You," Bee Gees Should Get their Hit
"Down at Lulu’s," Ohio Express
"Shake Your Mini" Show Stoppers
"1, 2, 3, Red Light," 1910 Fruitgum Co.
"Eli’s Comin’," Laura Nyro
"Soul Meeting," The Soul Clan
n/a Charts: NME Top 30 for July 31, 1968,
1. "Mony, Mony" Tommy James and the Shondells
2. "Fire," Arthur Brown
3. "I Pretend," Des O'Conner
4. "Mrs. Robinson," Simon and Garfunkle
5. "This Guy's in Love with You," Herb Alpert
Britain’s Top 15 LP’s
1. Bookends, Simon and Garfunkle,
2. Delilah, Tom Jones
3. Ogden's Nut Gone Flake, Small Faces
4. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
5. A Man without Love, Engleburt Humperdink
n/a Cliff and Shadows Set for Autumn Palladium Season
Robin Gibb’s Illness Postpones Bee Gee’s U.S. tour
More Britain Dates for U.S. Singer Ben E. King
Don Partridge’s First Album Set for August Release
Scott Walker and Lulu May Do an Autumn Concert Tour
The Small Faces to Head Bill at Swiss Pop Festival in Zurich on September 21 also on the bill Dave Dee Group and The Flirtations
Beatles Close Apple Boutique in London
Radio One to Change Lunch Time Programming
Sly and the Family Stone Set to Play First British Date in September
The Kinks to Make Cabaret Debut this Autumn
Frankie Vaughn to release single on August 30, tour dates already booked in Italy, Already Featured on Two Major Television Shows His Annual Tour of British Boy’s Club to Begin October 21
The Equals Release Laurel and Hardy the Follow-up Baby Come Back
O.C. Smith Booked as Special Guest Star on Documentary for BBC-1
The Move's Much Delayed Tour of America Finally Finalized
Logan, Nick Fleetwood Mac Rap the Blues Purists 10
Evans, Allen

Wheels on Fire, Cream
We’re a Winner, The Impressions
A Long Time Coming, Electric Flag
Joni Mitchell, Joni Mitchell
By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Marty Robins

Moses, Ann Micky’s Got a Wife to Run His Home Now [Micky Dolenz] 11
Moses, Ann Davy Jones Describes Micky’s Wedding
Smith, Alan My Guy Called for No Great Vocal Pipes [Herb Alpert] 12
Bromley, Tony [Editor] "From You to Us"
Green, Richard Mike Hugg Reveals Manfred LP, Departure from Normal 13
Harris, June "Wow!," Shouts Tommy: Tommy and the Shondells First Tour of England in September 14
Moses, Ann Summer Has Inspired the Beech Boys  
n/a Classified ads: Grapefruit Set for Eight Ballroom Appearances this Month 15
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces UK record sales up 11% from a year ago in April Frank and Nancy Sinatra combine for a country LP The Who are currently touring the U.S. and say they are homesick 16

Benjamin Butler, February 2004
August 10 no. 1126
Alan Smith 'Record Industry Encourages Freaks!' [(interview)- Paul Simon- about his songs, his life, and his novel] 4, 5
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed - [Mamas & Papas, Neil Sedaka, The Equals, Bobby Vinton, Dells, Mr. & Mrs. Murray, Albert King, Freshmen, Mireille Mathieu, Bob Luman, Kippington Lodge, The Mindbenders, Sandie Shaw- Potted Pops: Brendan Bowyer & the Royals, Paradox, Ulysses Smith, Dave Andrews, Milwalkee Coasters, Dixies, Deep Set, Alan Tew Orchestra, Hugo Montenegro's Orchestra & Chorus, Frank Chacksfield Orchestra, con't: Billy J. Kramer, Wilson Pickett, Neil Diamond, Raymond Froggart, Ben E. King ] 6
n/a NME Top 30, Britain's Top 15 LPs, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, Best Selling Pop Records in U.S. 7
n/a Scott-Lulu Tour Dates with Tommy James and Love Affair- [tour dates of autumn concert co-starring Scott Walker and Lulu] 8
n/a New Singles Surprises- [Jim Webb, Stevie Wonder, Paul Jones & Tyrannosaurus Rex, Sly & the Family Stone, Tony Bennett, The Byrds, Traffic single cancelled] 8
n/a Jerry Lee Lewis At Racecourse [for Blues Festival - opens tonight] 8
n/a Donovan U.S. Plans Set- [tour of Herman's Hermits set for British cabaret debut] 8
n/a End of An Affair- [Love Affair's 17-year-old organist Lynton Guest leaves group, replaced by Morgan Fischer] 8
n/a Traffic Off to America- [Traffic flies to U.S. for a four week tour] 8
n/a Trems U.S., Israel, S.America, Canada Plans; New Single Set- [The Tremeloes- new Italian song co-written by Alan Blakely and Chip Hawkes] 8
n/a Blackburn TV Hitch - ["Time for Blackburn"- dispute being settled- show airing soon] 9
n/a Family Stone's Visit Extended; Ohio Take Over Box Top Dates- [Sly & the Family Stone undertakes string of British Ballroom dates- The Box Tops cancelled their visit and remain in America] 9
n/a New Equals Dates- [Ireland tour extended- Ballroom dates set] 9
n/a Floyd-Rex U.S. Dates - [Pink Floyd returns to U.S. with Tyrannosaurus Rex to play college Circuit] 9
n/a Cash Delayed- [Johnny Cash arrives in Britain a month late] 9
n/a Robin Better; Gees To U.S. - [Bee Gee's flew to America Tuesday to pick up U.S. tour - Robin Gibb's "mystery" illness over] 9
n/a Stones To Use New Studios- [new recording studios, South-East London] 9
n/a Grapefruit TV Theme- [Grapefruit bassist George Alexander writes new theme music for "Time for Blackburn" series] 9
n/a Jack Good Sets 'History of Rock'- But Strike Threat- [beat spectacular, "Innocense, Anarchy And Soul"- one hour show in three Phases] 9
n/a Quo Notch Million - [Status Quo wins Gold Disc for single "Pictures of Matchstick Men"]


Richard Green Shorty Long ExInkspot- [Shorty (Fred) spends eighteen months with the Inkspots before going solo]


Nick Logan Tyrannosaurus Rex, Popmonster in the Making- [new comer band's success, influences, and plans]


Alan Evans LPs Reviewed - [Hollie's Greatest, Martha and the Vandellas: Ridin' High, Jim Webb sings Jim Webb, Ray Coniff: Honey, Pink Floyd: Saucerful of Secrets, Jools/Brian, David Acheles, Temptations: I Wish It Would Rain, Luiz Bonfa, Al Jolson, Music for Pleasure, Star!]


Nick Logan Barry: 'Important We Have Respect'- [Bee Gees talk about hit that wasn't- how charts are filled with commercial songs, Gibb boys dress as monsters for TV special- why their single was not a "hit"]


Richard Green Bruce Tells of Knocks...[and Heartbreaks- Bruce Channel, no mistakes for next single]


Ann Moses Peter's Pad- Where Sometimes You Walk On Tables- [Peter Tork's two story house]


Ann Moses You Won't Believe the New Film Elvis!- ["Speedway", Cream as 3 groups?, Cream's farewell tour]


Keith Altham A Crazy Day in the Life of an NME Reporter- [describes a full day of work] 14
n/a [Want-Ads] 15
n/a Orbison Needs Do More Than Sing- [all he does is stand there, does he need more action?] 16

Gail Reich, 3 Apr 2002
August 17 no. 1127 page
Keith Altham Dave Dee's Instant Hits- [10th consecutive hit, composers: Ken Howard and Alan Blaikly- how they make the hits] 2
Nick Logan Sleeper Heads for Top 5- ["On the Road Again" from Canned Heat] 2
Alan Smith 'Beatles Loose Habit of Recording'- [Smith speaks with Derek Taylor, Paul McCartney, Peter Asher, and Tony Bramwell- talk about films (Apple)] 3
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed- [A startling contrast contrasting un-official follow-up single from from O. C. Smith-LP- Untypical Four Tops, new Four Tops album- Peppermint Rainbow A Beautiful Record, new American group- Pick of the Week, World of Oz- Billy Joe Royal, Jerry Lee Lewis, singing comedians, Len Barry, Yellow Balloon- Potted Pops: Ayshea, Duster Bennett, Butterscotch Caboose, Ray Stevens, Jose Ferrer, Glories, Ray Coniff Singers, Marianne, Locomotive, The Crowns] 4
n/a NME Top 30, Britain's Top 15 LPs, 5 year ago, 10 years ago, Best Selling Pop Records in U.S. 5
n/a Sly Family 22-Day Tour Finalized Doors, Box Tops, Mitch Ryder visits Canned Heat To Britain- [Canned Heat makes British debut next month, Ohio Express visit cancelled] 6
n/a Shadows Will Not Disband!- [despite wild, exaggerated reports, drummer Brian Bennett quitting, Bruce Welch might also] 6
n/a London Date for Jimi Hendrix Film- [half hour film showcasing The Jimi Hendrix Experience] 6
n/a Baldry, Dolls To U.S.- [Long Baldry & the Paper Dolls to visit America in autumn] 6
n/a Rumours- [Eric Clapton may join the Rolling Stones after CREAM disbands at Christmas, Vince Melouney and Colin Peterson are to leave BeeGees] 6
n/a Hollywood Talk For Anita Movie, Palladium Pantomime Declined- [negotiations for Anita Harris to be in Hollywood film musical early next year, turns down offer of panto at the London Palladium] 6
n/a ITV Screens Pilot- And Loses Series- [pilot show, originally for close-circuit screening, transmitted on full ITV network] 6
n/a U.S. Wants Floyd; Movie- [U.S. tour extended 3 weeks, will shoot 45 minute film upon return to Britain] 6
n/a Crazy Arthur: Movie- [The Crazy World of Arthur Brown's follow up to "Fire" likely to be the "Teacher's Song"] 6-7
n/a Over 11 Minutes of New Beatles Single- [first single to be issued on their own Apple label, combines two longest tracks they've recorded, "Hey Jude", "Revolution"] 7
n/a 'Crossraods' Losing Sue, New Single Set- [Jackie Trent- Tony Hatch composition chosen for Sue Nicholl's follow-up to her "Where Will You Be"] 7
n/a Moody Blues on Holiday 7
n/a Pop-Packed Weekend TV- [Lulu, Dusty, Anita, Des, Dave Clark, Louis, Donovan, Fame, Val] 7
n/a Jack Good's Rock Special for Studio Audience Only- [eagerly awaited rock'n'roll spectacular "Innocence, Anarchy And Soul"] 7
Richard Green
Keith Altham
Stars, Sunshine and a Shambles- [8th National Jazz and Blues Festival, Jerry Lee Lewis and Traffic, 6 inch long scaffolding coupling pin hurled through Andrew Steel's bass drum] 8-9
June Harris It's Crazy!- Brown's a hit without U.S. label- [Arthur Brown major act] 8
Ann Moses Newport Festival Failure- [80,000 youths jammed into Orange County Fairgrounds for Newport Pop Festival, displeased audience] 8
Ann Moses A Little England in the Heart of America- [visit to Monkee Davy Jones' house in California, English style house in hills above Hollywood]
n/a Life Lines of the NICE- [description of band members] 10
n/a [Want-Ads] 11-12

Gail Reich, 3 Apr 2002
24 August No. 1128
n.a. For British Tour: New Look Shondells [Tommy James and the Shondells] 1
n.a. Life lines [of Arthur Brown] 2
Green, Richard New To The Charts [Alan Bown – soft and hard music, Johnny Nash: Carol Lead to Chart] 2
Logan, Nick Bee Gees Laugh Off Those Split Rumours 3
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Doors, Andy Williams, Richard Harris, Seekers, Lovin’ Spoonful, Tyrannosaurus Rex] 4
n.a. NME Top 30
#1 "Help Yourself" – Tom Jones
#2 "Mony Mony" – Tommy James and the Shondells
#3 "Fire" – Arthur Brown
n.a. Monkees Likely to Play February Concerts Here
Nice-Bown-Price Charity Show for Two-Part BBC Screening [Nice, Alan Price Set, Alan Bown, others]
Jack Good, [Tony] Blackburn TV on again after dispute
Affair Eurotour [Love Affair]
Isle of Wight Fest [Arthur Brown, the Move, Jefferson Airplane, others]
Nice – Whirlwind European Tour, ‘Classical" Venture
Inspiration Album [Cupid’s Inspiration]
Stones LP Dispute [Rolling Stones]
Richard Harris Second Album
Tiny Tim Set
Lulu Out of Scott Tour
Family Stone Booking Mix-up
Johnny Nash Coming, Doors Visit Set
Donovan Begins Move
Barbra for Britain [Barbra Streisand]
Alan Bown to Hollywood; Film
Diana Quitting Supremes? [Diana Ross]
Tom Jones Concert Tour Opens Oct. 10 in London
Dusty Blitz on Germany [Dusty Springfield]
Faces Month in America [Small Faces]
Stones Man to Wax the Move [Rolling Stones and Jimmy Miller]
Holiday Pop on Radio 1
Baldry at Conference [Long John Baldry]
Gene Washington
6, 7
Altham, Keith Question-time with Amen Andy [Andy Fairweather-Low] 8
Smith, Alan "Comedy Singles Can Be Death" says Des [Des O’Connor] 8
Moses, Ann Mike’s Home Is His Dream Come True [Mike Nesmith] 9
n.a. Jim (MacArthur Park) Webb Sounds-Off 9
Harris, June America Calling [Sly and the Family Stone, Herman’s Hermits] 10
Moses, Ann America Calling [Mama Cass, Davy Jones, others] 10
Bromley, Tony From You to Us [reader comments] 10
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Engelbert Humperdinck, the Who, Herman’s Hermits, Frank Sinatra, Everly Brothers, others] 12
Simpson, Gordon Hollies Add Comedy [the Hollies] 12
Moses, Ann In Hollywood, Ann Moses Meets Cliff Richard, Who Tells Her… First Sullivan TV Bad Start 12

Alexis Reynolds, March 6, 2002
31 August No. 1129
n.a. Hold On! It’s the Dave Clarke Five 1
Green, Richard Carl Wayne, Duprees in Our Marching Band!
[The Amazing British Marching Band with guests Carl Wayne and Simon Dupree’s brother at Bilzen Jazz Festival]
Harris, June America Calling [Animals in Two Factions] 2
Moses, Ann America Calling [Rascals are Finest] 2
Smith, Alan Canned Heat Phones from Los Angeles: ‘We’ve Gone from Hot Rock to Cool Blues’ 3
Green, Richard Watch It, Girls – Union Gap May Be After You! 3
Altham, Keith The One-up Kink Raymond Douglas 4
n.a. New Beatle Image
Eve-Apple Battle [Eve Taylor]
Ray Charles Back with Great ‘Rigby’
Green, Richard Bruce Channel Didn’t Want to Go Home 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Beatles, Jim Webb, Richard Harris, Love Affair, others] 6
n.a. NME Top 30
#1 "Help Yourself" – Tom Jones
#2 "I’ve Gotta Get a Message To You" - Bee Gees
#3 "This Guy’s in Love with You - Herb Alpert]
n.a. [Tours, Films, TV, Releases, etc. – Tom Jones, Canned Heat, Fleetwood Mac, the Hollies, others] 8,9
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed [Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac, others] 10
Green, Richard Moody Blues Full of Surprises 11
Bromley, Tony From Us to You [reader’s comments] 11
Smith, Alan Three Chart Chicks [Dusty Springfield, Anita Harris, Mama Cass] 12
Green, Richard New To The Charts [the Casuals]
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Arthur Brown, Des O’Connor, John Lennon, Aretha Franklin, others] 14
Advertisement Our First Four [Apple Records releases records by Jackie Lomax, Mary Hopkin, The Black Dyke Mills Brass Band, and The Beatles] 16

Alexis Reynolds, March 6, 2002